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Mariner's Dilemma

November 26, 2007
By Anonymous

The sea. That one thing you devoted your life to, your mother who rocked you so gently on cool nights, your soul mate, your one true love, is now all around you, trying to kill you. The sea is a cruel mistress.

You hardly even know how you ended up in this condition. All you remember is the sound of explosions, chaos, the rushing of the water onto the ship. And you panicked. Despite all your training and experience, you devolved to an animal, only thinking about escape. Now, you’re trapped. Not in a prison of bars, but a prison of the dark waters all around you.

And now, it wants to claim you, like countless others before you. It has all the advantages. You sank too deep, and you’re surrounded by nothingness, a cold, lonely feeling. The deceptively calm tides are pulling you down, inviting you to join the others. Wherever down is, of course. In the weightlessness of the sea, it’s impossible to tell. If only you did. The cold is constricting you, you’re tempted to breath, and you can hardly hold on much longer.


Less air. Chest’s tightening. No help. What do you do? You swim off in a random direction. Not because you know the way, but because risking your life hoping to in hopes of seeing light is a cause more nobler than death.

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