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View From My Window

October 8, 2009
By AussieDreamGirl SILVER, Portrush, Other
AussieDreamGirl SILVER, Portrush, Other
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I push open wide the veranda doors and step into the brisk sea air. The cool crisp wind sweeps soothingly through my long dark hair. Bliss, I think to myself as I lean forwards over the thinned glass edge. Pure, bliss. I tilt my head up and look straight to the horizon. The glazed sun beginning to set, burning alight upon the crashing waves that reign the ocean. I turn my head to the beach below. To the striking golden sands, running for miles along the coast. Descendant from the towering limestone cliffs above.

I spot a couple, strolling along the pristine sands. Their bare feet dabbling in the lapping water’s edge. Beaming at one another they lean in for a kiss. For a minute I am completely lost in the moment. Enchanted by their love for one another, standing still and sharing their devotion in a place that time has left behind.

When they part, I realise, that’s what I want. A man to love me and hold me tight. A man I an trust and who would live with me in this land that time forgot. I continue to watch them as they stride gracefully on into the distance. After a few minutes, they disappear from my sight completely. And as if by magic, the sun has vanished and is replaced by the overcastting moonlight. As I watch the moon’s reflection shining bright upon the calming seas, I get a rush of electricity running through my veins. I feel alive and optimistic, that one day I too could be one half of that couple I saw tonight.

Then suddenly I come back down to earth with a thud. That could never be me I think to myself. I’m too needy, too abrupt, too…romantic! The thoughts rushing round my head at this time of night is all too much. I turn round and head back inside. I close the veranda doors tight and sigh in overbearing emotion. Then, I take one last glimpse through the glass doors and I think to myself. Actually maybe, maybe that could be me. I just need to believe. And with that thought in my head, I draw shut the curtains and head to my bed for some well earned sleep. Hoping to dream of that happy thought, going round and round in the back of my head. I creep under the covers and switch off the light. And longingly put my head to my pillow, knowing I’ll always remember the night I stepped into that view and challenged myself, in the place that time let go.

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