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A New Experiment The Beginning

April 23, 2009
By Dragonwriter BRONZE, West Bloomfield, Michigan
Dragonwriter BRONZE, West Bloomfield, Michigan
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Dedicated to my family, and my
friends Julia, Katie, and Amanda

“Can you get me some of my chemicals from the cabinet in my lab?” Julia asked. Julia is a scientist who experiments with chemicals. She mixes them together to get something out. It could be a cure to an illness, or it could create an illness. She has to figure out which is which by letting others test them.

“Sure.” Katie replied. Julia adopted Katie a few years back. She likes to help Julia out, because some things look cool when they are combined with each other. She is now twelve years old.

Katie ran into the lab to get the special chemicals. She walked straight to the cabinet. She typed in the password, and it opened. There were many chemicals in it. There was a small space in between two sections of the cabinet, one bigger then the other. She took some of them out, then she took all of them out. There was a brown board in the back of the shelf. She set down the chemicals that she was holding, and touched the board in the back. It easily moved back. She pushed on one side of it, and it turned until it was sideways. She took the board out, and saw that there were two chemicals in there. They were dusty, like if they haven’t been used before. She took them out and investigated. She wiped the dust off of the label that was on them. They were labeled I29-red and 2H7-blue. She wondered why those two were back there and in the condition they were in, maybe, she thought, that together they would make something bad, but then again, why would they be together? Then, she saw something that looked like a small door in the cabinet where she just took out the other two chemicals. She grabbed the small knob on the door, and tried to pull it. Nothing happened. She twisted it, and then pulled. Still, nothing happened. She twisted it back and fourth, and pushed and pulled it. Then, she heard a click. She pushed it, and it clicked again. She turned it slowly and pulled it. It opened up. Inside she saw something glowing. She thought it was one of Julia’s failed experiments that she did long ago. She grabbed it, and pulled it out of the cabinet. Julia walked in the lab and looked at Katie.

“What’s taking you so long?” Julia asked. Katie turned around in surprise and put the failed experiment behind her back.

“I didn’t know which ones you wanted.” Katie said plainly.

“I’ll just get them myself.” Julia grabbed the ones that she needed, and she slowly walked out of the lab. “I don’t want you in here long, so clean up the mess you made, and leave.”

“Okay.” Katie said quickly. Julia walked out and closed the door. “That was close.” She whispered to herself. She saw a large container, and walked over to it. It was filled a little less then halfway with water. Katie opened up the I29-red first. It had a dropper in it. She put a couple of drops in. It fizzed a little bit. She closed the bottle and hid it behind the container. She opened the 2H7-blue. She put in a couple of drops. It fizzed again, and the mixture turned purple. She put that chemical behind the container after she closed it. Then, she grabbed the glowing chemical. There wasn’t any dust on it. When she opened it, a little bit of green smoke came from the container. It smelled bad. She looked at the label, and it had L7I8F2E3 on it. There wasn’t a dropper on it, so she had to gently pour a couple of drops in. As soon as the second drop hit the water, black smoke arose from the container. The smoke had the shape of a paw. She thought about what it meant, and she had to grab an animal. She ran out of the lab, and grabbed her cat. She ran back to the lab. When she opened the door, black smoke filled the room. She had to walk in quickly before some of it escaped. When she was inside, she couldn’t even see the lights from the ceiling. The smoke didn’t smell like anything. When she walked up to the mixture, the cat squirmed and got away. A little bit of fur fell into the mixture. The black smoke quickly disappeared. Inside of the mixture wasn’t just water and chemicals, but there was also a ball of green slime. It was a couple of feet tall. Katie looked at it confused. She didn’t know what just happened. She stood a couple inches away from it. It started to move. She put her hand out toward the ball of slime. She stuck her hand inside of it. She put her arm in a few inches. Then, she couldn’t feel any more slime. There was just air. She pushed it in a little more. She felt something fuzzy in it. A strange sound came from inside of it. She thought that there was something other then slime in that thing. She pulled her hand back out, and started to tear through the slime. After peeling a bit out, she saw something purple. After peeling a bit of it off, she saw a goldish color show. After that, the thing ripped the rest of it off. The thing tore through the slime easily with her claws.

After all of the slime was off of it, she saw what it was. It wasn’t something that she has seen nor heard of before. It had purple fur with gold plated on it in a pattern. She had designs around her neck that looked like necklaces with thorns hanging from it. It also looked like she was wearing gold bracelets. She had a thorn on both of her knees and arrows on her face, with three points for her ears and also a red gemstone on her forehead.

