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My Place

April 28, 2008
By Anonymous

A consecrate cave, resting by a misty ocean shore sways in with the rough tides. A smokey breeze filled the air. My hidden cave, my home, and my memories are unacknowledged by a disguised bush that hides the unseen door. A door that opens toward the dead ocean. The crippled waves pound at my feet.

The screeching, sickness, and decay, needed to get away from it all, but in all the pain surrounding me I found myself standing in front of a green and healthy, bush, the berries smelled so ripe… I envied the bush, with its’ lively green leaves, and its’ ripe berries, I couldn’t control myself; I started thrashing at the bush till the thorns pierced through the soft, tender, and fragile skin. I did not care; I loved it, the pain, and the blood running down my body.

Distracted by a little red robin, I stopped and stared at the bird. He was stuck and I set him free. Why couldn’t I be like the little bird? Free and away from harm, but I couldn’t. Unlike me the robin has a warm and had comforting nest. While I have a fighting nest, but all that has changed after the little bird led me to the cloaked stairway leading towards a damp but dry, clean yet dirty cave. The door was old, its’ rusty hinges squeaked with the black and green mold growing on the handle. The wood door had moss growing in the cracks of it, and mold from where the tide invited itself in.

This cave, this lonely pathetic cave, was all mine. It was my place, my special place. My cave was there for me and it never left me. It held my memories, my hopes, and my dreams. When I feel like nobody wants me or that no one cares, I go to my special place, my secret place, and I sit there and think “if nobody wants me, then why am I here?” If I’m lucky someone will come find me and tell me “I want you”, but my cave already won my heart because my cave is always there, and it will never leave me.

My cave and I are two of a kind, Lonely, unwanted, and solid. My cave is withering slowly away just like my life, my soul, and my happiness.

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