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Beauty of Nature

October 25, 2007
By Anonymous

It was a calm peaceful day at Yellowstone National Park. Johnson stood over viewing the landscape. He was involved in a illegal “business” that harvested valuable resources. Several months back, Johnson was recruited for this job while he was in a mining operation. A friend boasted about it’s high pay. Johnson was tired of hard physical labor that produced insignificant paychecks. He hated how his hard work as a miner was not properly rewarded, so he eagerly took the job. Johnson now looked down upon the valley. It was said that beneath the rocks of the valley below, there was a generous amount of gold to be found. Just the kind of thing Johnson’s boss loves.
“You ready Johnson?” said his boss through the radio.
“Yeah,” Johnson replied plainly.
“Good, this job is sure to pay off.”

Johnson held a black console firmly in his hands. It contained controls to all the explosives planted around the valley. While waiting for the signal, he looked across the landscape. There was a gentle river running smoothly through the valley. It splashed and flowed between the rocks, filling the valley with its mesmerizing sound. The top of the valley was surrounded by an array of rich green trees. A breeze skimmed his face and the trees began swaying in a peaceful trance-like motion. Some birds chirped and flew from a tree to tree in a large group as if unsure of where to land. A rabbit hopped out of a nearby bush and stared at Johnson. He stared back and the rabbit showed no sign of fear or concern. It was unspoiled by humankind and had no reason to feel threatened by a person. It hopped calmly away. Fluffy clouds speckled themselves across the sky and the sun gleamed brightly. Everything was so balanced and so peaceful.

Did he really want to destroy all this for personal gain? Would destroying this be worth the money he received? After all it was just paper with ink. Paper that could get him anything he wanted., anything he desired; a house, a new car , TVs… happiness? It could all be his with the push of a button, but could he live with the memory of destroying this?

The sound of his boss’ voice broke this thought, “Johnson you ready there?”

He fumbled for the radio. “Yes I’m ready,” he sighed.

“Alright, let’s get the countdown started. Five…four…” Johnson looked down at the console in his hands, “Three….” He looked out a beautiful world before him whose fate rested in his hands. “Two….” This was it, time to just get it over with. “One….” Nothing.

Static crackled on Johnson‘s radio, “What’s going on? Where’s the explosions?!” There was no reply from Johnson. “Johnson, respond!” Still silence. His boss irritably got out of his truck and walked to where Johnson was supposed to be stationed. Johnson was no where to be seen. A gust of wind blew by flapping against a cracked door on his nearby trailer. Perhaps Johnson was in there. He stopped towards the door a creaked it slightly open. “Johnson, you in here?” He opened the door completely to check inside, but all he had the chance to see was the digital counter on a time bomb change from one to zero. The trailer burst into flames scattering sheets of metal around the area. A truck sputtered off into the distance

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