The creature walked up to Katie. She rubbed herself against her.

“Venalim.” Katie told herself. “I’ll name this thing Venalim.”

Someone knocked on the door. She opened the door, and there stood a man in a black cloak which covered his face. He walked in without saying anything to her.

“Who are you?” she asked. The man continued to walk past her. He walked into the kitchen and started to dig through the stuff that they have. “What are you doing?” Still no answer from him. He walked from the kitchen into the hallway. He opened the door to the lab and walked in. “Your not supposed to be in here.” She walked in after him. He grabbed her and pushed her out. He then closed and locked the door. He walked up to the cabinet with the other chemicals in it. He tried to type in a passward, but he got it wrong. An alarm went off. Venalim was still in there. She didn’t know what was going on. Venalim walked over to the man. He kicked her away. Venalim jumped on him and bit him. He pulled her off and threw her on the floor. She jumped on his head and started to scratch him, climbing down his back with her claws still out. He hit his back against the wall over and over again trying to get her off. Venalim fell off of his back but landed on her feet when she hit the floor. He opened the door and closed it before Venalim got out of it. She was scratching the door. Katie opened the door for her. By the time she did that, the man was gone. She closed and locked the door. She picked up Venalim and took her to her room. She put her on her bed, and closed the door. She covered up Venalim with a blanket as she was getting on the bed herself. Venalim fell asleep. A few minutes later, Katie did too.

“Are you okay?” Julia asked about an hour later.

“Yeah. I’m fine.” Katie replied trying to get up. Venalim got up too. She took the blanket off of herself.

“What is that thing?” Julia asked.

“I put together some chemicals from your lab, and some cat fur got in it, and she appeared.”

“How?” Katie showed her what she did. “That is cool. Just keep her out of trouble.”

“Okay. I will treat her like a good friend.”

As they walked out the front door, they saw the cloak that the man was wearing. Julia picked it up. She asked, “Whose is this?”

“Someone came by earlier. You might want to check the name on the tag. It might give us a hint on who was here earlier.”

She looked on the tag. Julia read, “Property of Amanda Stone.”

“I’ve never heard of that name before. Have you?”

“No. We just have to be extra careful. There is an address on it too, so if anything happens to me, this is where you should go to.”

There was another knock on the door. Julia opened it this time. She opened the door, and a camera crew stood there with another person.

“Hi. I’m here to take a picture of you, your family, and all of your pets. Will you let me do so?” The person asked.

“No. I don’t like pictures.” Julia told them, but Katie had already run off. The people walked in the door anyway.

“So, do you know where the girl ran off to?”

“She probably thought that you were going to do the picture. She likes pictures unlike me.”

Katie got Venalim ready for the picture. She wrapped her up in a piece of cloth so that they won’t know what she really is. The reporter stepped in a pile of slime.

“What is this?”

“I don’t know. You know what some people do for fun these days.”

“This stuff might be toxic. Are you sure that it isn’t?”

“She hasn’t been harmed by it in any way, and she has had it for a while.”

“I’m ready.” Katie said holding Venalim.

“Sorry, we can’t.” Julia said. “You know I don’t like pictures to go out in public, especially of me.”

“Can you come outside with me for a moment?” The reporter asked. She took Julia outside. Katie ran to her room. She let Venalim go onto her bed. Venalim gave her a sad look.

“What is it?” She asked. Venalim hopped off of the bed. She ran to the front window. Katie was just behind her. “Get down. Don’t you know what will happen when they know you’re not a real animal?” Katie looked outside as Venalim pointed out of the window. The reporter’s car was already gone. Julia was no where to be seen. “Where did they go?” Venalim ran outside as Katie opened the door. She followed her to the end of the driveway, and picked her up. Venalim started to glow a bluish color. Katie started to walk back into the house. Venalim lifted Katie up into the air. Katie looked down, and saw that she was already a few feet off of the ground. Katie held on tighter to her as they got higher up. She looked up at Venalim and saw that what used to be gold designs were now blue. “Where are you going to take me?” Venalim didn’t reply. She was now high enough to see the reporter’s car go by. Venalim saw it and she quickly flew toward it. Katie held on in fright as she flew faster and faster, until they were right above the car. The reporter parked in front of a cave, and walked into the cave with Julia. They heard a small sound from where they were. It didn’t sound like screaming. It sounded more like a machine. After the sound was done, they landed in front of the cave. They looked inside. It was barely a cave at all. It was only a few feet deep. They walked in anyway. Venalim stopped glowing, and all of the blue designs turned back into gold designs. They looked around, and saw a small lever on the ground under some dirt from the cave. Venalim stepped on it. It went down. They heard a small clanking sound. Venalim walked over to the other side of the cave. There was another lever. Katie took her foot off of the first lever. It went back up. Venalim stepped on the lever. Katie stepped on the lever again. A hole appeared. A seal was over the hole, covered in dirt and rock. Katie looked down into the hole. She couldn’t see anything. She crouched down, and felt the sides of the hole. She felt all around it, and she found a rope. She called Venalim over. Venalim went down the hole first. Katie followed her. Once they were both in the hole, the top of the hole closed up. It was pitch black down there. They eventually arrived at the bottom of the hole. There still wasn’t any light. Venalim started to glow. She was glowing with a gold color light. They looked up. They saw that the hole was still closed up. They looked around. They didn’t see anything but more rock. Venalim felt the rock. She felt a small bulge in it. She pulled on it and it opened. There were three buttons under it. There was a number on each one.

