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When Thomas Died Alone

November 7, 2007
By Anonymous

Alone in the world
All by myself
With no one beside me
And no one to help

Alone in the dark
Feeling this pain
Causing my feelings
To fall like rain

Alone in my head
With no clue inside,
As to how to live
This painful life of mine,

Alone is no more
A part of my life
At least that I dreamt
While holding that knife

Now there's no more
Left to suffer and die
Cause everything that was
Now belongs to the sky!

First there were cold stares and then the teacher began to clap some students followed her example but most just starred. Tory Williams was a quiet brown hair blued eyed girl in her freshman year of high school. Tory sat at lunch by herself not because she had no friends but at her on will. Tory came from a small school and she was the definition of popular but her freshman year just seemed to change her. She used to be out going and loud and the one to cry for days if she were to miss a dance. But now she'd rather stay at home all by herself then waste 3 hours of her life listening to old music and gossiping in the corner rather then dancing.
Tory was the one the boys would droll over at the slightest glance and she would tease them just because she could. The boy's still droll over her but she doesn't seem to care. Tory was the one all the little girls wanted to be like. But not anymore, all she does is sleep, go to school, and eat. She no longer has a social life it just doesn’t matter to her.

Most believe the reason why she is so different is because the summer before freshman year her brother Thomas was killed, in a drive by shooting. Tory's brother was very close to her in more ways then one. They shared everything but clothes, they did everything together. They were twins! Tory and Thomas were the dynamic duo. When people were looking to have a good time the called up TNT!

She received the devastating news while at her best friend at the times house. Her mom called her around 1 a.m. and once she hung up she locked herself in the bathroom until her she came to get her. Tory didn’t talk to anyone for about a month and she would only eat when she was forced to. She was devastated, when ever someone mentioned his name she cried!

Thomas wasn’t just on the wrong block at the wrong time. Thomas actually had a secret that no one not even his sister knew about. He had a drug problem and one day he committed a deadly sin, literally, he stole from his dealer and he got caught.

The next time his sister saw him was in a black casket with a bullet wound in his chest an several in his back. It has been 3 months since he was put six feet under. And nothing as ever been the same since Thomas died!

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