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Haha Loser.

November 9, 2007
By Anonymous

It was the same old boring Friday night. Sitting at home and watching the clock, there was no point in doing anything else. It’s not like Cassy had any friends, anyone one she could talk to. Her parents were always out late, at work. Who new that the job of owning a small pizza shop would have such high demands? Friday nights were supposed be fun, wild crazy parties went on, but it’s not like Cassy was ever even considered to be invited. She was the outcast with no friends; she figured it was easier this way. Walking in the hallways nobody noticed her; they walked by pretending she didn’t exist. One friend Cassy thought, just maybe if I had one friend, life would be so much easier.

Besides watching the clock, Cassy wondered what the ever infamous Gretchen Johnson did at night. Gretchen was what you would call the Queen Bee, she had it all. The hot jock boyfriend, she had everything. She controlled everybody, boys wanted her, and girls feared her. What a life. It was what Cassy dreamed about. Imagine spending one night with Gretchen, she would have everything. If you were cool with Gretchen, you were cool with everybody. And that’s when it happened.

Knock Knock. “Hello, who’s there?” “G-G-G retch – e-e-e n”, replied the obviously drunk voice. Gretchen? What on earth could she be doing here? Did I do anything to her in the last few weeks, are they all here to kill me for not bowing down the greatness that is Gretchen. Aw what the heck at least kidnapping me will make Friday a little more interesting. Cassy opened the door.

“Gretchen?” Well this was a Kodak moment, Gretchen Johnson mopping up her own puke with her bleach blonde hair, passed out in the garden that her mother worked on for one month. “Uhmm, Gretchen, are you okay?” asked Cassy meekly. No response. Cassy decided she mine as well do a good deed and dragged Gretchen into the house and laid her on the couch. As she lay in a squabble, for the first time Cassy noticed her imperfections. Her cover-up was smudged and revealed many small pimple, so small you had to get about a centimeter away from her face to see, but nevertheless pimples indeed. “What the hell re you doing?”, screamed Gretchen. She obviously woke up and noticed me starting at her face. “Uhmm, there was a bug on your face”, I lied. “How, how did I get here?” ,She staggered. “I don’t know you just appeared on my door step.” Wait a second, aren’t you that girl Cassy, the one that smokes pot and has no friends?” Well she got the no friends part; score one for the dumb Barbie. At least she knew my name. “Yeah that’s me but I don’t smoke...” “Well what are you babbling for can I use a shower, I can’t go out in the public like this!” I showed her to the shower and about 2 hours later she reappeared, looking flawless as ever.

She then spoke to me like I was her friends she said something I never thought I would ever hear in my lifetime, especially not from her. She said “Cassy, you’re actually not that bad, and I really appreciate you helping me like this. I mean most girls would take pictures and send them off to who knows who; most girls would kill to see me fall.”
“It was nothing really”, I replied. “Listen she said, I don’t do this very often, I mean I have a reputation to uphold but we should go to the mall sometime or something. I mean at least get you out of those hideous clothes. I think that was her pathetic way of being nice, but hey, it’s better than nothing. “Uhh yeah sure, that’d be great.” I said sounding a tad bit over thrilled. “I do have one question though, why all of a sudden are you being so nice?” “Whoever said I wasn’t? I mean people don’t even take the time to really know me. They walk by and are like “There’s Gretchen Johnson what a stuck up girl.” Just because I’m popular doesn’t mean I’m not a good person, people just come to assumptions and don’t tale the time to realize it.” “Yeah I guess you’re right.” “But listen Cassy, I have to go, but thank – you for helping me, I really mean it.” “Anytime”, I replied. And with that she got up and walked out of house.

That night back in my room I realized that there was some good in people and that I shouldn’t judge so quickly. I realized that Gretchen was just a lucky girl and people judged her out of pure jealousy. I decided I would call her and ask her to go to the mall.

I opened up the piece of paper that held her number and inside I found the words HAHA LOSER in capital letters.

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jb4eva said...
on May. 22 2010 at 7:05 pm
i loved this story so much!!! was it based on a real life situation?