“What do we do with these?” Katie whispered. Venalim did nothing. She only closed her eyes. She opened them again and started to push buttons. It took a few seconds. The buttons lit up by a reddish color. The ground started to shake. A door was rising up from the wall. It was small, but they both could fit through. They crawled through, with Venalim in front of her. There were a whole bunch of tight turns on the way. After the turns, it was straight for a few minutes, then the tunnel ended. There was nothing but rock in front of them. Venalim tried to push it, but nothing happened. She looked up, and saw that it was another tunnel, where there was light up there. Venalim jumped up, and stuck to the rock up ahead. Katie grabbed onto her tail. She struggled to climb up. She kept on sliding back down a little when they moved up a foot. They got to the top. It was another section of the cave. It was a little bit brighter then before.

“What are you doing here?” a voice said.

“I’m on a mission. Why do you want to know?” Katie replied.

“I’m also on a mission. I’m exploring this cave here. Who are you?”

“I can’t say, but I can ask if you can help me.” A bright light shone in her eyes. Venalim hid behind Katie. “ How long have you been here?”

“Only a couple of hours. What is a little girl like you doing in a place like this?”

“I’m on a search. Someone has been kidnapped, and I’m trying to save her.”

“How are you going to fight back if they try to get you?”

“With my creation.” Katie stepped to the side a little, showing him Venalim.

“What is that thing!?”

“She is my creation. I made her. I can’t tell you the whole story though. She fought people before, so I think she can handle this one too. Did you see anyone go by here not too long ago?”

“I heard some footsteps go that way a little while ago.”

“Thanks.” Katie and Venalim ran off in that direction he sent her off to. They stopped at a door. Katie touched the door. Venalim heard a faint beeping sound coming from the other side of the door. The ground started shaking again. Rock walls formed around them. A hole was opening from the center. Venalim tried to stick to the wall, but she slid right back off. They tried to stand in the corners, but the hole just kept on growing, and they fell through. They were sliding down the rock like a slide. They tried to slow down, but the rocks were too slippery. A few seconds later, they were at the bottom of the slide. The exit for it closed. They were now in a cage, and saw someone chained up to a wall. It was Julia! She tried to shake the bars, but as soon as she grabbed them, they zapped her. She quickly let go of them. Venalim stopped glowing gold and started to glow blue. The bars broke. Venalim stopped glowing, and they both ran over to her. Candles lit the new area. Amanda was at the desk working on some other scheme. Katie pulled the tape off of her mouth. She spit out cotton that was in there.

“Ouch!” she tried to whisper.

“Shush!” Katie also tried to whisper. Venalim grabbed the chain with her claws. She quickly pulled on the chains. They broke easily. The chains that were cut fell to the ground. Amanda turned over toward Julia. She didn’t see anyone else. She walked over to her. She saw that the chains were broken.

“Is someone here?” She asked Julia.

“I didn’t see anyone.” She replied. Amanda looked around the room. She couldn’t see anyone. She looked to Julia again.

“How did you make some animal like that?” Amanda asked.

“I don’t know.” Julia replied.

“Lies! How did you do it?”

“I don’t have anything to do with the animal. It wasn’t of my doing. It was done by my daughter, and I don’t think she did it on purpose.”

“I know she is here. Call her from wherever she is hiding from.”

“No. I will no longer bring her into this.” Amanda pulled Julia off of the ground.

“Call her here now, or I will forcefully get her myself.”

Katie and Venalim gently landed behind her. Amanda turned around. “Who are you, and what are you doing here?”

