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Never Knew

October 12, 2007
By Lisa Wang PLATINUM, West Roxbury, Massachusetts
Lisa Wang PLATINUM, West Roxbury, Massachusetts
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In life others help us get where we want to go. It’s easy to be helped. It’s also easy to forget just how simple it is to help others. And it’s just as easy to forget how we can hurt others. And thus, the situation at hand.

He never knew she loved him. So, he wouldn’t care now. Conclusion…supporting premises…

But first, situation. He can’t return the feelings. She refuses to talk to him anymore.

I can’t love you. Sorry.
I won’t ever talk to you again. ‘SORRY.’

Conclusion: he’s heartless. Supporting premises: he made her cry, “it’s all his fault”, and she won’t ever talk to him again.

When he thinks about it, this situation is really the same as when a child refuses to cry, after becoming angry. Or when a teenager, assuming loss, refuses to smile. Or when someone dies and a loved one refuses to let the world move on. And thus the chaos ensues.

Sometime in the near future, he realizes that it is not so much that he CAN’T love as it is he REFUSES to love. That becomes a whole different matter. But let’s move on. Because someone has to. She won’t: she really can’t. She needs him.

And whether or not he cares to tell her, he needs her too. Because being loved is one of the only things that is right in his world. Being loved is one of the only things he can rely on. He needs her as a bird needs its feathers. Not necessary, but nice to have if you want to fly. That’s nearly poetic, if you want to think about it that way.

But the world doesn’t need either of them.

If they love or hate or feel something in-between, the world remains unaffected. It will move on. The world doesn’t depend on anything. Sometimes we joke to ourselves that we need to give back to the community because the world needs us.

But the world doesn’t need anything we can give. It doesn’t need our existence or our environment. It got along fine as a mass of molten lava.

Humans can kill each other all the want. War, peace, it’s all the same to me. After all, to me, humans have always been overdeveloped monkeys. Love the world? Sure, if that’s how you want to spend your child’s college fund. Everything is fine with me. I don’t get mad. Why do you think I’m billions of years old and the oldest your parents will be is 76?

Everything we do for the so-called “environment” is really for selfish reasons. It is for ourselves that we fund environmentally aware groups. It is for our own lives, futures, communities, that we clean and sometimes think about the world on short intervals of an odd Sunday afternoon.

But thankfully, the world remains unaffected.

There are two ways of looking at the world. One as a mass of scientific gas to live on, and the other as a community to call home. Some people never get it right. And from this springs pretty much every problem. For example, the situation at hand.

She needs him, because she loves him.
He needs her, even though he can’t love.

In the end, it’s really the same. One day, this ill-fated couple will realize it and you’ll have your happily ever after. In the end, everyone will realize that everything, every personality, every place in rank, and every problem will clash and become pretty much the same thing. We depend on each other in order to survive. The world isn’t going to help any time soon. People are going to help. The sooner we realize that, the sooner we come to our own happily ever after.

Just like he never knew just how much he needs her.
We never knew just how much we need each other.

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