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The Story Of Nagio

November 16, 2007
By Anonymous

Long ago there lived a man in the land of Nagio. The man’s name was Lionheart, and early in his years he suffered a very unfortunate event. His mother and father were killed in a raid in Nagio. He was only one when his parents died so he hardly knew them. Lionheart, is a man in his late 20’s, and he has dark brown hair and light blue eyes. He is very kind to everyone in his town and is very grateful that the bandits that raided the city did not kill him.

Lionheart is now old enough to make his own decisions and he has decided to join Nagio’s army. He knows that they will soon battle the country that raided his town and killed his parents and is looking forward to getting revenge on the bandits. As he is going through the training to be accepted into the army he sees something in the distance. They are approaching fast and he realizes that it is the bandits! They are back to raid the village for the second time. Lionheart rushes home as fast as he can and gets his sword. This time he is sure that nothing will happen to his close friends and all of the kids in the town. He runs outside as swiftly as possible and gets ready for the massacre that is about to face them.

Lionheart prepares his battle sword and starts the battle. This time they won’t be taken unprepared. As the battle emerges, Lionheart takes the front position. Lionheart shouts “All ready…..Charge!”

Then you hear the clinging and slashing of swords as the battle begins. This sound last for 3 whole days, because both of these towns would not give up. Lionheart is doing fantastic and is slaying many of the enemies. The war is nearly over and Nagio is winning. There are 500 Nagioions and 100 bandits left.

The war is now over and Nagio has won. They have finally repaid the bandits for killing much of their defenseless citizens while they were off guard. Tonight Lionheart sleeps well knowing that he has won the war.

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