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Nerd Wars

February 18, 2009
By AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
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“Marvin stop, it's my turn!” said, Denis

“NO! Denis it's my game! No stop pulling the joy-stick your going to break it!” said Marvin

“Marvin you hacker!”said Denis

“I'm telling my mom!”said Marvin

“No Marv don't, please!”said Denis

“I won't but if you call me another bad name I'll tell.”

Denis stood sitting on the chair. He was watching Marvin hog the video game. He was waiting for Marv to let him play. I can't wait until that game freezes on Marv, thought Denis.

“Stupid flippin' game froze on me!” shouted Marv

“HA!, that's what you get for not sharing” said, Denis

“SHUT UP, DENIS!”shouted Marv

“YOU SHUT UP MARV!” shouted Denis

Marv was so mad Denis said that, he was so mad his game froze, and he was so mad he had to wear these STUPID GLASSES!!!!!!!!!!


“MARVIN WAYNE JOHNSON THE 2ND!” shouted, Marv's mom

“USE YOUR INDOR VOICE!” shouted Marv's mom

“I'm so sorry mom, I won't shout just don't take my game away.” sobbed, Marv

“You baby” said Denis

WOOOOSH SPLAT, Marv slapped Denis in the arm. Denis yanked off Marv's glasses and broke them in half. Marv started pulling Denis' hair, so Denis bit Marv's arm. Then they started slapping each other.

“OWWWW!, you scratched my cheek Marv!”

“OMG!, Denis are you okay?

“JK” said Denis, tackling Marv

“Thats not fair Denis, you cheated.”

“WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!?!?” boomed Marv's mom

“Marv wouldn't share his game!” said Denis

“ Marv you play that game all day!” said Marv's mom

“ But but but but.” stuttered, Marv

“No buts Marv you share!” said Marv's Mom


“Who's here Mom?” asked Marv

“ I invited Clarence over to play with you.” said Marv's mom

“NO mom, he's a nerd.” said Marv

“Hi guys” said Clarence

“Oh, hi Clarence” said Denis

“I brought my Wii to play!” said Clarence

“ Well, me and Denis were just playing Age of Empires on the computer” said Marv

“ Marv you play the Wii with Clarence for a while, then you can play your other game” said Marv's mom

“ugh, fine mom” said Marv

“Ok, guys I brought: Playground, Teenage Mutant ninja turtles, and Mario-Karts” said Clarence

So all three of the nerds played Playground. This game is almost as stupid as the time when I got a B- on my history test., thought Denis. I just want to go to my therapist right now and just pour out all my anger for this game in a 5 page story, Thought Marv. As the minutes turned to hours, it seemed every second was an eternity, Marv and Denis couldn't wait until they could get on the computer again. Clarence is just the left over of my Tuesday night tofu, thought Denis. This so called “”fun”” game is going to be the death of me, thought Marvin.

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