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The Man in Black

January 14, 2010
By xBrando SILVER, Carpinteria, California
xBrando SILVER, Carpinteria, California
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It was a windy midnight. He couldn’t sleep. Who knew that New York City could ever be so quiet? He was a loner at school, failed at everything he tried, and was good for nothing. As he walked the barren streets he looked up to the stars and out of desperation, wished that something good would come of his life. As he turned the corner he noticed a red, luminous glow. Out of curiosity, he approached the glow. As he grew nearer he sees a man covered in black, leaning up against the light post. A scarf covered his whole face and a fedora was tilted over his eyes. The man raised an eye brow and tried to get his attention, but the man in black interrupted him and said, “One wish in return for your soul.” The mans face grew pale and he started to quiver. All morals, happiness, and common sense seemed to leave his body. Selfishness overcame him. The man shakily replied, “I want to be the most famous and the most influential musician that has ever lived.” After all, what did he have to lose? At the moment of his wish it felt as if something was torn out from inside of him. He blinked, and the man in black had vanished. The mans wish truly did come true. Within weeks he was living life as the rich and famous. However, with no soul, he didn’t know right from wrong, he had no emotions, and worst of all, he was blind to all of this. Blinded by girls, money, and luxuries. He had all he ever wanted. Though he didn’t have one thing, and that was immortality. It was a year since the man had made his wish and it was his last gig on his first tour. Ironically, it was in his hometown of New York City. All was set and he was ready to go. His heart pounded, beads of sweat ran down his face, and the curtains lifted. The crowd went into an uproar. He looked to his right, he looked to his left. His eyes opened wide and his mouth dropped. To his left stood the man in black with his finger pointed directly at him. He winked and the man passed out into complete darkness. The last thing the man heard was horrific screaming. In the darkness he saw a face. He saw the face of the most hideous creature he had ever seen, a scarf wrapped around its neck and a black fedora on its head. The creature laughed menacingly at him. That was the last of what the man knew.

The author's comments:
This is my own take on a "selling your soul to the devil" tale.

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