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The Untouchables

July 1, 2009
By AjentVee BRONZE, Bronx, New York
AjentVee BRONZE, Bronx, New York
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Chapter 1
(First Person)

My life was never this complicated. Everything was so simple and happy for me back when I was a child. My family was rich and we had our own private place to live, without any interference from the outside world, where everyone was divided into two different groups. But now I don’t know who or what I am anymore. I am my very own group of people.
My life changed on August 15, 2002, when a devastating thunderstorm hit my family’s private estate. During the storm, I was playing in my backyard with all the birds and other animals. I remembered that animals were my passion and I loved to be around them. When the storm hit, my parents were yelling at me from the window to come inside the house, but I didn’t hear them. All of the animals ran. Trying to run after them, I, Scarlett Ozebourne, was struck by lightning.
I fell unconscious for five hours and when I woke up, I found myself in a hospital bed with my parents looking at me. I was happy to see them, and they were overjoyed to see me alive. But, when my parents went to give me a hug, they were hit with an electrical shock.

My parents died right in front of my eyes. And I was somehow responsible.

I quickly realized that people were going to come and ask why two people were dead and I was going to get questioned so I made a run for it out of the hospital. I got out, without anyone knowing, thankfully, but I didn’t have any other place to go that I could think of.
I was eleven years old at the time.

I walked aimlessly around the streets of California, and nobody came to help me. The people just gave me dirty looks and some even hurt me. I had cried many times, because I didn’t understand why people were hurting me and I was also crying trying to reflect on what happened that dreadful day. That’s when it came to me. My parents are dead because I transformed into an Untouchable. Because of the lightning strike, I gained the power of electricity. So with the many months that had passed, I decided to try to learn about my power and how to control it. I quickly learned how to store electricity, shoot lightning from my fingertips and gain the ability to see, hear, and smell better than any normal human being could.

Then finally, on February 2, 2003, a man came to me and asked if I was an Untouchable. I nodded in reply, but didn’t say anything because I was scared that he was going to hurt me, like all the other humans did. He was a tall, white man, who had on a long white overcoat. I saw that his skin color had changed from a white color to a silver color. I quickly knew that he was an Untouchable also. He reached out for my hand, but I was afraid I would hurt him like I did my parents. He told me to trust him. Something inside had told me that this guy wasn’t that bad. So I gave him my hand. I noticed the electricity came out of my hand and onto his body, but for some reason, it didn’t affect him at all. He gave me a smile, and I smiled back. He told me that there was a place where I could be welcome like a normal person and safe from humans. He called it……
The Hunter Asylum

5 Years Later…(Third- Person)

“Well, look who’s up early.” Scarlett said walking to the kitchen. It was 6:05 A.M., and Scarlett knows for a fact that her foster father does not wake up this early in the morning unless something is bothering him.

Scarlett walked inside the kitchen, smelling something awkward. It smelled really crispy to her, as if something was burning, “Hey Professor? Are you cooking something?”

“Oh, it’s just breakfast Scarlett. It’s pancakes. I know how much you love pancakes.” The Professor called, and then yelped, burning his finger on the frying pan.

She sighed, “Don’t you think those pancakes are a little over-cooked?”

“Hey! Don’t diss my pancakes!” He said, “Your nose is too sensitive, you know that? This is my third batch! I’m trying my best to make them the way you like them!”

“But Professor, you know I prefer that I make my own breakfast.”

He turned off the stove, “Well it’s a special occasion. I wanted today’s breakfast to be special. Maybe we could sit down together…and talk…” Scarlett felt it, something was really bothering him.
He put the pancake on a plate for Scarlett and took out the syrup from the cabinet. Scarlett sat down on the table, and the Professor gave her the plate and the bottle of syrup.

“What’s wrong?” Scarlett asked, “You’re not gonna eat?”

