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A Life No One Wants to Live

December 16, 2011
By Sadielib SILVER, Letcher, South Dakota
Sadielib SILVER, Letcher, South Dakota
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Once there lived a girl. This was no ordinary girl though. It was a girl running for her life. Her name was Sabrina. Why was she running? Everyone asks that. No one knows except her and a few other people. And I am one of those people. Here is her story.

“No, no, no, no! Not again!” It is the third time in just two short days she has had to start running again. If only she had someone to run with. A pet wouldn’t talk to her. Someone from her country might tell the agents. Her parents were gone. Who would talk to her without knowing who she was?

“Stop, stop, stop!” Sabrina turns around and backpedals to see who is yelling at her. It is just a kid her age, probably wanting money with the poverty around the country.
“What! I'm kinda busy here! I don’t have any money! I'm broke just like you!” She thought that sounded kind of harsh after she said that. “Sorry kid. I gotta run.”
“Wait, can I come with you? I’m Alfrred by the way.”
“Sabrina. If you want to come with me don’t ask about my family and you have to keep up. Oh and don’t ask why I'm running.” So they ran until it was dark. They camped on the edge of Shireharm in the country of Dangermean. Then when the thought the agents were on to them…
“Sabrina! Over here!” Tori yells to the pair.
“Tori!?!? OH MI GOSH! I'm glad to see you! I haven’t seen you in ages! Where have you been? This is Alfrred. Don’t mention the-you-know-what-to-you-know-how.”
“Ok. Good to know. How did you two meet exactly?”
“He asked to run with me,” she looks around, “he thinks I'm training for a marathon in America. Don’t tell him. I think I'm starting to fall for him. Mother and Father would be mad if I don’t get to Prince Camilaria (Camel-air-ea), King Kongaria (Kong-air-ea), and Queen Elephina (Ella-fena).”
“Why them? Family?”
“No Prince Camilaria is the man my father wanted me to marry. He thought that joining our two countries would make us very powerful.”
“Hey did you see that guy over there? He looks like he is looking for someone.”
“Alfrred,” who had returned, “we gotta GO!”
“Is he after you for some reason, Sabrina?” The princess nodded and they ran. They got about five miles away and stopped.
“Here is a little info you should know about me, Alfrred. I am Princess Sabrina, my parents were killed by that man, and I have to run for my life. It is your choice to believe me. Anyway I have to get to Prince Camilaria for safety.”
“Ok let me get this straight… You are a princess WITHOUT a royal escort?! Going to a country a day’s car ride away? And you’re running?!”
“Yeah. It sucks watching your parents get murdered and having to run for your life.” She tells him of the past couple months and they keep running. Sabrina is about to give up and run right to the agent, while Alfrred is watching her to see what she is going to do, she starts turning back to the city.
“Don’t go. I can’t lose my best friend.” She comes to a halt, turns around, and starts bawling.
“Did… you… just… call… me… your… best… friend?” She asked in shaky breathes about a minute after crying. Now it is time to start running because the agents saw them and were coming FAST.
“Yes,” he pants, “I did. You are the best friend I have ever had. Well, the only friend I ever had…“
“Oh that’s so sweet! What was that last part?”
“Nothing… I was just repeating myself.” Ok that was hard for him to say. He was falling for her and fast. They were at the camp having a good night’s rest when she had a nightmare. She woke up screaming. “What happened? Are you ok? You were screaming!”
“I was? It might have been my nightmare. I saw my parents being killed.” He leaned over and kissed her. He was shocked when she didn’t try to pull away. In fact she kissed him back.
“Sorry. I got carried away in the moment.”
“That. Was. Amazing.” She was now blushing. She was also laughing uncontrollably. “I think I might like you.” Alfrred also started laughing uncontrollably too. Then they started laughing even harder at each other.
“I think I like you too.” They decided to start running since they were both up. And it was six in the morning. They ran until about ten at night. No stops for food or anything. The pair just kept running. They stopped when they got to the border.
“Let’s stop here tonight and find some new clothes, then we will find the palace. He will be expecting me but I will say you are my escort so you can enter with me.
