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Sometimes Revenge is Spicy

January 16, 2011
By Kristine PLATINUM, Edmond, Oklahoma
Kristine PLATINUM, Edmond, Oklahoma
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The way this whole thing got started was completely coincidental and not like I planned it or anything. I mean I did have the thought I hope Kaylen Brookwood has the worst senior picture ever, but that simple thought is nothing compared to all the cr*p she’s caused me.
Like last year she told Ms. Loflin that I cheated off her on the huge semester project. And of course, Ms. Loflin believes her. Ms. Loflin hates me. Kids say all the time that teachers hate them just to get sympathy, but trust me, Ms. Loflin hates me.
That was probably the nicest thing Kaylen had done to me. She had started one too many rumors about me. Her hatred for me goes all the way back to the fourth grade, when her boyfriend broke up with her because he liked me. It’s not my fault she’s a brat and I’m not.
So today, I was coming out of the lunch line when I heard someone call my name
“Abby!” my friend Eric shouted from across the cafeteria.
I spun around to find myself face to face with the most decked out preppy girl on the face of the planet. Brookwood.
Suddenly Kaylen’s barking and yelling at me, throwing a little fit. Until I realized what had just happened. I guess when I turned to listen to Eric, my elbow caught Brookwood in the ribs, tilting my tray so that a trail of red hot salsa splattered her white summer dress. How could her parents let her leave the house with a dress like that?
“Sorry” I mutter, but how could I possibly be sorry? Kaylen’s senior picture would be ruined, and I got to do the honors.
Speaking of her parents, they tried to bring her a new outfit after she threw a tantrum at them over the phone. She had another melt down when her dad brought the wrong outfit.
I about cried when I saw Kaylen strutting out of the girl’s bathroom in another brand new dress I’d never seen her wear before. But it was okay because I did notice that she forgot to wipe a streak of dried salsa off her forehead. And sure enough, in the yearbook we got later that year, she had a nasty looking stain smack-dab in the middle of her forehead.
That was the best picture day ever. And I swear I didn’t do it on purpose.

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