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T is for Trouble

November 5, 2007
By Anonymous

T-R-O-U-B-L-E what does that spell? Trouble, Troy is the biggest trouble maker in the whole world. He is only 13 and already plans to be a high school drop out. The only reason he wants to be one is because all of his friends’ brothers and sisters were high school drop outs and they are telling their siblings how cool it is to be one and then Troy’s friends tell him that he has to be one too! Troy loves to do graffiti and always is getting his head into some type of trouble. But he never gets blamed for he always blames someone else for doing it! The only weird thing is that when Troy was a little boy he was perfect and such a little cutie. But look what his friends did to him! They are totally ruining his life. Everybody calls Troy TROUBLE. That is his nickname for life and it will never be removed! He doesn’t care about his outer looks either. He dresses like his family has no money and never will buy Troy anything new, but that is not true! They would like to buy him new things but he is never home to do those things with him! As I mentioned before, Troy loves to do graffiti and never gets in trouble. The police are always on the look-out for him but Troy just runs and hides and doesn’t go to school because he is afraid that the police will find him there! He is always up to no good! His parents are always wondering what is going on with him! He can never stay out of trouble. Sue and Rick are his parents and they don’t know how he became so bad. They are always telling him, “When you were a little boy, you were a perfect child.”

“No I wasn’t,” Troy would reply. His parents are always yelling at him for getting smucky but he just says this is stupid and runs out of the house. Troy has a little brother Josh, and Troy is supposed, to be the role model and set an example for Josh! Rick and Sue are scared that their little boy Josh will turn out to be like Troy. Whenever Troy leaves the house he comes back with a little smirk on his face.
His parents try so hard to get it out of him but he just says

“I didn’t do anything so just leave me alone.” But whenever he comes home he smells like beer and smoke and is a little wobbly and tipsy! But as usual he just runs upstairs and goes to sleep! Every morning Troy’s parents scurry out of the house for work at 6:00 a.m. and Troy and Josh start school at 7:30 a.m. Troy is suppose to get Josh ready for school, but no! Troy just yells at Josh and abuses him and tells Josh that if he tells his parents he would seriously kill him! Josh is always late for school and has to walk because he isn’t able to get ready and get on the bus by himself. They both always fight and Troy goes to his friend’s house and makes bad decisions. Josh is left all alone in the little house trying so hard to get himself ready. So Josh walks to school, and, of course, is late, and the teachers always ask him why he is always late!

Josh babbled, “I don’t know, I woke up late and my brother left me all alone at home.” He started crying right there as the teacher looked on with a puzzled face. No one knew why he was crying. They all asked him why he was crying and he said, “Because my brother told me that if I tell anyone that he leaves the house while our parents are gone and he goes to his friend’s house to smoke and drink, he would kill me.” Then Josh started crying even harder.

The teacher called Josh’s parents and told them what had happened. All of the kids stared at Josh. Everyone thought that Josh would never cry and that he was the toughest second grader in the school. Then Josh started bawling harder because everyone was looking at him and laughing at him. Everyone that was helping Josh and his family were all confused as can be. The principal said that Josh could go home and their family could go get Troy and talk to him. Of course they went home and called up Lincoln Junior High School and the secretary answered,

“Hello, Lincoln Jr. High, Missy speaking…”

Sue replied, “Hi, may I please speak with Troy Seraki please”

“Sure one second.” The secretary answered. After 10 minutes Troy’s deep voice came on the phone.

“Troy I know everything that you have been doing while me and your father are at work. And we trusted you with Josh, but I don’t think that is possible anymore. Dad, Josh and I are coming to pick you up from school right now!”

“Why?” questioned Troy.

“Because of what I just told you,” Troy’s mom said in a furious voice. Sue slammed the phone down, screamed down on her knees, and started praying! Sue grabbed Josh and told Rick that they needed to go get Troy from school. Sue’s voice was scratchy and she sounded like she could burst out into tears. They got into the car and drove to Lincoln Jr. High School, scurried into the office, and noticed that he had disappeared.

Sue boasted, “Ummm…ma'am do you have any clue where Troy is?”

The lady at the desk answered, “No, but I can check”

“Thanks so much,” Sue expressed.

The lady came in and addressed Sue, “I have no idea where he is, but let me go check with the liaison officer.”

“Please hurry,” Sue demanded.
The liaison officer came in and announced, “He is nowhere to be found. He is not in any of his classes either. I remember Troy stating that he couldn’t stand his life any longer.”
They called the police dispatch and said, “We need to go on a look out for Troy Seraki. He is nowhere to be found.”
Sue came in and said, “We need to find my son, I am not letting him give his life away this easily.” She started crying, collapsed to the ground and pounded out her anger.
Josh said, “Mommy, what is the matter with you?” She didn’t respond. Josh screamed at the top of his lungs, “MOMMY, WHERE IS TROY?”
Sue finally replied, “Honey I don’t know where he is and I am scared.”
Rick said, “Let’s go look for him.”
So, the Seraki family left and went to look for Troy.
“I can’t believe Troy would do such a thing.” Sue cried.
“Honey, it will be fine.” Rick replied. The family drove off to a park and saw three police cars and saw Troy sitting in solitude and was being talked to by a police.
Sue started screaming, “This is miraculous completely miraculous.”
“Troy, Troy where were you and why did you leave school?” Sue stated.
“Well, mom, I was getting sick of everything and I just needed some time alone.” Troy complained.
“Never ever do that again, I am very disappointed at the fact that you ran away, why did you do that?” Sue exclaimed. Troy dropped down to his knees and apologized to Josh and the rest of the family.
The officer said honestly, “Troy, I will still have to take you back to the police station but you will be able to go home tonight sometime.”
Later that day Troy returned home with the family once again.
“Josh you are my hero and I love you to death!” Troy bellowed.
“I love you too, Troy.” Replied Josh. Sue told Troy that now she can hopefully trust him to bring Josh to school every morning on time. They all went up to bed and Sue talked with Troy for about 15 minutes. She kissed him goodnight and they BOTH say I love you! The next morning Sue and Rick leave Troy in charge. Josh and Troy were ready on time and they both were at school on time the first time in three years!

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