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July 28, 2011
By Wolfs SILVER, ClarkCounty, Washington
Wolfs SILVER, ClarkCounty, Washington
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It was a peaceful night here at Denver, Colorado; all was quiet at the farm. Donka the donkey was in his stall sleeping peacefully. Then he heard some racket, and the barn wall came tumbling down. There it was the terrible bear running away with his best friend Horsa the horse. Donka looked and looked in the woods, but he could not find the terrible bear. The next night the bear came back to claim his next victim. His next victim was Mula the Mule. “This is enough,” thought Donka the Donkey.

Therefore, that very night he went out to look for his friends. It was almost Thanksgiving and Donka was still looking for his friends. When he heard the terrible bear telling his wife, “Do not worry, I am sure we will have something on the table on Thanksgiving.” Donka knew that he had to do something in five days for if didn’t his friends would be eaten.

So, then he went to look for his friends and he found the bear home five hundred thousand feet in the air. The bears saw him and he had to ran back home. The next day, Donka heard the bears talking. Mrs. Bear said they had to have a bird on the table to. Therefore, the that night the terrible bear was back and captured Chicka the chicken. In two days, it was Thanksgiving and Donka knew he had to do something. The next day, Donka stayed in his stall to think of a plan. So on night before Thanksgiving, when the bears where a sleep. He tiptoed into the woods and by the time he got to the bear’s home Mr. and Ms. Bear were getting the cooking pot ready. And Baby bear was using the bathroom. Then Baby bear spotted Donka the donkey and he yelled, “Mom, come look at this silly animal!”

After seeing him, she yelled, “Papa bear, we have ourselves another victim!” She ended with a wicked laugh.

Then Papa bear came and said, “Ah, Donka, I am glad your here to be with your friends in the last minute of your life.” Then they left for a brief second that gave Donka the donkey time to leap five hundred thousand feet in the air to the bear’s home. Then Papa bear said, “Ah, Donka the donkey you have made it easier now I don’t have to climb down the tree to get you.” Then Donka jumped over there heads and into the house to try to free his friends. He untied them as Baby bear came through the trap door, Papa bear through the fire pole, and Mama bear through the door. Chicka flew over there heads, Mula mowed down baby bear, and Horsa went through the trap door which baby bear had left open. Then all who was left was Donka, Mama bear, and Papa bear. The bears were approaching fast, and Donka leaped over their heads breaking his leg as he came down. He hobbled towards the barn with the bears at his heels. All of a sudden Mula and Horsa came out of nowhere. Together the three of them fought the bears, Horsa broke his back leg, but Mula was very stubborn and fought them off by himself. Donka and Horsa weren’t that much help hobbling on three legs. Finally, the bears gave up and headed back each with an injured leg. Donka and his friends on the farm had a great Thanksgiving with turkey and ham. They all had a lot to be thankful for, and grateful for such a brave friend in Donka. Donka’s and Horsa’s legs healed very quickly. Everybody thanked Donka the Donkey, Horsa the Horse, and Mula the Mule for saving the day. The animals once again slept peacefully in their stalls, and all was quiet on the farm.

The author's comments:
I wrote this just for fun a few years ago so it is kinda stupid but..

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