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An interview......I think!

October 10, 2010
By sakurasnowflake GOLD, Westborough, Massachusetts
sakurasnowflake GOLD, Westborough, Massachusetts
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By: Artemisia Gentileschi

(Interview takes place in a show called “Lucky Channel”)
Yuki Yamazaki- A Japanese manga artist
Amu Hinamori- A kid reporter interviewing her favorite manga artist of all times, Yuki Yamazaki
Ikuto Uchiha- The person who is taping the video
Me- I’ll drop in a couple of times (and by the way, this interview is fake)
Let us start our fake interview now! Lucky Channel has started!

Amu H- (To all the viewers of Lucky Channel) Why hello there, all the viewers of Lucky Channel, how are you doing today. I hope all your having a lucky day (laughs). (Still laughing) Get it…. Huh, huh, do you, do you?!
Ikuto U-(whispers) Umm.. I think they get it boss, now could you please hurry up and get on with the show!
Amu H- It’s fine Ikuto, I know your just jealous that your not as funny as I am, but we can’t do anything about it right now, can we?
Ikuto U- (whispers) Boss, were on live television so will you please stop talking to me and pay attention to your script, or tell the people who are watching Lucky Channel that there is a invisible famous manga artist next to you and that’s who you are talking too! Also tell them that no one can see her except you!
Amu H- (in a careless tone) Yeah, yeah, whatever!
Ikuto U- (letting out a big sigh) She just doesn’t get it.
Audience- Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (they actually think it’s funny)

Amu H- Anyway, speaking of famous authors…
Ikuto U- (whispers) Famous invisible authors
Amu H- Sure, whatever!
Ikuto U- (sighs again shrugging his shoulders)
Amu H- we have a famous author joining us today in my show…
Ikuto U- Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa back up there. This is technically my show because I pay for all the stuff.
Amu H- (pretending she didn’t hear him) Yuki Yamazaki come on out!
Audience- Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (are these guys for real

Amu H-Umm.. Mrs. Yamazaki, Mrs.Yamazaki! (To Ikuto) Where is she Ikuto! Where is she!
Ikuto U- God! I told you not to talk to me! Anyway calm down, Mrs.Yamazaki is just on her way up. She got stuck in a bit of traffic on her way here, and since SOMEONE decided to make this building so huge and look like such a maze, she got lost! So suck it up!
Amu H- Suck what up? There is nothing to suck up! Unless you get me some cold lemonade, then there will be something to suck up! So go get me a cup of lemonade.
Ikuto U- I would never in a million years get you a cup of lemonade, you know, unless you paid me some money.
Audience- Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (seriously, suck it up you guys)

Amu H- (jumps on to the table) is that all people care about right now! Money! Has the world finally come to the Dark Age where only money gets you a cup of lemonade? Money! It disgusts me to even say that word! What right do we have to live up on money! What right gives us to?
Ikuto U- (Interrupting) um… I’m sorry to interrupt your…um… exotic speech about money, but we’ve already moved on to commercials.
Amu H- Oh.. That’s to bad, the audience didn’t get to here my speech and I didn’t get to finish it up!
Ikuto U- (murmuring to himself) if the audience had heard you they would’ve died out of boredom.
Amu H- Huh what was that?
Ikuto U- Oh nothing, I just said that it must’ve been a wonderful speech!
Amu H- what do you mean it must’ve been a wonderful speech! Weren’t you listening? I made that speech especially for you!
Ikuto U- why would anyone listen to what you have to say about money when you don’t even have some right now in your pocket.
Amu H- Ikuto you little brat! (Gets off the table grabs a pen and throws it at Ikuto)
Ikuto U- (Screams and stares)
Yuki Y- (steps in front of Ikuto fast enough to catch the pen) Now that was a harsh thing to do Amu!
Amu H- OMG! OMG! It’s Yuki Yamazaki! It’s you! It’s really you, the real live thing!
Yuki Y- Well, what else would I be, a dog. I would really appreciate it if you didn’t call me a thing.
Amu H- (missing the last part of what Yuki said, runs up to hug her) Oh, I’m so glad I’m not the only one in this room that has a creative mind! I love you! I love you! I love you!
Ikuto U- (shocked but smirking) Umm.. were live again you know boss!
Amu H- WHAT!
Audience- Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Me- Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (oh no! the laughing is contagious, runs away while screaming)

Amu H- Ikuto you son of a (Yuki covers Amu’s mouth).
Yuki Y- Now, now Amu- Chan, you mustn’t say such bad words on your T.V show.
Ikuto U- Umm.. does anyone know that I’m the one that pays for all the stuff on this show!
Amu H- Yamazaki- sensei you called me –Chan, am I really your friend?
Me- when is the interview going to start? I don’t have all day!

Amu H- Anyway lets get back to the show! And Ikuto you should really stop interrupting us!
Ikuto U- But! But! You said… I did… wha! wha! Oh! Forget it!
Amu H- Forget what? There is nothing to forget! Unless you want me to forget you that would be totally okay with me you know!
Ikuto U- Remind me why I’m doing this again.
Amu H- Oh, so now you forgot it didn’t cha’! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! I crack myself up!
Yuki Y- (laughs) Oh yeah that’s really funny, now can we get back to the interview!
Amu H- See, at least someone in this room thinks my jokes are funny.
Yuki Y- Okay that’s great but we really need to get back to the show now!
Amu H- I mean do you even have a sense of humor Ikuto!
Ikuto U- I have enough to know that your jokes aren’t funny.
Amu H- Wait till the interview is over Ikuto! Your going to get it!
Ikuto U- The interview didn’t even start yet, so I have lots of time to run away!
Amu H- Like a girl?
Ikuto U- Yeah sure! Wait what?
Amu H- anyway where were we? Ah, yes! Back to the interview.
Yuki Y- we didn’t even start yet!
Amu H- Whatever! Let’s have a seat.
Audience- Finally!
Me- Yeah, finally (beware, this is contagious too)

Amu H- So Yuki-Chan, is it hard finding shoes with such large feet?
Yuki Y- Umm.. I’m a size seven. Why do you ask?
Ikuto U- Boss those are the questions for Bigfoot!
Amu H- Ignore the man behind the video camera! Anyway is it hard shaving off all the hair from your skin?
Yuki Y- no, but what does this have to do with my writing style?
Amu H- Oops! These are the questions for Bigfoot! Ikuto why didn’t you tell me?
Ikuto U- I did tell you, but you were too busy annoying the heck out of Mrs.Yamazaki to listen!
Yuki Y- Oh, that’s okay I’m fine.
Amu H- you know what I quit!
Ikuto U- Maybe you should!
Amu H- Maybe I will (walks out of the room swearing)
Ikuto U- you know what I quit too! (Puts down the video camera and walks out of the room following Amu)
Yuki Y- Well that’s it for our show today! Join us next time for another episode of Lucky Channel! (Leaves the room yelling “ wait is Bigfoot really on the show?”)
Me- What a lame show! (Turns off the T.V)

The author's comments:
I was just really bored so i guessed i decided to do an interview with my favorite anime the way i wasn't trying to be funny. and this is fake!!!

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