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Good Things Happens To Everyone

December 1, 2007
By Anonymous


Have you ever had a sister that you thought you never cared about move away 3 years ago that is now moving back in? I have and this is the story to tell you about it. My name is Miley Cyrus and my sister’s name is Alyssa Cyrus. We’re both 17, but I’m the oldest. She was born a couple of months after I was. We both attend Carrollton High and are both seniors.

I’m the one with all the brains. Alyssa is the one who has all of the street smarts. I’m very serious with school work but when it comes down to Alyssa, she’s the class-ditching other half of me. Alyssa has shoulder length brown hair, just like me. Her eyes are hazel, mine are brown. She’s 5 foot 2, I’m 5 foot 3. So everyone should know that we’re sisters. Well, almost everyone.

And then there’s Omar. Omar was my senior sweetheart, or at least until a couple weeks ago. Me and Omar were known as the cutest couple of Carrollton’s senior’s. They thought that nothing would break us apart. They were wrong. Rumors had it that I caught Omar sleeping with Hilary one day when I went over to his house. Others say that they saw me and Cody, my ex-boyfriend fooling around behind the school. Neither of these rumors are true. Omar and I broke up because of the fact that Omar was acting like a complete inconsiderate, jerk.

Omar was the type of guy who thought he could get what he wanted and when he wanted it. But not with me. He wanted me to give up MY cookies so that he could see what I was all about but I told him as plain as day, No. That’s when he hit me and started going around school saying that I wasn’t all that and that I couldn’t even satisfy a toad. So after that I told the brother to get to stepping. I told him that if he couldn’t wait then he could leave. And he did. And to make matters worse, my sister came back into my life.

Late one night my mom and dad came into my room and sat on either side of me on my bed. That’s when I knew from the start that something was wrong. And then that’s when they told me ‘the greatest news ever.’

“Honey,” dad started off by saying. I hated when he did that. It made me nervous.

“Yes?” I had asked

“We got a call from Alyssa today. She said that things weren’t working out in Chicago with her and Uncle Steve so she said she was coming home. She’ll be on the plain first thing tomorrow and she asked us to come and pick her up. She’ll be moving back into her old room and will be going to school with you again. It’ll be just like old times. Just wait and see.” Mom had said.

“But mom--”

“No ‘buts’. Everything is set for her arrival. All of her information from Harvey has been faxed over to Carrollton so they’ll be expecting her on Monday morning.”

“That’s not fair!” I shouted at them

“Life’s not fair, Miley, you just will have to get use to it.” Mom tried to reason. This was so not fair. How could Alyssa just ooze her way right back in to the family? There’s just no way. No way at all….


The next day was Saturday. It was nice, sunny, and pretty outside, but when we went to pick up Alyssa from the air port that feeling had changed completely. I tried to reason with mom and dad to let me stay at home but they said that that wouldn’t have been nice. So on I went with them to pick-up my sister.

When we first got to the airport we thought that maybe she had changed her mind. I mean, she said that the plane had just landed when she had called so who took half and hour to get her stuff and wait for us. I mean, come on now. I could get ready faster then she could and I would still----

“Mom! Dad! Miley! It’s so good to see you guys again. Mom, you’re still looking young. Dad, you got shorter. Miley, you’ve grown some more. Your hair has got longer too. How have you guys been?” Alyssa asked when she saw us. But the sad thing is, I didn’t know this girl in front of me was my sister.

Alyssa dyed her hair at the tips red. Something she knew I wanted to do. She got two more piercing in her ears too. She looked different. Older. But she was the same Alyssa. A few months younger then me. A few inches shorter still.

“Honey, you look amazing!” Mom exclaimed grasping Alyssa in a hug.

“Thank you, you look great yourself. It’s been a while but you still look the same as you did three years ago. What’s your secret? There has to be something.”

“Haha, no there isn’t anything. I’m just talking good care of myself, that’s all.”

“That’s good Mom, always talking care of yourself and those that you love.”

On the ride back home Mom and Alyssa couldn’t stop talking. Alyssa was telling mom how she had attended all of these schools but kept leaving because it just didn’t seem right. It didn’t feel comfortable to her. So that’s why she came home. She just couldn’t take it any longer.

When we got to the house Dad took all of her bags to her old room. He was talking about re-painting the room because there were paint chippings everywhere. And he told her that he and Mom would take her shopping for things she might need for school. And don’t get me wrong, I love my sister and is happy that she’s home, but they can’t forget that I’m here too. I mean, come on now. All of this just for HER? Wow.

