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November 28, 2011
By gracebrindle DIAMOND, Westfield, New Jersey
gracebrindle DIAMOND, Westfield, New Jersey
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"People are screwed up in this world. I'd rather be with someone screwed up and open about it than somebody perfect and ready to explode." - Ned Vizzini, It's Kind of a Funny Story

Underwater, there is no sunlight, only a thick, ominous wavering darkness that engulfs me like a shadow, wrapping its claws around me like a predator toying with its prey. I want to scream but it’s suffocating me, its hands grasping my neck, squeezing tighter and tighter until I have no breath left.

There is a flurry of fins, a flash of teeth glistening like sharpened blades, and the prickly sensation of sharp beady eyes staring at me. They are sharks and they are hungry.

They are hungry for me, hungry for my blood, I can see it clearly in their eyes. They want to strip me of my belongings, tear me in two, rip me to shreds. They move, closer and closer, until I can almost reach out and touch them.

There is blood. I try to scream. They are hungry.

The author's comments:
This was actually a dream I had when I was little. I also wrote it in the form of a poem which isn't as literal.

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