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November 16, 2007
By Anonymous

Once upon a time, long ago there was a little hobbit. He lived in the town of Zoo York. His name was Mink. The name Mink means irresistible. He was lime green with light blue eyes. He did not understand how all of the girls in the town liked him. Every one else was blue and Mink was standing out. So one time, this girl came and asked him if Mink wanted to hang out. Mink said � sure I would love to hang with you.�
Every other day that week a different girl would ask him out. Mink just kept saying yes to all of them. He was making a mistake. Later on, he realized that many girls have asked him to hang out. His parents paid the girls to do this, so Mink wouldn�t feel so down about himself.
Mink�s parents paid the girls off to do this. They must have felt pretty bad. At the end Mink found out. He was disgusted at his parents. Mink never talked to any one again in his life.

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