I had already had tomorrow planned out though. I would wake up get dressed and eat. After that I would take the car and see if I could find something for the school dance coming up on Friday. With tomorrow being Sunday and all I knew that that many people wasn’t going to be in the mall so early in the morning like they normally are. I was thinking maybe a long, silky red and black halter-style dress. I know I had enough money saved up to get it and a pair of shoes. For the shoes, maybe I could get some pretty black heels to go with the dress. If I even go. I mean, who would go to a dance all single and everything? Not me. I just couldn’t go that way…I don’t know maybe I’ll just have to wait see what happens…


The next morning when I woke up the house was still quiet which met that everyone was still sleeping. As quietly as I could, I grabbed my towel and toilet accessories and went into the bathroom to take a quick shower hoping that the noise wouldn’t wake anyone. When I got out I quickly walked/ran into my roomed, closed and lock the door. Then I pulled on a pair of tight fitting jeans and pink top, pulled my hair back in a ponytail, grabbed my keys and walked out of the door all after I left Mom and Dad a note telling them where I would be at and when I planned on coming home.

At the mall the first thing I did was go straight to the dress department. There were all kinds of sexy red and black dresses. But not the halter top type. But luckily there was one that caught my eye. There was this long, floor length dress that started off with the color red but as the dress went down it was black and then a mixture of both red and black. And it was strapless with the back showing. This dress would be nothing but perfect.

Trying on the dress was a success too. It fit just right and hit every curve on my body from the shoulders to my toes. It was perfect. The shoes that I had found that went perfectly were some mid-heel shoes that strapped at the ankles with red lines going through them. Getting done with my shopping so quickly I decided to look for some red heart earrings to match. And I did. They matched perfectly.

When I got back home no one was there so I figured that they took Alyssa out somewhere to do her shopping. Besides the dress I bought a couple of things for school too. I bought three pairs of blue jeans and some tight shirts for each. They were perfect.

With nothing to do until they got back home I decided to read the new Pop-star magazine I got in the mail. That’s when I saw the article about Zac and Vanessa. I may be 17, but I do a little something about my TV shows. They said that maybe the break-up rumors were false. That maybe Zanessa is still in love. But maybe----

“We’re home!” Alyssa yelled at the top of her lungs as she walked up the stairs.

“Mom told me about the dance on Friday,” Alyssa exclaimed. “Look at the dress I picked out.”

It was a halter top red and white dress that fell to the floor just like mine. It started off as red then it fades into white. It was very pretty. And she had some clear heels that matched that fastened at the ankle.

“It’s cute isn’t it? And then I thought that we could get our hair and nails done together and catch up on some things while we’re at it. What do you think, Miles?”

“That’ll be great, Alyssa. That’ll just be perfect. I got my dress to. I’ll show you tomorrow. But I though about having my hair falling down over my shoulders in some type of style. My nails are going to be red with black lines going through, to match my dress. That’ll be cute right?”

It was about 11 when me and Alyssa went to bed. Maybe this would work out after all…


The next morning I put on a pair of the jeans, and the red shirt that I had bought yesterday. Time to face another boring school day. Alyssa was just coming out of her room at the same time I did. Surprisingly she had on the same colors that I did. The only thing different was her hair style. It was always this way. Like maybe great minds think alike.

When we got to school there were two more new people too. Two boys. They both had on blue and white. They could have been twins, but they weren’t.

“Miley,” Alyssa whispered. “That guy is really checking you out. And he’s cute too. And so is the other one. Do you know them?”

“No, I don’t know them but the tall one is cute. “

With that, tall dark and handsome walked over to where I was standing. Alyssa oozed her way away. Now I hated her.

“Hey.” he said with the smoothest voice possible. He was so cute!

“Um…hey. You’re new here?”

“Yea. Me and my brother just got transformed over from Heritage. And It would be very wonderful if we could have you two pretty ladies show us around. My name is Nick. That dweeb over there is my brother Kevin. He likes your um…sister.”

“O,” I said looking over at Alyssa. She was looking at her class schedule. “I’ll be right back.”

“Alyssa, Nick’s brother, Kevin, really likes you. Go over there and talk to him.”

“No, Miley, you know I can’t do that. You know how shy I can be at times like these. Why can’t you just talk to his brother and leave me be because---”

I couldn’t stand her anymore. She wanted my help, she thinks he’s cute. He likes her, and thinks she’s cute. I grabbed Alyssa gently by the wrist and pulled her over to where Kevin was sitting.

