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Michelle's Story

August 14, 2010
By KawaiiYoruichi BRONZE, Columbia, Tennessee
KawaiiYoruichi BRONZE, Columbia, Tennessee
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Love Knows No Age

From the beginning to the end I knew I had a purpose.
One that would be filled at the sacrifice of my own life.
At first I wasn't afraid but the more I thought about it the weaker I got.
I mean I was a teenage girl who just wanted a normal life.
To me that was the only important thing at the time.
So I began to run from my destiny and the faster I ran the farther I felt like I was from my purpose,the one that would eventually take my breath away.

For those that don't quite know me my name is Michelle Kuyo.
Artist,Violinist,Writer and,Big Sister.
I have a pretty normal life I guess one would say.
I was a bubbly,sweet,happy,and thoughtful person before all of this.
I mean everything was normal until the day I met her....
She was beautiful unlike any other girl I had ever seen.
Everywhere she went heads would turn at her presence.
She seemed perfect in every way by nature.
I wouldn't be surprised if she was an icon of self indulgence.
Girls were absolutely jealous of her.
Every guy in school wanted to date her.
She was so attractive that she even fascinated me.
I thought she was stuck up which is why she surprised me when she spoke to me that one faithful day..."Are you Michelle Kuyo?",the girl asked me in a shy voice.
"Yes",I said without hesitation."Who wants to know?"
"My name is...she didn't get to answer before the hottest guy in school walked in.
His name was Darien Kanal one of the smartest and hottest guys you would probably ever meet.
He was a very sweet guy,I had been trying to get up the courage to ask him all year but no luck.
He made me blush every time he walked by.
But the girl stared at him as if she could see lies or maybe even evil past his handsome face.
Sometimes I just didn't get her.
Maybe she thought she was too good for him,I don't know.
I was getting pretty uncomfortable because of her intense staring at him so I spoke.
" You never told me your name",I said in a nervous voice.
"Oh,I'm sorry",the girl said,obviously embarrassed.
"My name is Amara Brown,I'm sorry if I ever came off as rude or maybe even stuck up.It's just hard trying to adjust with my mom dying on me last year and all."
"Oh,I'm sorry to hear that",I said sympathetically.
Suddenly I felt a pang of guilt,here I was judging this girl and her mother had passed.
I felt so guilty that I did something that shocked even me,I invited her over after school.

"You have a nice room",Amara said,looking around at my stuff.
"Thank you",I said quietly.
I guess you could say my room was nothing short of amazing.
My room had the fanciest things money could buy,my parents were rich after all.
"Wow,look at all these trophies,you must be very talented!",Amara said absolutely amazed.
"Yeah,I guess you could say that,I do play the violin after all."I said.
"I play the piano",Amara said smiling," See we do have something in common!"
I smiled back at Amara.She seems so sweet. How could I ever think that she was mean?,I thought to myself.
"Michelle,can I asked you something?" Amara asked suddenly serious.
"Sure ",I said suddenly nervous.
I wondered what she was going to ask me.
"Are you the one for me?"
"Huh!",I asked shocked,"I mean no way I'm not...",I couldn't say the words without getting embarrassed .
Before I could say more Amara interrupted me.
"I think that it is destiny that we are here together during this very moment."
Amara grabbed me by my shoulders and held me close to her for what seemed like forever.
Then she looked into my eyes and asked me these very words,"Do you remember?"
"I...I don't know",I said,I...Suddenly I began to get very sleepy.
"I know you'll remember when you wake."Amara said gently.
Before I could say or do anything else I blacked out.

I had the strangest dream.I dreamed that I was in danger and that I transformed into a soldier to save myself.
After I finished fighting Amara appeared and asked me did I remember now.I was about to reply when suddenly I woke up.
I looked around and saw that Amara wasn't there and that my window was open .It didn't look like she had taken anything so I wondered why she had left through the window.

The next day at school Amara was no where to be found. I looked for her every were but still no luck.
Finally I over heard one of the teachers talking,she said that she needed someone to take Amara her homework..
I quickly volunteered saying that I didn't want Amara to miss too much work.

I took the bus to Amara's house that evening and hoped for the best.
I hoped that she didn't leave yesterday because she was anxious or because she didn't feel comfortable even though she was the one acting a little strange.
I walked up the steps and rang the doorbell .
The door opened slowly as if in a horror movie but I was so excited that someone had come to the door that I didn't pay it any attention.
"Amara,I started,here is your....I didn't even have time to say what I needed to say before a large creature jumped on top of me and pinned me to the ground.. I tried to scream for help but the creature had its hand over my mouth.Suddenly Amara. jumped from the bushes and kicked the creature in the face.The creature jumped up and ran behind Amara's house into the forest.."Don't ask questions.",Amara said."Now it is your turn".I didn't have a clue about what was going on but I had a feeling that I was going to find out......

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by one of my previous writings that touched me emotionally so I had to write another story that captured the true meaning of friendship,sacrifice and love.This is the first part of the series.

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