“What will they do with me if they find out the truth? What will happen if they already know about your parents? How will they treat you if they find out about this little adventure?”
“I don’t know. And I don’t want to think about it. I just want to spend these last few hours with you.” They kissed then fell asleep.
“Wake up sleepy-head. Merry Christmas to you!”
“Wait! What are you talking about? Is it really Christmas?”
“No but it got you worked up didn’t it?! It is Thanksgiving though. Is that close enough for you?”
“Let’s find a town where we can get out of these rags and into so real clothes. Then off to the palace.”
“I know I like you. Actually more than like.”
“You can’t do this with me anymore, to watch me marry some other guy, can you?”
“No I can’t. Not anymore. I could when I first meet you, but now…”
“I need to get to the palace for safety. I don’t want to marry the prince though. I want to marry you.” Now she was sobbing, hard.
“I’ll come with you. Shall we go to the nearest town?” They started walking into town. They found Aéropostale. Luckily it was prom time in Luckerville so there were a bunch of dresses and tuxes to buy. She had money hidden away for when she got to Luckerville. They went in found a beautiful floor-length dress. It was aquamarine, had glitter, and was strapless. For him they found a dark-blue tux with a sky-blue suit shirt. They also found a limo they could rent. They had just enough money to pay the fee for the entrance into the castle.
“Well do you want to come in with me or are you going to leave. I want you to come in with me unless you are too scared. Scared isn’t the right word. I'm going to miss you.”
“I’ll go in. I’ve never been around royalty before. Will you brief me?”
“It is easy. You have to talk like you are very formal. Do not use any conjunctions. You have to say the person’s title when addressing them or when talking about them. I would talk about the prince I would say ‘Prince Camilaria’. Now your turn now pretend you were talking about me.”
“’Princess Sabrina…’ is that right?”
“Precisely. Good job.” The pair arrives at the castle.
“Who are you? Why are you here?” The under shaven guard questioned.
“I am Princess Sabrina. I have come for the meeting of the Witches and the Animals. Let me in.”
“Who else is in the limousine?”
“The driver, my guide, and I.”
“You may enter. I will let the king, queen, and the prince know you are here.” They go in the palace and await the arrival of the royal family. They see the royals coming and stand. They bowed when they were face- to- face.
“How are you milady? Where are your parents?”
“I am fine Queen Elephina. Thank you for asking. I think my parents are fine.”
“Why do you ‘think’ they are fine? Didn’t you just talk to them?”
“Yes, King Kongaria. I did but that was a few days ago. May my guide and I stay here for a while? I am very frightened to go home. My parents are not fighting but they were killed. Do not give me special treatment because of this your highnesses. I am not worthy for your kindness. I watched them get murdered. I have been running since then. I was almost caught but thank you to my guide, Alfrred, I got away. Prince Camilaria, I have noticed you are not saying much. What is on your mind?”
“Highness, I have trying to figure you out. You keep looking over at your guide. Is there something on your mind?”
“Alfrred is not use to being around very many royal people at one time.” The queen led the princess to her room. At the same time the king and prince led Alfrred to his room. The two rooms were on opposite sides of the palace.
There was a privet family meeting. “Mother, Father, I think the Princess likes her guide. She was looking at him like a pair of newlyweds. He was the same way. How can he not be comfortable around royals and be a royal guide? They were also matching. Does she know that our country only matches outfits when they are married of family? Really! One would think they were getting married or something.”
“Son, there is no reason to be so judgmental. They may be matching because they want to be able to find each other.”
“Mother! Do you have to be so blind! Did you not see their eyes! Let us ask him then!” They all go to get Alfrred.
“May I help you your highnesses? Have I done anything wrong?”
“Alfrred, may we ask you some questions?”
“Of course your highness anything you want.”
“Why are you and the Princess matching? Are the two of you ‘dating’? Are you ‘married’?”
