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A New Yemen?

May 13, 2016
By JosephMoneyHoff BRONZE, Lafayette, Colorado
JosephMoneyHoff BRONZE, Lafayette, Colorado
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In Al Mukha Yemen in the year of 2099, It was 1 year after the election and there was a new president by the name of Chief Keef. Chief Keef had not done anything big yet in his presidency but he was planning something. Yemen was a peaceful city with no wars or rivalries. There was a man named  Jafar Ikraam  and he had a wife named Peyton and a son named Enu. They lived in a friendly neighborhood with a very low crime level in their town. Jafar was a retired captain from the Al Qaeda and he was set on money. His wife on the other hand helped out with special needs kids in her son's school. Enu was 16 years old and just got his licence and got a 2016 chevy silverado. Everything in their lives were going great and then they heard loud marching in the street then there was a loud scream.

Jafar told his family “go inside I will check it out.”

  so his family went inside and he went to go look at what had happened. Once he reached the end of the block he looked down the street and saw robots marching and some going into his neighbor's house. So he ran back to his house and locked all the doors.

Then his son asked “ Dad what is happening”

Jafar exclaimed “ there are robots invading our homes now go hide with your mother now!!”

So Enu and Peyton went up stairs to hide. Then Jafar went to go get his gun and then they waited. Jafar was in his house with his family for 1 hour and they were all very scared and then they heard a ding dong… It was a robot and it stood at the door harmlessly. So Jafar opened the door while his family watched from afar.

The Robot said “ Hello my name is Janus I am an Artificial Intelligence robot and I  have been assigned to this house with the Ikraam family.”

Jafar asked “why are you here?”

  Janus replied “ I am here to be implemented in human life and shape you all to the new order.” 

Next Jafar questioned  “what if we don’t want you here?”

Next Janus said “There is no choice and if you resist you will die.”

Jafar was speechless so he went to his family and 

Enu said “Dad what does it mean we will die if we resist?”

Jafar said “I don’t know son but we will get rid of this thing.”

Peyton then said “But we will die Jafar.”

But Jafar said  “No honey we will be worse off if we let it become apart of our lives.”

There was then silence then and Jafar went to the kitchen to get something to eat and his family joined him. It was dinner time so Peyton made some spaghetti for dinner and all of dinner was silent as Janus sat with them.

Janus then said “goodnight everyone I will see you in the morning.”

Nobody said anything as they all went up stairs. So Jafar then grabbed his computer and sat in his office. When Jafar was a part of Al Qaeda he was not only a Captain but he was their number #1 hacker before that. So he was very keen with computers and technology. He stayed up all night and researched the robots but there was no trace of them. So Jafar looked up the company name on the robot and hacked into their servers. He found out that they were apart of a special project called The New Yemen and this was proposed to the president and he accepted it. The New Yemen was a project to implement 1 robot into every house in Yemen to teach the new order and change Yemen as a country, they even are programed to make yemen a dictatorship. The robots were designed to kill anyone who is rebelling and if they get damaged very badly they will explode. Once Jafar reads this he thinks all night and doesn't sleep.

It was a bright saturday morning in Al Mukha when Jafar came down the stairs to be blinded by the glaring sun, as he continued walking down the stairs,

Janus asked him “How was your sleep Sir Ikraam?”

Jafar replied “fine how was yours.”

Janus said “I do not sleep I go into low power mode but all of my reactive senses are still activated.”

Jafar then said “K.”

Then Jafar ate another silent meal with his family and Janus. After breakfast Enu went straight to his room and Jafar and his wife went into their room to talk.

Peyton started by saying “Jafar what are we going to do?”

Jafar explained to her about what he read last night and said he may have an idea…

So Jafar went into his office and went straight to his computer. He searched the about of energy that was being sent to his house and it was tripled because of Janus, but the power wasn’t coming from the walls or wires, no it was traveling through the air straight to Janus. There were also radio waves being transmitted, so Jafar tracked them down to a vast facility off the books where nobody knew existed. Now Jafar did have a plan not an idea.

It was night time now and the Ikraams were eating dinner with Janus.

So finally Jafar said something “Honey can you pass the salt?”

Then Janus impulsively grabbed the salt and handed it to Jafar.

Then everyone was silent again, but Enu spoke saying “Dad can I get gas money, my car is low.”

“After dinner.” Jafar said.

Not another word was exchanged between anyone after that. Until Jafar got to his room alone, with his wife. He ranted and ranted about the information he learned earlier that morning and his wife was very confused.

