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December 9, 2007
By Anonymous

As you sit and wonder what will happen next. You stumble upon a magnificent memory. It was the memory of your childhood. You remember how you used to walk along the beach with cold but smooth sand creeping into the cracks between your toes. Those were the days that you took what you had for granted. If only you wish you could change that one thing you had done. That would have changed your life. But now whats done is done and you can’t talk or walk. But you can feel and remember. You can feel pain and sorrow. But you can also feel the good things in life. You can remember what happened to yourself. You can remember what you had done. You can also remember when you road your first bike or when you took your first step. Walking on the beach was your favorite thing to do. But, you sit here remembering the good and bad things in your life. You remember smoking and how it ruined you.

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