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Possum Town

November 5, 2007
By Anonymous

We were looking straight into the eyes of this horrible creature. We had made it a long way but how were we supposed to get past this. While all this is going on I cant help but think how I got myself into the situation. It was a normal day just like any other in the Umbrella Corporation’s secret underground facility beneath Possum Town. The scientists were working on a new disease-fighting virus that was supposed to cure things such as HIV and cancer. But something went wrong….terribly wrong.

Long story short, the virus didn’t cure cancer it turned people into bloodthirsty zombies and one of them escaped into town and infected the city. The boss’s daughter

was hiding somewhere in the school still uninfected. We were sent to rescue her, though we didn’t know it yet. Me, Sheila, Reap, Gregg, and Jamal were on the helicopter on a routine patrol of the city.

“Something isn’t right I can feel it,” Muttered Gregg. He was always so angry he was even taking medicine from a psychiatrist for it.

“Calm down,” Reap and I said synchronized. The next thing we knew the helicopter turned sideways dropping us and our weapons on the skyscraper 10 feet below.

“Rescue the Boss’s daughter and I will comeback to pick u up. Oh and try not to get your self eaten,” The pilot said over his microphone

“Are you kidding me?” Gregg screamed and took his missile launcher and shot down the helicopter. We slowly watched it fall to the ground.

“Great you idiot, just great. That was our only helicopter how the heck are we supposed to get out of here now?” Jamal the quiet guy said.

Sheila began to cry she was always nervous you could tell she never wanted to get into this business.

“Ok everyone calm down, we just have to find the boss’s daughter and we will get out through the back door I happen to know a certain manhole that leads outside. Also we have to do this within an 2 hours because after that they are nuking this area. Now look out for zombie’s Sheila you come up front with me. You three watch our rears now lets move out.” I said this with a confident voice even though I was scared.

“Ok screw the daughter if we know a way out why do we have to rescue that little brat.” Gregg screamed.

“Because I’m in charge at that’s what I say to do now lets move it.”

“No for once I am with Gregg.” Said Reap.

“Well I am the only one who knows where the manhole is and its right past the school I heard the boss mention that’s where his daughter was. Now lets go.”

We started walking in the streets the school was only a few blocks away but these creatures were everywhere. Sheila was shaking so hard her gun fell off of her strap and shot off into Jamal’s knee. Well this was bad not only was my best man down but the zombies smelt his blood so we had 100 of them following us within five minutes. We arrived at the school shouting into the hallways until we heard a reply

“Courtney,” We all shouted for that was her name

“Who is it?”

“We were sent to rescue you now come out and lets get out of here.”

She came to us and we met back up with Reap down stairs but he was shot dead Jamal was still alive but barely.

“Gregg….Gregg, he went insane just started shooting up the place.”

“You did well soldier I will forever remember you my friend.”

I said while shooting him you see I didn’t want him to suffer. We walked out side and se saw the most hideous thing ever. It was a zombie bear from the zoo with choking Gregg in his hands. Then my timer went off our two hours was almost up. I had to think fast I threw a flash bang and shot Gregg so he wouldn’t suffer just like Jamal then I popped up behind the bear with ninja-like grace and snapped his neck to bad he is a zombie.

“Run!” I shouted to them. The dashed to me and barely made into the manhole
before I heard the nuke explode and vaporize the area. I could only think to myself. What a good day…

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