“What are you talking about highness?” They explain the ‘matching law’ and Alfrred starts freaking out. “Good-night highnesses.” They all go to bed but when he is sure the Animals had gone to sleep he snuck over to Sabrina’s room. “Sabrina did you know about the ’matching law’? They questioned me about the two of us. I lied to them now I feel terrible.” She got up and kissed him and told him not to worry. She told him she had it all under control. She told him that she would tell the truth to the royal family. Morning came and Sabrina was invited to breakfast with the family. She went.
“I thank you for your kindness. I have something to tell you about me though. I am in love with Alfrred and I think he feels the same way. I am sorry that we lied to you. I hope you forgive us and let us stay.”
The family exchanged looks that would have killed someone but the prince finally spoke up, “I understand what you are going though. I am in love with my maid. I am sorry Father. I am a disappointment to the family now. But Marigold makes me happy. I wish she would have a title so it would not be a big deal. I am guessing that is how you are feeling Sabrina. Is it not?”
“That is true, Prince Camilaria. My father would be feeling the same way as your father. Please do not harm Alfrred for my sake. I like you Prince Camilaria but I would rather discuss this in private if you do not mind king and queen.”
“You are granted the privacy. Please do not make me regret this decision.”
“Yes, king we will not.” The prince and princess decide what to do to get out of the ‘Royal Wedding’. They read though the law and found a loop hole. They decided to take it. Now a date and the problem would be solved. They picked the one day of the year everyone loved. Christmas. Ok, now the process had started to feel better. Sabrina and Alfrred had started hanging out more than when they got there to now after the truth came out. Camilaria and Marigold were seen around the palace holding hands.
“What are we going to do after the ‘plan’? I want to go back to my village. I love you but I want to go back.”
“Alfrred, we will go back to your village and stay after the ‘plan’ is over. I promise. I just want to live like a normal person. I know I can do that in your village. I’ll just have to keep my hair short or dye it.” They continue the conversation. They the other pair walk up and they talk about after the ‘plan’ was done. Prince Camilaria was going to take his crown no matter what his father was going to say. Sabrina was going to let him have her country like they planned. She was also planning of living in Alfrred’s village. She was afraid of the agents coming to get her. “Prince Camilaria, do you know of anyone trying to get my families crown?”
“Princess, I do not know.” He looks around, “I do know my father wanted to get you crown one way or another.”
“Thank you. That may explain why he has been glaring at me. So three days until the ‘plan’ sets in. How will your parents take it Prince?”
“I don’t know anymore, Sabrina. What’s up with all these rules?! When I’m king I’m going to abandon a lot of them, including the ‘Title Law’ and the ‘Speech Rule’. They’re getting annoying.”
“Well, well, well Camilaria you are getting mad now aren’t you?!” They continue the conversation until they see the king and queen coming down the hall but the royal parents don’t see them so they scatter.
“Kongaria, why are you so harsh on that poor girl? She lost her parents and she came to us to protect her. Do you see that she and Camilaria are getting along? Would you give her a break?”
“Elephina, can you not see I did that to her family?! Her father told me he was going to send her two weeks after we agreed but it was two MONTHS since we had made contact so I sent agents after her family! She had gotten away is what the agents told me so I told them to go find her and bring her to me dead or alive but mostly I wanted her alive. I still wanted that wedding now I hear that there is going to be one.”
“Shhhh. They might hear us.”
“Alfrred, stop worrying. They are too busy making me mad to notice. Besides we are whispering.” Just as the king was about to say something Alfrred move and knocked over the lamp.
“What was that? Who’s there? Come out, come out whoever you are.” Alfrred was too scared to move. They were around a corner so Sabrina got up and walked over to the king and queen.
“My apologize your highnesses. I was just on my way to my room and I tripped and knocked over the lamp. It will not happen again.”
“Be on your way princess if you know what is good for you. By the way is your room in the other direction?”