She said “Jafar please slow down and try to make sense for me.”

So he took 3 deep breathes and explained it simpler and slower. Now Peyton got it and was happy.

“What are you planning on doing with this information dad” Enu said as he was eavesdropping.

“Son please go back to bed.” Jafar exclaimed

Enu raised his voice and said “No dad if we are revolting I’m gonna be apart of it!”

Jafar calmly said “Ok son just calm down” there was a pause then Jafar continued “ Ok I have come up with a plan. So first we need to distract Janus, Enu that’s your job, so while that’s happening me and your mother will go and get our bomb from the layer down stairs. The bomb will be big enough to it blow up the facility destroying the robots energy and communication but you have to be away from the building as it explodes. But once we retrieve the bomb Enu you will take Janus upstairs while we put the bomb in your truck because it's the only car big enough. Next we will wait till night time and I will weaken Janus’ signal so we can attack it and once we damage it beyond repair it will start a 30 second timer and once it hits 0 it blows up so we have to get in your Chevy and go straight to the facility. Once we arrive there me and your mother will take the bomb inside and you will be watching us through the security cameras and tell us where to go and who to look out for. Then we will leave and I will detonate it with the detonator once we are a safe distance
Any questions?” 

Peyton with a serious stare said “No.”

But Enu said “if you could repeat that 1 more time that would be great.”

So Peyton left and Jafar did, then they all went to bed.

The next morning was chilly but sunny and breakfast was talkative as they were pretending to like Janus so it was a strange meal; Janus started feeling welcomed and not hated around the house so she talked and talked all day long. So finally Enu started talking to her and went into the kitchen so his parents could safely get to the basement. So Enu saw his parents go into the basement and he started walking his way over to the stairs. Meanwhile down stairs Jafar and his wife got the bomb and were trying to figure out what to put in in.

So they saw Enu’s backpack and said “why not let’s use.”

So they put it in there but it didn’t fit half of it so Peyton had to support it.

Then back upstairs Enu was walking up the stairs with Janus while he  said “want to see my room?”

Janus responded “why yes of course.”

Then Jafar and Peyton were exiting outside to Enu’s truck and they put the bomb inside. After that they all had a very talkative dinner and then Janus said goodnight and everyone met in Jafar’s office. Then Jafar started weakening the signal by jamming it; next they grabbed their valuables and put them in the car. Once they got back inside they grabbed their weapons and started attacking Janus. Janus stayed down so the jamming clearly worked and finally Jafar shot Janus several times, then she started beeping. All of them darted out of the house and got in Enus’ truck as fast as they could. When they pulled out of their street they heard a loud boom and their house was gone. Once they were on the road for about 20 minutes there was a news broadcast saying in the neighborhood of EagleThorne that a house blew up and the Ikraam family died in the explosion. So they were of the hook. When they arrived they parked about ½ a mile away and Jafar and Peyton left and took the bomb. While they were driving to the facility Jafar was hacking the facility’s cameras and putting them on a loop but Enu had total access. So Jafar cut the fence and snuck in with small silent bombs to destroy the locks on the doors. As they navigated their way through the building with Enu’s help, they saw a guard eating alone half asleep on their way to the middle so they had to take him out. So Jafar took out his gun and put horse tranquilizer in it, then he shot the guard and he was out like a light. They were so close and they turned a corner and put the bomb down in the conveyor belt and then started to run back but a guard saw them and started shooting, then he pulled the alarm. So they started to run like there was no tomorrow and Jafar was running with the detonator in his back pocket and he got shot in the butt; this destroyed the detonator. Peyton and Jafar both were firing guns back at them as well.

He stopped and said “Sweetie I have to go back and detonate it manually just go on”

She screamed “No! We can find another way”

He said “there is no other way”
They kissed 1 last time and they ran separate directions, both screaming at the guards to shoot them to save each other.

Then Enu yelled in the earpiece “Dad No!”

And Jafar said “I love you son”

Then he turned off his earpiece. He was down to his last bullets as he reached the bomb so he went to it and set it for a timer of 30 seconds and sat next to the bomb and waited in peace. Then there was a boom and the sky was bright with fire. As Peyton and Enu watched from the car and they were both crying. But Little did Jafar know that he just saved half of Yemen, and he also started a rebellion against Chief Keef and the new order. His family can take away that even though you're just trying to save your family or help someone out you can succeed and help other people off of your good actions. You can do this by staying strong, sticking with your true values and by staying united through it all.

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