“Hi Kevin, I’m Miley, nice to meet you. This is my sister Alyssa. She’s 17 and all she has been talking about since we first walked into this office was you. And now she won’t stop looking at YOU. Why don’t you two talk and get to know one another?”

“Um…ok.” Kevin was blushing, but then again so was Alyssa. They’ll get along perfectly.

“Wow. Does she really like him?!”

“Yes. She liked both of you but I told her that I had dibs on you--I mean that she could only have one and that’s when she choose Kevin…”I said blushing and turned to go sit down.

“Hey, it’s okay; I had the same conversation with Kevin. I chose you too.” he said following me.


“Yea. Um…would you like to get together at lunch or something? Maybe you two can show me and Kevin around.”

“Yea, I’ll show you guys around. Today’s Alyssa’s first day here too. Can I see you schedule?”

“Yea, here it is.”

Wow. The only class we didn’t have together was gym. But other then that it seems like we’ll always be together. That’s great if you ask me.

“We have all of our classed together, well, except for gym. So we can walk to all of our classes together. Alyssa is even in a few of them too. Later on I’ll look at Kevin’s schedule later when he isn’t---”

“I have his schedule. Or a copy of it anyway. He’s in some of our classes too so we’ll be okay. And did I mention that you look really pretty today?”

“Thank you. That’s very sweet---”


“---of you.” I finished. That’s when I got up to grab my bag when Nick had already beat me to it. He said that he wasn’t going to listen to me protest either. That he was going to carry my bags everyday if he wanted to. He’s so sweet…


The next day Alyssa came into my room to talk about Kevin non-stop. I mean, she talks about the boy more then I talk about Nick.

“Alyssa, will you please just shut-up and stop talking about Kevin? You talk about him more then I talk about Nick.”

“No, you’re wrong. And, yea, if it wasn’t for you, me and Kevin wouldn’t even be together and for that I must thank you. But other then that you’re wrong. And you know what, ever since you and Omar broke up you think your miss know-it-all. Miley, why can’t you let me have some fun? For once, please, just let it not be all about you. The perfect one.”

I didn’t know she felt like that. She’s my sister and I love her I really the Miley Cyrus she just described to me? Am I really that bad? Just then he phone rung.

“Miley, Nick’s on the phone!” Mom yelled.

“Okay!” I yelled back as I walked down the hall to answer the phone.


“Hey, Miley, it’s Nick. I was wondering if, if maybe you would like to go to the dance with me.”

“I would love to, Nick, thank you for asking me.”

“You’re welcome. And, Miley, you can pick out the colors and everything. I’m fine with whatever it is that you choose.”

“My dress is black and red.”

“Cool. I’ll surprise then. And Miley?”

“Yea, Nick?”

“Will you be my girlfriend? I mean, you can say no. I’ll take it. And I know that you don’t know me that much but spending time with me was very---”


“Ok. Um…what time should I pick you up Friday night?”

“Um…how about 7? And that way we can hang out before the dance starts at 8.”

“Ok, that’s cool. See you tomorrow then Smiley Miley.”

“See ya.”

Ahhh! I screamed. Nick just asked me to be his girlfriend AND as his date to the dance! OMG! I just can’t wait until---

“Miley!” I heard Alyssa call from inside her room. I quickly ran in there to see what she wanted.

“Kevin just asked me to be his girlfriend and his date to the prom and…”

“Miley, why aren’t you listening to me? I thought that you would at least care.”

“I do. Did he say that he was going to pick you up at 7 and that he’ll surprise you with the color of his suit as long as it matches yours?” I asked smiling.

“Yea, but how do you…Nick told you the same thing?” she asked suddenly smiling too.

“Yea. And you know what; we’re going to be the best looking couples at that dance. I just hope they’ll dress amazing. But I trust them. They have spunk when it comes down to dressing. Did you see what they had on today?”

“Yea, I did. And Miley?”


“I’m sorry about what I said earlier. I didn’t mean to be so mean. I was just trying to tell you the truth. I love you and I just don’t want to see you getting hurt.”

“I know. But I do need to loosen up a little bit and I’m hoping that with Nick I will be able to.”

“I think you will. He looks like that party animal type. You’ll have fun with him. I’m pretty sure of it.”

“Thanks Sis.”


Friday was finally here and the school was passing by very slowly. Nick and I were having the best times that we possibly could with each other. After school we both went our separate ways until it was time for him and Kevin to pick us up for the dance.

