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Th Unkept Promise

November 16, 2009
By EmilyElizabeth2000 SILVER, Centralia, Washington
EmilyElizabeth2000 SILVER, Centralia, Washington
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Knowing I’d regret it, I woke up again. Lazily, I wiped the sleep from my eyes and stood up. “Time for another chance to want to craw under a rock” I said to myself. Why does life have to be so difficult? Why cant it be fun and corny, like in those old movies? Oh well, I guess I just have to shove my way through the horrible people and homework. I know that today will be the day that I stand up for myself (ya right).

Still half asleep, I drug myself into the bathroom to take a shower. When I was done, I dried my hair, brushed it, and straitened it. Just for fun, I decide to point out all the things that were wrong with it and put it in a pony tail. Out of routine, the next thing I had to do was put my face on. I put on my powder, then my eye shadow, then my eye liner, and last, some mascara. To finalize that I was ready for school, I got dressed and brushed my teeth.

I was off. But off to where? Hell? Yes, that’s what I will call school. A living Hell. Well, I had no choice but to push on. I took a deep breath, grabbed my keys, and ran out the door. Of course, my mom was already gone. She was always gone before I woke up. Actually, she was just always gone. Every since my dad died, she liked to keep busy. Oh well. Cant blame her. Its not easy to loose some one you love.

I walked up to my old Pathfinder. I really loved this car. It was… different. Too bad it was in horrible condition. So, doubtfully, I got in, prayed that my car would get me to where I needed to go, and drove out.

When I reached the school lot, I found a parking spot, parked, and once again approached Hell. There were the black gates they called doors that held nothing but pain. There were demons called preps and they lived off the pain they cause people like me. They’re like lionesses closing you in for the kill so they can feed off you.

Well, here I go. I went straight into the “school” and avoiding any contact with any one, I made my way to my locker then, I found my two best friends, Jamie and Kyle. Jamie was incredibly boy crazy and Kyle was a tall lanky guy and he’s totally sweet.

So I didn’t seemed space (even though I totally was) I said “Hey guys, what’s up?”.

Both just answered “num” and we walked on.

While Kyle and Jamie talked about science and how horrible Ms. Hodel (ya, horrible) was, I just let my mind wander. I thought about my dad, and how happy he always was. Then I thought about my promise to myself. My promise to stand up for myself. Just then, THEY walked up to us. Of course they called us name and made fun of us calling us a bunch of looser outcasts, and I did nothing. Again.

As usual, this harassment went on all through the day and when I got home, I wanted to do nothing more than go to bed. So, I made myself dinner, took a long shower, watched a couple bad TV shows, and went to sleep. I had a peaceful dream. All was how it should be. It was my regular life without the misery. I had my two best friends, and there were no preppy demons. Every one was every ones friends and no one was excluded. Then I woke up.

Blinking the sleep from my eyes, I made myself a promise. The same empty promise as every day. Today would be the day that I’d stand up for myself.

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