He shook his head and sat down, smiling at her, “I already ate. I was too excited because-“

“Because today is my first day of school?” Scarlett interrupted him.
He nodded, “Yes. Finally, after five years, you are able to enroll in Hunter University…despite the fact that you weren’t born an Untouchable.” THAT was what was getting the Professor so worked up.
Scarlett smiled back at him. They both felt proud. Hopefully, Scarlett will finally be accepted. And hopefully, she will finally learn how to control all of the powers that she possesses and learn some new powers as well. She knows very well that there are some powers that she still yet is unable to control and according to the Professor, she is going to need some help from real teachers who know how to control it.
Scarlett cut up the pancakes into four pieces, and then put the sweet tasting syrup on top. She couldn’t help but eat them. Pancakes were her favorite thing to eat for breakfast, even though the Professor doesn’t make them how she would like.
“So ummm……are you nervous about school?”
Scarlett put two pieces of her pancake in her mouth at once, “Ehh…” She shrugged chewing on her delicacy. She was never a person who would talk while eating. She got her manners from her parents. She was young when her parents had died and this was one of the only things she would remember about them. Because of her accident, she doesn’t remember a lot of things about her parents. She sighed, “I bet life was so simple when I was….human…” She thought to herself, “Why do I have to go to this school anyway? I don’t need any help from anyone. I can learn about my powers by myself. And besides…who would help me anyway? I’m…different from all of the other Untouchables.”
“… that?”
Scarlett came back to reality. She swallowed her pancakes, “I’m sorry. What did you say?”
“I said can you go get that? The phone?”
She didn’t notice the telephone had rung twice already because of her daydreaming. She put her fork down and stood up, walking over to the phone. As she was getting closer, she felt uneasy. She suddenly got goose-bumps all over the arm that grabbed the phone. She had always felt the same way with electronic objects so she was used to it. She picked up the phone, “Hello?”
She kept her ear a few inches away from the receiver, because of her sensitivity to sounds.
“Is Professor Steel in the residence?” The voice came from a man, probably in his late 50’s, Scarlett predicted, and he sounded as though something was on his mind,
Scarlett looked at the Professor, signaling him to get up and take the phone from her, “Yes he’s here.” She said, “One moment please.” She gave the phone to the Professor.
“Yes? Who is this?” He said.
Scarlett sat back down, staring at Professor Steel. “Hmm…. This is a good time to try out my powers again…” She whispered. Scarlett always knew that Professor Steel would never talk about his conversations to her, so she decided to focus her powers on the phone, so she can listen in on their conversation. It was risky, because she still doesn’t know how to control her powers fully yet, but it was worth a try. She stared straight at the phone, “C’mon Scarlett……focus……” She said to herself. The conversation that Professor Steel was having started becoming clear. She started to hear clearly what the man on the phone was saying, “I need you to come to the school right away Professor. I know it’s early but…..”
Then everything went wrong when Professor Steel responded to what the man was saying. Scarlett couldn’t hear anything anymore. Everything around her started to sound like nails on a chalkboard. She screamed and covered her ears. “Not this again!!” Scarlett yelled.
Professor Steel hung up the phone and ran to her, “Scarlett!! Are you ok?!” But again, all she heard was a horrible screeching in her ears and all of Professor Steel’s panicking made it worse.
“STOP TALKING!” Scarlett yelled at him. Professor Steel then remembered what to do whenever her powers would overload like this. He opened one of the drawers in the kitchen and took out a small magnet. He held it to Scarlett’s eyes.
The second that Scarlett laid her eyes on the magnet, she started to slow down. She slowly stopped screaming and lowered her eyes, looking very drowsy. Then after a few seconds, she fell unconscious on the floor.
This was something that always amazed the Professor. He bent down to Scarlett’s unconscious body and opened her left eyelid. Like all the other times that the Professor used the magnet on Scarlett, he noticed that Scarlett’s eyes had changed color. Her normal, lime green colored eyes had changed into a grayish color, almost black. This had always baffled the Professor. He never understood why whenever Scarlett was exposed to a magnet she would just fall unconscious. All he knows is that it is temporary. In about 15 minutes or so, she would wake up and she would be perfectly fine. All she would get was a small headache and sometimes be a little nauseas. He sighed and closed her eye. He knew he wasn’t going to get all of the answers yet. He stood up.
He decided to pack her clothes for the trip to the school. He knew if he waited for Scarlett to wake up, she would be late for school. So he went upstairs and packed all her clothes and other necessities she would need into a suitcase, and then packed it into the back of his white Ford Expedition. Scarlett was still out cold, so he had to carry her inside the car as well.

The author's comments:
I honestly think this is one of my best work. I wish I could actually publish my stories and a good friend of mine toldme of this site. Have an adventure everyone. I hope it's good. Feel free to comment on it, good or bad.

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on Aug. 8 2009 at 11:52 pm
AjentVee BRONZE, Bronx, New York
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This is only the first chapter. I'll put the second one later. xP