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Apartheid MAG

By Anonymous

   Zimbia - a shack town in the desert region of South Africa.

A young boy with dark skin walks outside of his shack house into the pre-dawn light. Its walls are constructed of large pieces of cardboard which are supported at the bottom by racks and other rubble and debris. In the front there is a lopsided square cut with a tattered piece of blue fabric hanging in it. A boy rushes outside and grabs up the piece of dirty string attached to the orange crate which rests on two old sleigh runners. This makeshift cart must be pulled and so the boy drags it a hundred yards to the top of the dunes to collect rocks. He comes to the first outbreak of rock he hasn't combed yet and picks up the few rocks that are there, then starts to the next one.

Dragging his cart across the rock, it makes a high, obnoxious, scraping noise but is overcome by a big rumbling. Looking up, the boy glances at the village to see what is making the noise only to realize that it is coming from the opposite direction.

He sees the huge olive drab one ton trucks emerging from the valley.


Catch- now in slow motion - a boy turning, tripping, sprawling onto his hands and knees.



Handle of assault rifle.


Boy scrambles up and starts running and yelling towards village.


Five green tracer bullets arc towards boy, stitching him full in the back, throwing him forward down the hill.

Cut, wide screen view.

Village - a flame sending black billowing clouds of smoke into atmosphere.n

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i love this !