When Alyssa and I first got in the house we both ran to a bathroom to take a shower and shave where it was most needed. After that we wrapped a towel around ourselves and went to work. Being smart we got our nails done this morning and skipped our first hour classes. Now the only thing that has to be done is our hair and I agreed to do Alyssa’s and she would do mine.

With Alyssa sitting in a chair I blow dried her hair and perfectly sectioned it off. After that I took the curling irons and added some curls and twisted half of her hair up on her head and had the rest hanging down her back. Afraid of what she would think I told her to look in the mirror and see for her self. Luckily, she said she liked it.

With Alyssa doing my hair I wasn’t worried ay all. I mean, she’s my sister and I trust her but…it’s a thing that Alyssa did with hair. I don’t know what it was but she could take the worst looking hair possible and make it look good. So when she was done with me I wasn’t surprised. There were two long strands of hair hanging in front of my face. Half of my hair was piled up on my head, just like hers. But just a little bit different. The rest of my hair she left hanging down my back with curls at the ends. Then she sprayed some hair paint over the top. The ponytail that was hanging down was a mixture of red and black. The bangs both were a color. One was red and then faded into black while the other was black that turned red. It was cute.

“Alyssa, it looks great! Now I feel bad that I didn’t do anything special to yours. Did you buy some white paint? Or do we have some somewhere around here because I can---”

“No, white wouldn’t look right so we could just do the red. There’s enough still in her for me. Just spray my ponytail and it’ll look good.”

“Ok then. I know what you mean. But we have to hurry because the boys will be here in a minute you know.”

After we had on our dresses and our shoes we started putting on mascara. By the time we were done with everything we had to do the door bell rung.

“They’re here!!” Alyssa and I shouted.

As we walked down stairs toward the door we realized that mom and dad wasn’t home so we decided to let them in. When Alyssa opened the door we screamed. There at the door was Kevin and Nick with a dozen roses. Kevin’s were white and Nick’s were red. The roses matched both of their suits. Kevin had on a white tuxedo with red trimming and Nick’s was red with black trimming. They looked very handsome. And oh, my, God…they rode in a limo! We invited them in and we took a few pictures for Mom and Dad and then we left. We rode half way to the school and parked. Inside the limo we talked and had some wine. Spending a romantic night with your boyfriend is fun. And this was the greatest night of my life. I think it was for Alyssa and Kevin too because when I looked over I was disappointed because Nick hadn’t tried to make a move on me all night. And then out of no where he pulled out a box and handed it to me. When I opened it there was one single rose inside and next to it was a note saying”

To that special someone
I’m waiting here for that someone everyday and night. Someone I can hold tight and someone for me to cheer up and make smile when she’s mad. I need that someone who will always care and someone who will always be there. Even when I’m right or wrong and always there to keep me strong. Someone to say I love you to. And someone always there for me to hold. Someone there for me to think of and someone there to show me love. Miley Cyrus, I would like to know if you’d be the one for me day and night. Always by my side through think and thin. Someone to be there for me to wrap my arms around and someone there to just say ‘I love you’ so Miley, I’m asking you…will you be my Special Someone?

I looked over at Nick and his eyes were sparkling waiting for an answer. And I gave him one. I told him that no matter what I would be his Special Someone. And with that he kissed me and it was the best kiss I have ever had. I melted right there in his arms and that’s when I felt the limo start to move as we rode toward the school. When we did get to the school Nick and I were still lip-locked that we didn’t know that we stopped until Alyssa tapped on my shoulder and I pulled away.

“Sorry to break it up, but we’re here.” Kevin said as he slid out and helped Alyssa. Then Nick slid out and helped me.

When we walked into the gym it was as if all eyes were on us. I mean, everyone stopped dancing and just stared. And we stared back until Nick decided that we start dancing and that’s exactly what we did. And the funny thing about it was that, Omar was there with Riana and they, or rather he, seemed to not care. But Riana had her eyes glued to Kevin like she wanted to tear him into pieces or something. Like she was going to get in this huge fight with Alyssa over him or something.

Being on the dance floor with Nick and having him hold me all close the way he was, was just great. He made me feel better then I have with anyone. He made me loosen up. When I was with Nick I forgot about everything that was surrounding us. I mean, of course we were at school and all but I just had to feel those lips again. As I raised my head up toward his he met me halfway and firmly pressed his lips against mine. Then the kiss started smooth, slow, and passionately. We probably would have kept going if it wasn’t for Alyssa telling me that Omar was on his way over and I pulled away from Nick a little too sudden.

