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Silent Killer

February 13, 2011
By kaykaybeck PLATINUM, Petersburg, Michigan
kaykaybeck PLATINUM, Petersburg, Michigan
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Life takes you somewhere, love helps you get there.

"Grandma when will you be out of the hospital?" I took little five year old Rachel's small hand. "I don't know." Rachel came and sat on the white sheet lying on the bed. "Why are you in here Grandma?" I turned to look away, and then looked back at Rachel. "I don't know what to say other than the disease that affects the activities I do." Rachel looked down at the floor. "You are going to be OK right Grandma?" I sat up and put my arm around Rachel. "I'm going to be fine. Let's talk about something else, like school how is kindergarten going for you?" Rachel moved her long brown hair out of her small, precious face. "I like it, we make arts and crafts and we have snack time. There is one little boy I don't like because he is mean." Rachel reached down into her Pooh Bear back pack and pulled out a piece of paper. "See Grandma I made this at school. It's me and you at the park." I put on my silver glasses and looked at the drawing. "You can keep it Grandma, I made it for you." I put the drawing on my brown night stand next to my bed. "I'll always keep that Rachel." Rachel smiled and hugged her seventy year old dying grandma. I looked at the clock and swallowed hard. "Rachel is your mother here?" "No she won't be back here until four so we got a lot of time." She showed her white precious teeth. I lied back down on the bed and looked at the ceiling. "Mommy says tomorrow we are going to the park and we are going to have lunch. She said I can bring a friend and I want to bring you Grandma." I smiled slightly. "I'd love to but I don't know if I will be able to come Rachel." Rachel bowed her head down towards the floor. "Maybe some other time sweetie." I felt my eyes closing and I turned to look at Rachel. "Rachel I want you to know that I love you so much and you are such a beautiful little girl." My eyes had closed and all that was left was darkness. "Grandma I love you too, remember the time we baked cookies?" The room fell silent. Rachel stood up and walked over to where her grandmother was laying. "Grandma are you sleeping?" There was no reply and Rachel became worried. The door flew open and doctors and nurses piled in the room. "Hi I'm Amber and I need you to come with me while they try to wake your Grandma up." Rachel's brown eyes got big. "OK can you call my mommy?" Amber smiled. "Of course." Rachel turned to look one last time at her Grandma who was lying on the bed lifeless. Tears began to flow down Rachel's face and even though she was only five she knew that her Grandma had passed away. She picked up her Pooh Bear back pack and headed out of the room. She slowly walked up to where her grandmother was lying and kissed her forehead. The tears began flowing more and more and Amber came back in to get little Rachel. "Do you have all your things? Here is your drawing you left." Rachel turned around to look at the piece of paper. "Can you send it up to heaven with my Grandma?" Amber smiled. "Yes I can."

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