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The Things You Can’t Forget

October 12, 2007
By Lisa Wang PLATINUM, West Roxbury, Massachusetts
Lisa Wang PLATINUM, West Roxbury, Massachusetts
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It takes very little to make her happy.

Ants marching in a straight line on a sidewalk, a sunny day that’s not too sunny, ‘you’ve got mail’ popping up on her screen, a bumblebee’s erratic flight… Things that most people wouldn’t particularly be excited about. But she’s a happy person by nature.

If he’d met her a little later after school, in college maybe, things would have been different. You can tell by the way they carefully avoid eye contact and their polite smiles in the hallways- that they would have been great together. It’s only awkward, because it could have happened- it should have happened. And because of various reasons; it hasn’t.

They say that they’re just too different.
And maybe they are.

But they’ll never know until they have the conversation that they’ve been carefully avoiding for months. This is the conversation where they get to know each other. Where they talk about something other than the weather or the movies or some other trivial things of no real meaning.

They say that where the feet point, the heart will follow. She’s never actually looked to the direction of where his feet went- but she knows that he smiles at her before he talks. She’s not quite sure if that means anything; but she’s pretty sure.

The thought of him makes her smile.
The thought of her makes him wonder.

She’s not worried about what’s going to happen to them. She’s going to focus on her dreams and then maybe sometime after school, in college maybe, see him again and make it as hard for him to leave her as it is to watch him slip away. So she’ll wave to him at graduation and he’ll smile at her and she’ll smile to herself. She knows that she may never see him again, but at that point- it won’t matter anymore. He knows that things might never work out, but when it comes to that point- what can go wrong?

She’s not someone you’ll ever meet again.
And he knows he’ll never forget her.

And even if things go wrong someday, she’s a happy person by nature and she won’t let anything or anyone, even him, dampen her mood on a sunny day that’s not too sunny, with flying bumblebees and marching ants and getting new mail.

He’s not the kind of person you give up easily.
And she knows that he’ll always be on her mind.

But they say that where the feet go, the heart will follow. And however clumsy their steps may be, they’ll find their way to each other some time after school, maybe in college.

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