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Getting Ready

May 29, 2010
By starfishgurl BRONZE, Dgsdfh, Mississippi
starfishgurl BRONZE, Dgsdfh, Mississippi
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With a few simple flicks of my tail, my body when rocketing forward, slicing through the ice cold water. I made a sharp turn to the left and then a right, through a hollowed-out rock. Then, I suddenly spun downward to the sandy floor. "Perfect," bubbled from my lips, satisfaction growing inside me. I wound the tiny starfish into my long locks of brown, wavy hair. The threads of pearls wrattled against my naked chest as a stretched down to grab a starfish sucking onto my tail. "Gotcha," I said as I snatched that little rascal from the fin and placed him with the others. I gracefully twirled to the surface, not wanting to disrupt the new accessories on my body. I peeked my head out of the water just enough for my eyes to lock a grip on the island where all my sisters and brothers were gathered. Laughter gurgled up from my chest. I was so anxious for the arrival of the ships. Who would be mine? What would he feel like? Smell like? Sound like? I began to swim faster. Faster, faster, faster, I told myself. In a matter of minutes, I was perched on a rock, tucking fragrant white lilies in my hair. My tail dipping in and out of the water as the waves rolled out and in. The scent hit me as well as the sight of the ship. They were here.

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