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November 16, 2007
By Anonymous

“I don’t want to prepare for this storm. I always have something to do; why can’t I just get a break? I’ll move in with someone else when the time comes, but for now the only thing I want to work on is finding the Inuit treasure.”
“Hey Matt what you been up to?”
“Oh, hey Randy, nothing much; have you uncovered anything on the Inuit treasure?”
“No, but I’ll let you know if I find anything.” That is not unless the earth was burning.
“Thanks man, you’re a good friend and person. Hey, can I stay with you when the storm comes?”
“Of course you can, but I won’t be staying with everyone in the village I’ll be going farther out.”
“Oh, alright I’ll come out there with you.”
Perfect Randy thought, and then I can get rid of you when you least expect it. “Actually I’m leaving now to get a head start on everybody; come on let’s go.”
“Sure, I’m ready; let’s get going.”

“Wait, Matt, you’re going to fast your legs are longer. Remember being 6’5” and me being four inches shorter. When we get to the spot, I’ll need you to build the shelter since you’re also stronger.”
“Mr. Perfect Matt can do everything, and poor Randy can’t do anything. While he’s building the shelter, I’ll take the sled I hid there and head back to the village leaving him to die in the storm.”
“Okay that’s only fair.”
“We’re here so I’ll leave you to build the shelter, and I’ll go find some wood to make a fire.” This is my chance to leave. Where did I leave that sled? Oh, here it is goodbye Matthew, forever.
“Okay, Randy, I’m finished; what do you want me to do now? Randy? Randy? Randy? That little weasel left me here and all I’ve got with me is my map. I guess I’m not so unlucky after all, according to this map the treasure isn’t that far from here.”
“Oh no the storm is here! Darn that Randy. He planted me right in the middle of the storm! In 3 days the storm will be strong enough to freeze a human right where he stands! What am I going to do?”

“I’ve been walking for hours and I think in circles because I’ve seen that same tree ten times. I can’t stop; otherwise, I’ll freeze to death but I also don’t know where I’m going. This is hopeless. I’m going to die out here, and nobody will know what happened to me or will even be able to find my body to give it a proper burial! Hey wait. What’s that? Oh my gosh! It’s the cave of the lost treasure! I can’t believe I found it, and there’s a sled. I have to be hallucinating, but I can feel the treasure in my hands maybe I’ll make it out of here alive after all, but I only have 1 day left; it takes 2 to get there, and I don’t have any dogs to pull. Hey, what’s this?
“Put on back of sled and click the On button”
“Wow, I don’t know what this is, but I think I’ll call it an engine; let’s see what else it says.”
“Pull the cord and the sled will move and use the wheel to turn.”
“Alright, let’s see; there’s the wheel. Whoa! It moves! Inuit city here I come.”

“Poor Matt, who knows what Randy did to him leaving him in the storm all by himself.”
“He was so sweet.”

“Hey! Is that Matt over there?”
“Yeah, I think it is what’s he carrying and how is he going so fast?”
“Hey, everybody, it’s me Matt I got back before the worst of the storm hit and I found the legendary Inuit treasure!”
“Poor boy, must’ve lost his mind, there’s no such thing as an Inuit treasure.”
“No, really. Here it is right here.”
“Ohhh! Ahhh!”
“I’ll explain all of that later, but for now bring me Randy!”
“Randy, I thought you were my friend, but you abandoned me and abused these people in my absence; you will pay. I will give you a choice, either leave this town and never come back or stay in a jail cell for the rest of your days; what do you choose?”
“If everybody wants me gone, then fine, I’ll leave.”
“Yeah! All hail our new king, King Matthew!”
“I will split the treasure with everyone and vow never to be lazy again.”

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Favorite Quote:

um... I'm sorry it makes no sense. from the way you wrote it sounds like a small village placed in past times, then the sled might have been from the future. Then he becomes king for some reason, then he vows to not be lazy WHEN HE DID ALL THE WORK TO BUILD THE SHELTER. Sorry for writing in caps but it doesn't make sense.