“I am here to rescue her.” Katie said.

“Who are you?”

“The person you’ve been waiting for.”

“If you are her daughter, then where is that animal of yours?” Venalim jumped out from behind her, stood next to Katie, and hissed at her. “How did you get that thing?”

“Family secret.” Amanda started to walk around them. Venalim turned to face her as she walked around. They backed away from her. She reached out to grab Venalim. She started to glow a bluish color. She started to rise off of the ground. Some of the rocks rose off of the ground also. Amanda tried to grab her, but she got shocked. She picked up one of the rocks, and threw it at her. She stopped the rock before it hit her, and she pushed it back. It hit Amanda, and she fell. Venalim pushed all the rest of the rocks into the ceiling. They all went right through and into the sky. Amanda picked up a long stick, and threw it at her. Venalim paid no attention to it and pushed the rocks further into the sky. The stick hit her and stopped glowing. She fell to the ground as she was hovering. She slowly got back up, but Amanda kept on throwing sticks and rocks at her. Venalim got tired of trying, and fell back to the ground. Amanda turned towards Katie.

“What did you do to create such a monster?” Amanda asked. Katie said nothing. They all started to hear a crackling noise. They looked up, and saw that the rocks forming the ceiling were coming down. A circle of many rocks formed around Amanda. She saw that a bigger part of the ceiling was coming down with it. She ducked down, and the bigger chunk of rock came down. It sat on the circle of rocks. She tried to push the giant rock off of her, but it was too heavy. She started to yell from inside of the many rocks, but it was too muffled for anyone to understand. Katie ignored her, and walked over to Venalim. Venalim slowly got up. Katie picked her up, and brought her over to Julia. Venalim broke the rest of the chains off of her. The ceiling was still falling apart. Katie and Julia ran to one of the other doors of the cave. She was still carrying Venalim. They looked what was ahead of them, and saw that it was another giant slide. It was like the one that Katie and Venalim went down earlier. They were quickly on their way. At the bottom of the slide, they were surrounded by what looked like a small house. They looked around. They couldn't find a door, but they did find a large window. Julia tried to slide it open, but it wouldn't move. She kicked it, and it just fell over. They ran out of it, avoiding the glass. They looked back at the house they walked out of. It looked like a small shed made out of the side of a giant rock. Katie and Julia were on their way home.

“Our house isn't too far from here,” Julia said, “but it is about a half of a mile away from here. Try to hide, whatever that thing is. We don't want to get even more attention. More people would go after it. What do you call it anyway?”

“Her name is Venalim.” She replied. Venalim's ears twitched a little, but she was asleep, tired of what had happened today. The sun was starting to set.

They arrived back home at about 10:00. Katie went to her room, and placed her on her bed. She came back downstairs while Julia was calling the police. They arrived at their house about ten minutes later.

“So, where is she now?” the officer said.

“I'll show you.” Julia replied. She got in the officer's car, and lead him to the cave that Amanda was still in. She showed him the spot where she was. She was still in the cage made of rocks. The officer pushed the giant rock off of her. She was asleep in there. The officer pulled her out. She was only half awake when she was pulled to her feet.

“You are under arrest for kidnapping.” She was handcuffed, and shoved into the officer's car. Julia was driven back home. She went to bed, along with Katie. Katie slept on the floor in her room that night.

Katie was woken up by a phone call the next morning. She answered the phone. It was the police station.

“Hello?” Katie said, still half asleep.

“Hello. We are calling to congratulate you for capturing Amanda. She has been kidnapping many scientists around the U.S. We are very greatful. We are giving you a reward of one thousand, five hundred dollars.”

Katie woke up fully, surprised. “Thank you.” she tried to say as calmly as possible. She hung up, and ran to Julia's room.

“Julia, wake up!” She yelled. She jumped on the bed.

“What is it Katie?”

“The officer called, and said we won one thousand, five hundred dollars!” Julia got up quickly.

“Well, we better go pick it up then.” They quickly got ready, and they left. They picked up the money, and drove back home. They went to the store, and bought some supplies. They bought Venalim some toys and a bed for her. The toys were for her training. They had to train her inside, so no one else knew about her. They trained in the spare room that they had. No one ever went into that room since they bought the house. They set everything up, and they started to train. She got faster and stronger, just in time for their next mission.

“Hey Katie! Come look at this!” Julia shouted.

“What is it?” Katie asked…

The author's comments:
I've been writing a series for a while now, and I wrote about the things I drew, Like Venalim.

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