“You found a new play thing awfully quick. I’m telling you man, she’s a tease. She waits until she teases you until she’s tired of you and find someone else.”

“That’s not true Omar. I left you because you were mad at me for not sleeping with you so you had hit me. That’s why I left you.”

“You hit my girl?” Nick came out of no where and said.

“Yea, maybe I did but she wasn’t yo girl then. You weren’t even going to this school when me and her hooked up.”

“But I’m in the picture now. And for all I’m concerned, you can stop talkin’ ta her anyway you feel like it. She ain’t yo girl no more.”

“Man, gone somewhere with all of that. She only wants you for your money. Rollin’ all up in here in a limo and everything. This is a dance not the prom.”

“That ain’t true. You don’t know anything about me. You never even tried to get to know me.” I jumped in.

“Don’t even worry about him, Smiley. He ain’t worth it.” Nick told me as he wrapped his around my waist and walked toward the doors. I didn’t want to leave. Not yet. But maybe he had other plans.

When we got to the Limo Nick asked me if I really only thought he was my play thing.

“Of course I don’t think that. Nick, you’re the best thing that has happened to me in a while. I thought you would be different. That you won’t push me into doing something that I wouldn’t want to do like Omar did. He wanted me to sleep with him but it didn’t feel right. I knew that that would be all he wanted. So I told him no and that’s when he pushed me and when I slapped him he hit me right back. That’s why I left him. If he would have gave me more time to know him and feel that it was ok to give him the green light we probably would still be together. Maybe. And when I met you on Monday I felt sparks when I first saw you and Kevin standing by the office desk.” I stopped to quickly look away because I was blushing. Then all of a sudden tears came running down my face and I felt embarrassed to say my next words.

“Nick. I know that it’s too soon to be thinking like this but…I love you. You can call me whatever you want now that I said that and you can leave me if you want but it won’t change the way I feel about you,” The tears were coming faster now and my voice was cracking. “Because if you think I’m just using you you’re wrong. And I’m sorry if you thought what Omar was saying was true. I really don’t want to hurt you because I don’t want to get hurt either. I have a weak heart and the littlest things possible will hurt me. I saw that look that Vanessa gave you yesterday in Spanish class. I seen the way that Ashley was looking at you when you was telling the class a little about yourself on your first day in Homeroom. It felt like there was a knife just being stuck through my heart as I watched almost every girl eyes follow every move you made. Nick, would you please stop me from talking because I don’t think I could keep going.” I said as I opened the door ready to leave but that’s when I felt him pull me back in and wrapped his arms around me. Then someone closed the door and I could feel him as he started to rub his hands up and down my back and tell me that everything would be ok.

“Miley, I trust you. I wasn’t mad at you and I won’t hurt you. I wouldn’t want to and I also wouldn’t want to leave you or push you into doing something that you wouldn’t want to do. I care about you too much to do that. And Miley, you weren’t being too forward because I feel the same way. I love you too Smiley. Nothing will change that. Not even Omar and whatever it is that he’ll have to say. You won’t have to worry about Omar hurting you again while you’re with me. And Miley…”

That’s when I looked at him for the first time since it has been just the two of us. He was smiling and his eyes were twinkling. And for the first time I noticed how hazel they were. He had the prettiest and biggest puppy dog eyes I have ever seen.

“I would really like it if you were to wear this ring. I bought it when I bought the roses but I wasn’t sure if you would say yes. I thought maybe you would be scared of me rushing. But if you want I can slow down some because---”

“No. You don’t have to slow down because I like you just the way you are. You don’t have to change for me.” I said as I let him slip the ring on my finger. And that’s when he kissed me again and that’s when Kevin and Alyssa came in.

“There you two are. You missed it. Zac just punched Omar for hitting Vanessa and she stumbled back and elbowed Ashley who spilled pop on Cody. It was hilarious.”

“Haha, sorry about that you guys. But we had to clear some things up. How about we go back to our house and have our own dance and after party?” I asked as I turned away to wipe my eyes.

“Yea, that’ll be fun. Do you think Mom and Dad would mind?”

“No. Besides, they owe me.” I said and with that we went back to our house and danced a few slow and fast songs and Nick admitted hat they had a change of clothes in the limo so he went to go get then and told the limo driver he could go home. With that we decided to let the boy’s stay the night. We would deal with Mom and Dad later. But right now, all I wanted was to spend time with my baby. I gave him one of the biggest shirts I had and he slept in his boxers right besides me in my bed and the same went with Alyssa and Kevin. Maybe fairy tales do come true if you let them.

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