The Rise of X-Man

March 2, 2016
By MomoTheLemur BRONZE, Burlington City, New Jersey
MomoTheLemur BRONZE, Burlington City, New Jersey
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X-Man Story


Hi, my names is Mohammed. I'm 13 years old and a huge video game nerd. I always play video games at school with my best friend Sean. I have an Xbox One at home. I always play Call of Duty, Gta V, and Just Cause 3. Now you might be wondering, who is this X-Man? Well if you aren't then you're probably reading the wrong book.


If you are and/or considered a nerd, you may suffer from the highly contagious disease "Nerdgasm". Subjects suffer this disease when one or multiple video game/video game characters are mentioned. Subjects will start flailing around shouting the persons name. For example, "OH MY GOD!! I LOVE MARIO!! I'M GONNA DIE!!" So, enough about me. It's time to get comfy, cuz it's story time.

Chapter 1: New Beginnings

X-Man Story
Chapter 1

"DAMN CAMPERS!" I slam my controller down and get up to change the game. I'm starting to think playing COD is effing with my mind. I walk over to the Xbox and press eject. "Screw this, I'm playing Gta." Game doesn't come out. I start to get pissed. I press the button multiple times in anger. "What the hell is with this thing?!" The Xbox makes a loud screeching sound. I step back. "That didn't sound good..." Suddenly, the disc goes flying out of the tray straight into my chest.
I wake up sitting in a hospital bed with wires going in my chest. I look at the calendar to see its February 10th. Last time I checked the date it was the 21st. I guess that disc really did a number on me.
"You're finally awake!" Exclaims the doctor.  "You were hurt in your chest. It's a miracle you're alive."
"Oh, wow. Could you tell my family I'm awake?"
"No problem. I'll be back in five minutes. You just stay there."
"Alrighty then." I don't know how he expected me to get up. I sit up and look to my left to see a gift the size of video game case. I pick it up and open it to see a note on top of a game case.
"PRESS MENU TO START." I looked under that to see a menu button. I thought, "I might as well. It's probably some corny card. There's probably money in the case." I pressed the button and the whole room around me melts away. I look around to see I'm in a dark room sitting in a chair. I didn't see anyone. Matter of fact, I didn't see anything anywhere. "HELLO? ANYONE?" I shout out.
"Mohammed? Is that you?" The last person I expected to hear call back was my best friend Sean. Suddenly, the lights came on to show us in an abandoned warehouse.
"Sean?" I called back.  "Is that you?"
"Yeah it's me. What are you doing here?"
"I was gonna ask you the same thing." I called back. I was still unsure whether or not I was dreaming.
"I was playing black ops, and when I went to put the game back in its case, it said 'PRESS MENU TO START'. I pressed the button, and here I am. What happened to you?"
"Same. I pressed on the menu button and I was transported here or something."
"I thought you were in a coma?"
"Yeah, I woke up and it was on the hospital bed."
"Oh, okay. What is this place?"
"Don't ask me, I have no clue." Suddenly, we see three figures come up on a platform in the floor. I look at the figures in great confusion. "No, it can't be..." In unison, Sean and I yell out,
"Batman? Master Chief? Mario?" We both look at each other like we're high.
"Yes, it's us. Please, leave questions for when I am done talking because we have little time to explain everything to you." Ya know, at this point, I was just hoping I wasn't gonna get shot. Sean and I sit down to listen to Master Chief. "You see, our world is in danger. We need your help."
"Why do you need us, of all people?" I'm no jerk, but I don't remember doing anything "heroic".
"Mohammed, you know how you were put into that coma, right?
"Well, yeah. What does that have to do with anything?" Master Chief wasn't making a lot of sense.
"Well, you don't know why. For years, the video game world has been under siege. The enemy has taken over video games everywhere and made an empire while players were offline. They captured us, and have been working on project reality ever since the release of the Xbox One. Their plans are to destroy the "real world" and rule all the realms. The way into reality was through an opening in the Xbox, the disc tray. So, when you went to retrieve your game, the disc shot out, in the enemies attempt to enter the real world. Any other person would have had died. You didn't even acquire any wounds."
"So what's this hole in my chest supposed to be? I don't know what you consider a 'wound' on your planet." I don't know if you've ever been sliced with a sharp object in the chest, but it hurts like HELL.
"Oh, that's no wound. That is our hope of survival. Did you take a look under your shirt yet? You might be surprised to see what's there." I pull up my shirt to see that the hole in my chest is now a...disc tray? With an eject button and everything!
"What the heck is this supposed to be?" Sean is staring at it like a deer seeing headlights for the first time.
"That is exactly what you think it is. This tray gives you the ability to turn into any video game protagonist you'd like as long as the game is in you disc tray. Lucky for you, we have a machine that brings out any game disc you need at your disposal."
Okay, before you continue the story, you might want to process all this. It's a lot all at once, I know. It's okay, I'll wait. You good now? Alrighty then, let's continue.
"Okay, I don't want to seem like a dick, but why is Sean here if I'm the beacon of survival here?"
"Well, every hero needs a player 2. We've done our research, and found Sean would be most suitable for the job." Research? Are there cameras places I don't know? "We need you two to help us fix the balance between the two worlds. Are you up to the task?"

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