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I'm Feeling Nothing Anymore

December 3, 2007
By Anonymous

"It's over." Those 2 words were some of the last words my boyfriend, Benji, said to me. " I thought we loved each other!"
His reply was, " I'm sorry, Krystal, but I'm in love with Allyson. I just don't feel any love for you anymore. We're simply not meant to be together." Benji's silky voice left me unguarded.
Sadly, Benji walked away and left me kneeling on the floor in tears.
That made me so furious. Allyson was my best friend. She used to like Benji, but when Benji and I dated, she was disappointed, but happy for us.
I should have known she couldn't resist Benji, with his charisma, gorgeous hazel eyes, and that amazing, white smile. I never thought Allyson as the boyfriend- stealer kind of person, but- whoosh! - Here I am, single " because of Allyson. Why couldn't she let me have Benji? I still can't believe Allyson was actually desperate enough to steal him. Or maybe Benji really liked Allyson. That thought was too saddening to cross my mind again.
So, I have a master plan. I'm going to steal Benji back. That isn't a good plan, is it? Sigh. I'll figure out ways to make Allyson's life horrible.
I wailed madly, still on the floor. Then I felt a rough tap on my shoulder. I looked up and saw the middle school principal looming over me. She harshly said, " Get up right this minute! You're unbelievably late for the next period, and I'm not going to give you a pass! You'll have to explain to your teacher why you're late!" How I spited the principal at that moment!
Rolling my eyes, I got up tiredly. "Happy that I'm up and walking to my next class now?" I smiled sarcastically. She mumbled something. It sounded like "Teenagers these days." The principal turned on her heel and walked away at a brisk walk, slightly shaking her head. Oh, well I didn't care what the principal thought. I walked to my next class, which was boring math. I was averagely good at math, but it was definitely NOT a subject that I liked even in the least.
Blah, blah, Benji, blah, blah, Benji were the only words I could manage to understand that was coming out of my teacher's mouth. His lecture was as boring as ever, and the recent incident didn't help at all. I couldn't focus on anything else but Benji . If you know what it feels like to be in my situation, you'll know that the only thing your brain can think about is your boyfriend before he left you or before someone stole him.
On and on the day went, and at lunchtime, my friends were chatting and I, usually the talkative one, was as quiet as a log today.
Allyson and Benji sat at a table far from mine. This was the first time Allyson and me have sat at separate tables at lunch. We were as close as paper and glue. Now? Well, I don’t know if our usually strong friendship was going to last after this disaster. (To Be Continued)

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