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November 18, 2007
By Anonymous

They say he only comes back for five days every ten years. It is said that for the other time, he resides in hell where his soul eternally suffers. The legend is one that has been passed down from generation to generation since 1907. That’s when it all started.

William Stevens was always a highly respected member of his hometown Munster, Indiana. He was very involved with many decisions made in the town. The entire town knew that if they ever needed advice or guidance on any matter, they could always go to him. All of the men wanted to be him, and all of the women were head over heels for him. But there was only one woman who caught William’s eye. Anne Marie was the Mayor’s eldest and most beautiful daughter. Not only that, but she was the sweetest woman in town. She was a schoolteacher and all of the children in the town wanted to be in her classroom. Needless to say, William and Anne Marie would be a perfect couple.

Once William confessed his love for Anne Marie, she was relieved. She had admired him since she was young. They wasted no time before getting married and starting their life together, for there was a war going on and William would be leaving soon to go fight. But they enjoyed the time they did have with each other. For the next few months they had the perfect life. They were so in love and so happy! Every couple envied their relationship. Until the day that William would finally have to leave his bride. They knew this day would come, but that didn’t make it any easier. So they said their goodbyes, shed their tears, and he was off to war.

William wrote Anne Marie everyday for the next year just to remind her that he loved her and was always thinking about her and their future together. And she’d reply everyday saying the same to him. But a few months later, the letters from her suddenly stopped. Though discouraged, William wrote her still everyday. He wouldn’t let her forget him. It wouldn’t be until he returned home that he would find out exactly why she had stopped writing him.

When he first left for war, the battles were hundreds of miles away from his town. But what he didn’t realize is that when he was gone, the war spread into his town and many towns around him. And he was not prepared for what he would see when he came back.
There were only a handful of survivals in his town when he returned home. They were all hard at work cleaning up their town. Or at least, what was left of the town. The town was burned down to the ground. He would soon find out that his wife was murdered only a few days before his return. She was killed by rival troops along with their son who was born just three months before his return. Anne Marie was not aware that she was even pregnant when William had left and since they had to flee, there was no way for her to write him.

Obviously, William was furious! He was so angry that he would spend the rest of his life avenging his wife and son’s death by hunting down and killing any enemy soldiers he ever came across. But this manhunt would eventually get him murdered in battle as well. And now, he spends his days still searching. Searching for his wife and son’s murderers. 500 unexplained murders have shown up in the small town of Munster since 1907, the year that William died. The victims have almost nothing in common and appear to all be strangers to each other. But there is one similarity. They all have ancestors whom fought against William and his army back in the early 1900s. They say that he is making their ancestors’ souls suffer loss. Just like his has.

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