“No, my king. I am going the right way to go the long way to my room.” She knew it sounded like she was trying to play with the king’s mind or she was trying to be snobbish but then again, she was.
“What? Now you have me all confused. Tell me in simplest terms. That is an order.”
“King, I wanted to take a walk so I decided to take a long way around the palace to get to my room. I know my way around here all too well. I would be careful…” Now she just wanted to sound evil so she turned on her heel and walked away.
“That girl has it out for my I tell you. She is on to me. I wish I never did that terrible mistake.”
“Now, now you are just being paranoid. She does not know and she will never know unless you tell her. You do not regret ‘that terrible mistake’ and you never will knowing you. Now let us go to bed because it is well past eleven.” Luckily the palace was dark so the princess blended into the wall as the king and queen walked by then ran toward Alfrred’s room.
“Alfrred open up! I need to talk with you!” Alfrred opens the door and lets her in with a little hesitance. “I have the king freaked out! Calm down. No one followed me so no one saw me come in here.” She leans in closer and whispers, “Tell the prince he can leave now.”
“Hahaha, you make me laugh. The prince isn’t in here. What are you talking about?!” He says that with a little nerves laugh.
“Prince Camilaria, you are done in here. There is nothing else to talk about. I can see you so you might as well go. And I know you’re not a maid because maids don’t have nice shoes like that.”
“Ah man. You said you couldn’t see me. I hid as well as I could you know that princess. What do you mean that you have Father freaked out?”
“Do you really want to know or are you going to run to your daddy and cry to him that I told his little secret.”
“I really want to know. And no I won’t run and cry to him that you told his precious little secret. Besides I haven’t ran and cried to him since about ten years ago.”
“He played a big part in my parents’ death and almost had a part in mine. I really wish someone could do something about that.” With that she batted her eyelashes very cute like.
“Are you hitting on me?! Because that will not work, you have to do a lot more to get me to notice.” At the door came a knock.
“The maid is her to clean your sheets my sir.”
“Let her in to ‘clean your sheets sir’. It is Marigold if you want to know.” Alfrred walks over to the door and sure enough it was Marigold at the door with some sheets. Now time to get down to business. The ‘Plan’. The ‘Plan’ was now just a few short days away. And wouldn’t the king be surprised when he found out what the ‘Plan’ was! Sabrina and Alfrred would run right after the ‘Plan’ was over. They four of them couldn’t stop thinking of the ‘Plan’. But who could! Really who could if they had a plan like this one?! Now they just had a few little things to straighten out.
“Mary, do you want to go with me to pick out a dress? We can let the guys decide on some guy things.”
“Sure, Sabrina, why not. I would love to go pick out a dress with you. What color do you want in the wedding?”
“Sky blue, definitely sky blue. What color do you want?”
“I'm not sure. I kind of want a hot pink. I think they would go together ok don’t you think so?”
“Why not.” They went to the dress shop where they got the dresses and then took a day of rest while being pampered. They went and got their nails done, got facials, and massages. It was only two days until the ‘Plan’ set in so why not.
BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! “Oh no my pager! We have to get back. Oh wait it is just Camilaria so no need to worry. He said that he would page me twenty minutes before we had to be back. It takes ten minutes from here to get to the palace so ten minutes left of our day. What to do now?”
“I have an idea. Let’s go get shoes. It’s my favorite thing to do… POWER SHOPPING! Let’s go!” They started down the street like they were on fire. People stopped to stare but they didn’t notice. They took ten minutes to get shoes then took ten minutes to get back to the palace. They got back just before Marigold’s shift started.
“Thanks for that awesome day Sabrina! I had so much fun. Now do we act like we’re not friends?”
“Maybe to be on the safe side,” she answered depressed, “but I had a lot of fun too!” That she said with a smile. “Bye!”
“See ya around!” The two went in opposite directions and when they saw each other in the halls they didn’t acknowledge each other until the ‘Plan’.

