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Clumsy Foxes

April 21, 2009
By October-Izaiah GOLD, Hernando, Mississippi
October-Izaiah GOLD, Hernando, Mississippi
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With quiet feet, and steel-like determination, I’m the ultimate fox. I’m but a whisper on the wind, and a dazzling red flash of color across the ground. With acute senses like mine, who dares challenge me?
Well, my own kids!
Right now, they’re shooting in all directions, paying no attention to the possible dangers that are waiting for them. Have they no idea? Soon, they will be out of sight, but not out of hearing. They all run with clumsy footfalls, not yet rhythmic like mine. I started running after the closest, slowest one (by far the most crooked-running), and I knew I would reach it in only seconds.
Reaching it, however, became a problem. As rhythmic as I was, there were other footfalls that were more harmonious than mine. I sped up my pace, as I knew my inept child was being chased by something far smarter than it. I’d never ran as fast, and yet, I was sure I wasn’t fast enough, but as I saw a little red body running drunkenly across the ground, I knew I’d reached my child, and that it was safe.
However, what I was keeping it safe from, I didn’t know. The harmonious footfalls I had heard belonged to a creature walking on two legs! Even odder, this creature was hairless, except for a spot of it on what I assumed to be its head! This thing was pointing- a paw? -at my child, and it mouthed something like, “AWWWWW…. it’s so cute!”
It didn’t take me long to determine that this large, hairless creature was dangerous. I took my child without a backwards glance back to the burrow, and then I rounded up my other amazingly uncoordinated children.
Who dares challenge me now? (Not my kids…. they’re grounded.)

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