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WARNING! part 4

September 27, 2010
By chetahgirl20 PLATINUM, Rosemount, Minnesota
chetahgirl20 PLATINUM, Rosemount, Minnesota
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Wake- up! Did you dream like I thought you would? I thought so, because I heard you screaming in the middle of the night. You are lucky the night mares didn’t get a hold on you and dragged you down. Yes, night mares are real! They sense when you are having bad dreams so they drag you down to the Underworld where you have the night mare forever. That is why people are in comas, the night mares catch your spirit, but leaves you in a long trance like state. Some are strong enough to get out of comas. Some are not so lucky. When your body dies up above, and the night mares had your spirit they make you their mindless slaves until the earths’ end. It was a good thing they didn’t get you or else I would never get out of this book. Your spirit will replace mine and will be forced to find another, just like me. The only way to repel a night mare is an ancient potion that asks for toad feet and elf ears. Nobody has seen it for the last 400 years. The last person messed up and created an attraction rather a repellant. He was a goner before he even discovered that a night mare was fascinated by some sticky goo he had concocted. It was a tragedy, but no one cared much for him; he was a stingy unfeeling man. He reminded others of Mr. Scrooge from C.S Lewis’s A Christmas Carol. So, as you see, it was no loss of this man’s life or on his sister’s death as well. Of course you must not forget about the Underworld. Yes, that is where the Devil lives, and also many other cruel beings to help that retch out with his despicable plans. You think I am cruel? Wait ‘till you see those pointy little horns appearing out of nowhere and you will think I am a purple butterfly that talks. Everything you have heard about the devil is true; I met him once, when I was still in human form. I wish I was still in that form, but I must fulfill my duties by filling you in on the “evils of the world.” Just listen to me, I will tell you the stories I must tell. First we will start with the basics of the “need to know.” The Raiders Plaque. In 1953 B.C, the world was in peril because of an oncoming plaque caused by contaminated water. It was everywhere, including inner countries, not connected to a river or stream at all. Most people at first thought someone was putting a vile sort of poison into all their meals somehow. Across the world people were dying and suffering because of the water. They were paranoid, suspecting each other for the imaginary crime. The people started to viciously kill each other; desperately trying to avenge their loved ones. All was in vain, of course, as they died from their murderous friend’s hand. At any case, they all died; and thus the new revolution began.
On that unhappy note, I can tell you that the Devil was not at all included in the human’s demise; and that it was their own fault. They were the ones, who created that paranoia, and it is they who had to suffer for their crime. But we as the people do not need to linger on these failures from our past. We must embrace them, as they are lessons to all to stay together; even if it seems it will soon be an apocalypse.

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