Now the ‘Plan’ was about to happen. The king and queen had no idea what was about to happen. Wouldn’t they be surprised!

“Alfrred, it’s time to start getting ready. Let me in.”
“Who is it?”
“Who do you really think?” Alfrred opens the door for Camilaria and the two start preparing. “The ‘Plan’ sets in, in about two hours. Let’s get a move on. The girls are already gone doing thing girls do for plans like this. Now, I know the colors the girls picked and I have a perfect idea how to make our outfits match.” They talked about the rest through closed doors when the king shows up… this may not turn out good.
“Alfrred, open this door.” Alfrred opens the door and sees the king; thank goodness the prince knows where secret doors are and goes through one that leads right to his room. Alfrred does not see this though, so he is all tense. “I know this will be hard for you seeing your ‘love’ marrying another today, but I will not take any outbursts from you. I already told Marigold she was not invited I can do the same for you, if you want me to. I know she will start yelling because she is a female.”
“Your highness, I promise if I go I will not yell. I hear the wedding will be spectacular. You, most of all, will be very proud of your son.” He was about to snicker but he spots the prince coming down the hall. “How are you doing Prince Camilaria?”
“Very well, Alfrred. Thank you. What are you doing down here Father? You must be very tense with all this wedding jazz. Should you be with Mother welcoming the guests in?”
“Oh nothing, son, I could be asking you the same question. I will be heading over to the grand doors then. And remember what I said Alfrred.” With that the king left and the two men looked at each other and started laughing.
“Where did you come from? Weren’t you in the room? I enjoyed watching your fathers face as you told him that he was late.”
“Yes, that was funny. I was and I wasn’t. You have to know the palace better to understand. Well, let us finish getting ready. We don’t have a moment to lose.” They finished getting ready and had enough time to sit and get some water. Then off to the gathering room to get the ‘Plan’ in action.
“Welcome family and honored guests! I am Prince Camilaria as you all know. Today I am getting married. But not just me, a friend of mine that I meet at Thanksgiving time is also. You know what I find funny is he is getting married to the girl that I was going to get married to! I would like you to meet Alfrred of Painville in Dangermean. Alfrred is getting married to Princess Sabrina of Saria. I am getting married to the sweet little Marigold of, well, right here in Luckerville. She has no title. Now shall we get to the fun part?!” He goes over to the stage while Alfrred follows. “Priest, are we going to get started?”
“What? Yes, yes we shall get started. Bring out the bride. Oh I mean brides.” The two girls walk down the aisle to their men, who are standing now off the stage, waiting for them to get to the front. One has a sky blue ribbon around her waist in a petite little bow, with a sky blue ribbon tied in her hair, and with a bouquet of sky blue roses (fake of course). The other has a hot pink ribbon tied to her waist in a petite little bow, a hot pink crown in her hair, holding a bouquet of hot pink roses (these ones are real). “Dearly beloved we are gathered here today…” well, you know the rest. Now to the fun part. “Who has the rings?”
“I do your honor.” They all turn to see the younger prince.
“Oh my gosh! Is that you Salem? I thought you were gone!” Salem nods and tilts his head over to Tori. Sabrina grabs Salem in a great big bear hug. “I've missed you so much. Where were you? I searched at home for you when I saw the agents. I just couldn’t find you.”
“I was in town at archery practice and I heard the bells so I called the number you, mom, and dad all drilled in my head and this lady answered so I told her what had happened and she came within minutes to pick me up. She kept me safe and told me to not talk to anyone that she talked to incase of the agents and some secret getting out. Then one day I heard your voice and I thought you were there to take me home and you never came in and I couldn’t go out so… you know it was hard getting to talk with you.”
The priest clears his throat,”Can we continue?”
“Yes sir, talk to ya later little bro.”
“Thank you. Can I have the rings young man?”
“Yes sir. Here you go.” He hands the ring off to the minister who in turn hands them to the guys, a blue one for Sabrina, and a pink one for Marigold. The wedding finishes with the king almost having a heart attack. Time for a ball. They all dance very formally in long, puffy dresses. Sabrina and Salem catch up but it takes a while considering they have a month and a half to catch up on.

Now it was six months after the wedding and everyone is friends still. Alfrred and Sabrina took Salem in, but they stayed in Luckerville just so they could have some guards protect them. Marigold fit perfectly in as queen. Camilaria’s parents were still a little on edge.

“What time is it? When can we go see Camilaria and Marigold? Why do we have to work when our best friends are the king and queen? Are you listening to me?”
“Yes. Ten thirty. Noon. Because we aren’t royal. Now hurry up with the garden.” The only work they really have to do is house work. Yes, they do sell some of their produce at the market but not much.

What was really funny is that Marigold and Sabrina were expecting at about the same time. But that is another story…

The author's comments:
I was just sitting in class one day and started to write. This is what came out. I hope you like it!

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