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Second Sight

November 30, 2007
By Anonymous

My cloth dress fluttered around my knee’s as I swung around, laughing heartily with my best friend. My fair cheeks were crimson with excitement and I smiled, the dimples around my face showing themselves. The music booming out of the speakers in the front seemed to grow louder every second, and I had to yell to get Amy’s attention.


Amy smiled back at me, and nodded enthusiastically, her blond bob of hair bouncing up and down. “DEFINITELY!” A quick glance at her watch was enough to make her face fall, and she grabbed my had, pulling me to a quiet corner. “I’VE GOT TO GET HOME! IT’S NEARLY ELEVEN!”

I tried not to show my disappointment. A curfew was a curfew, and the last thing I needed to do was mess up Amy’s parent’s trust by kidnapping their daughter. My hand latched around Amy’s arm, and I pulled her down the hall, and out the door, taking us into the cool October night. Aggressive behavior was never out of my reach, and taking charge was something I’d always done without thinking. Like Dad always said, “Sometimes I think you take charge easier than you breathe.”

We ran down the stone steps of the Town Hall, laughing breathlessly, neither of us daring to stop. That’s exactly what I needed to do, breathe. “O-Okay, stop, stop.” I giggled, leaning against a brick wall. “I’m not that athletic.”

Amy wrapped her arms around her midsection tightly. “And I’m not a human heater, thank you very much. Ah, you and your spur of the moment thinking made me leave my sweatshirt in the closet at home.”

“Here.” I shrugged mine off, and handed it to my shivering friend, my deep red dress swaying in the breeze. “I’m not that cold anyways.”

She took it gratefully, wrapping it around as tightly as she could. “Thanks. I was just wondering if you wanted to sleep over my house tonight? It’s closer. You can use my cell if you want.”

I shook her head and smirked. “You always try to make it up to me when I’m nice to you.”

“Just say yes already.” Amy urged, a blush creeping up to her cheeks. “If you don’t I’m bringing you anyway, before I freeze my toes off.”

“Gang Green Gang!” I sang, bringing back a memory of my Father telling me how if you don’t put on a coat in the chilly weather, you might just end up looking like Ace from the Gang Green Gang. Classic Cartoon Network move, from the all too corny show: The Powerpuff Girls. No six-year old girl wants to be a green, aging guy with black, greasy hair slicked back. Blah, Dad’s actually watch that? I snickered to myself, well, so do I. After all these years, I’m still a cartoon junkie.

Amy gave me a peculiar look, cracking a smile. “Your still as weird as ever.”

I bowed gracefully, still keeping pace with her quick stride. “Why, thank you, my dear.”

“Freak.” She mumbled, as her sturdy brick apartment complex came into view, rising above the other apartment buildings like a hungry, red monster. Amy fumbled with her keys as we approached the door step and cursed, sending them over to me. “Here, you do it. I suck at anything involving hand eye coordination.”

“Whatever you say.” I chortled, unlocked her door with ease and took out my cell phone, dialing the number with pale, fair hands. I threw her the keys, walking into her bedroom.

“Hello?” A sleepy voice asked on the other line.

“Hi, Dad. I was wondering if I could stay over Amy’s house tonight? You know I already have a separate toothbrush here, because I practically live here part time. So, no need to worry, right?”

“Sure, Hun.” He replied groggily, and I imagined his ruffled, bed hair sticking up at odd angles while he groped for the ringing telephone. “Just don’t go to bed too late. I love you, okay?”

I smiled. SCORE! “Love you, too. Night’.”

“Night’, Sarah. Don‘t let the bed bugs bite.”

“Dad, stop sounding so corny, pl-” CLICK.

Amy flew into the room, radiating with joy. A toothbrush was sticking out of her mouth, the toothpaste dripping down her chin. She saw my face and stopped, going onto the balls of her feet. “What’s wrong?”

“My Dad hung up on me!”

She laughed, prancing back into the bathroom and spitting out the foamy toothpaste. “You are so dramatic.”

“Yeah, and what are you? Mellow?” I snorted, stepping into my pajamas as readying myself for sleep.

“As a matter of fact, I’m particularly calm this evening.”

I smiled half-heartily. “Like your stoned, Amy.”

“Stop joking and go to sleep. If I stay up any longer I’m going to pass out.”

I wrinkled my nose. “Your exactly like your Mother.”

“Hilarious.” She glared at me, and slid into her sleeping bag.

CLAP. The lights flickered off at her signal before I was able to cross the room. Those stupid state-of-the-arc clap on, clap off lights.

“How mature.” I groaned, crawling on all fours over to my sleeping bag. “Tomorrow, when I can actually see, you’re going to get it.”

“Looking forward too it.” She moaned, already half asleep.

I didn’t have the heart to wake her up. My eyelids fluttered and I snuggled closer to the plush pillow cushioning my brunette hair. The last image in my mind was my Father’s face, contorted and strange. Something about that face, it just wasn’t right. My eyelids felt even heavier and I couldn’t hold on to it before I slipped into the word of dreams.

I bolted out of bed, Amy was shaking me on the arm with a pained expression on her face. “Sarah? Sarah, wake up!”

“What?” I groaned, dazed and confused.

“I-I, well, your Dad, he’s-”

“Spit it out, Amy.”

“H-He just got in a car accident. The doctors don’t think he’s going to make it. Oh, I’m so sorry!” Amy threw herself at me, hugging me tightly. Her sobs echoed through the room while she drew in large breaths of air, her body shaking. “Sarah? Sarah?”

The mystified look on my face must have frightened her, because she looked terrified, the wet tears sliding down her cheeks. “Amy, I knew this was going to happen. Amy, I knew.”

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