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The Incredible Mistake of an Adventure

December 11, 2015
By JosephMoneyHoff BRONZE, Lafayette, Colorado
JosephMoneyHoff BRONZE, Lafayette, Colorado
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The Incredible Mistake of an Adventure
It was tuesday April 20th 2024 and the sky was blue with people walking in the village laughing and their leader was watching over them. He was tired and bored of his normal life in the Shire, no new excitement or news just his normal day of working as the Leader. His name was Kevin Holiday a 6’7’’ skinny man with broad shoulders and a sharp face, he was a very nice friendly man who was always a leader and a gentleman.  Kevin had a wife named Amanda and she was very beautiful with a kind heart. She helped out all the kids in the town and was like the town queen. They were very happily married and they had a kid on the way,  Amanda was 6 months pregnant. Kevin had 2 best friends by the names of DinoJingGi and Money assassin McCracken. They were all childhood friends and they’ve spent their all of their lives together. DinoJingGi was the town jokester, always high spirited and a fisherman/ hunter, He was a short fellow at 5’8’’ and he had a clean face with a long maine of hair.  Money assassin McCracken the town hero a noble man who always put your life before his, Money was the Shire’s General and he was a broad 6’3’’ who was very beefy with a big beard and a bald head. All of them loved their lives and families but life didn’t have the same excitement as it used too, so they all started to talk.  They all agreed life wasn’t as exciting, so they came up ideas of what to do. Kevin said “how bout’ a fishing trip” and Money said “no we’ve already tried that and it didn’t work so well” and Dino said “true”. They debated while they drank and then they all went home not remembering the night in the morning. They all met up in the morning feeling awful and they tried to remember what they talked about, then finally “I think...I think” DinoJingGi said “I think we were gonna go on a trip to the Cho Oyu Mountains and stay there for a day”. The other two men looked at him bewilderedly and thought he was crazy. Kevin said “ those mountains are over 80 miles away and on the complete other side of the realm , it would take days to get there, my buck may not be able to do this task either.” he paused “ I also have a family and a wife with a kid on the way, I don’t think I can do this.
Money assassin McCracken said “ I have sworn to protect this town with my life so i can't leave it plus i can’t leave my daughter all alone because her mother is dead so there is nobody to look out for her”.
Dino started to speak “I’ve thought out our journey and we would take no horses just packs and other needs, we would be gone a week + some days  and stay in the towns on the way and Kevin you and your wife have the whole town’s support to help you guys out so I bet someone could check one her a couple times a day, maybe my sister. Money I already asked my sister and she would be very happy to take care of your daughter while we leave, and we have a whole army and nobody would like to attack us at this point so I think you’re off duty. And this is also the excitement we need in our lives. ” Both of the men thought at the proposal and finally Money said “I’m in, my daughter will be safe and so will the town, I’m in” then Kevin thought furiously and said “ You guys gotta tell Amanda about the trip”. They all screamed and cheered in happiness.

It was a week of preparation of the trip and now they are finally leaving, they all said their goodbyes to their families and the town. They all were nervous but excited and none of them have gone to the Cho Oyu Mountains where the thieves and crooks lerk. All of the realm new about the 3 best friends and they were looked upon as greater and kings because they all have power and leadership. The 3 companions all knew how to fight and all had their strengths and weaknesses to help or not help the friendship. They all loved the outdoors and were gossiping and fooling around while walking and they all decided to take a break, while Dino was looking for something to kill and Money was looking at his dagger, Kevin was looking at the road ahead and he saw something, it was getting closer and bigger every second so he told the others to hide. The object was black and it came swooping by, it was a free horse and a big one so it was high priced. Money wanted to go look for it and capture it but Kevin told them to keep walking so they did, there was no more excitment that day. The next town was another whole day away so they made camp  as the sun was setting to get good sleep so they could wake up early to hit the road. Their campsite was behind brush in the forest, so nobody can see them. They arrived at the next town near the end of the second day and they got a room above the tavern and got some food and drinks. None of the men drank a lot because they needed to be ok for the next day. They left right in the morning to get going, and it drizzled which not a good sign so they walked for a little and tried to find shelter but the rain stopped for a while then when they were in the proximity of the other town it started to pour so they ran super fast to get inside. They men made it inside but there was no room for them so they had to go in a cellar.That night didn’t end anytime soon, they stayed up all night due to the sound. In the morning without any sleep the men want off very tiredly and they moved very slow so they almost didn’t make the next town. The 3 men were all tired and wanted to go home, but they already are this far so why turn back now. Kevin was asking how much further in this trip and Dino said “ We have 3 more towns or 3 more days till the hike.” Kevin was not mad or happy about Dino’s answer. Money, Kevin and Dino are all at the local tavern and they all notice somebody traveling and they are traveling by themselves. The men approach him and ask him where he is headed and he says the Cho Oyu Mountains. All the men stare in awe, they explain to the man that they are going there too and that this is their first time going somewhere. The man looked at them with boredom and didn’t say a word more. The men left and went to their rooms. They were up early but not earlier than the man last night. The next town was a high peacekeeper, low tolerance area so they had to be careful. The men got a room and looked at a map and found out that they were 2 towns away and then they would be there in 2 days. Later that night they were all in the bar and some drunk men were screaming at eachother and then they started to push and throw punches. So the the men stepped in to stop the fight and somebody pulled a knife, so Money disarmed the man and Dino and Kevin held the two apart. Then a peacekeeper walked in and thought the 3 men were attacking so he ran after them and they all ran. Kevin and Money were finally far enough away to stop running so they did and they couldn’t find Dino so they thought he got lost in the woods or captured. Kevin and Money quickly built a shelter and a fire for the night. In the morning the men searched for Dino in the woods but there was no sign of him, so they got a change of clothes and went into town. They looked in all the buildings and cellars, they couldn’t find him. So they finally checked the peacekeeper station and they saw him from a window that he was in there. So Kevin and Money decided to break him out.They strategized all night and then changed their looks, they. The two men had no better way to get him out than the old fashion, they just went up there and started   fighting, the peacekeepers numbers we not the strongest but they more than quadrupled the men. After a few men were knocked out Kevin got the key and let Dino out. They all ran till the next town and they didn’t care for their things just getting home. Once they made it to the next town they all discussed to not let anybody know that that happened, to just say the mountains were beautiful. They all trekked the next day and made it two towns because they ran half the way. They were 1 town and 1 day away from home, The trip was not a success but only they know that. The next day was upon and they got back one day early because Dino stayed in jail for only 1 day not a 2 days or more.

Once they arrived the whole town greeted them and welcomed them home. They all got lots of love from their family and friends. They told their families about the trip but left out the jail part and added a part about the mountain.Kevin and the men agreed not to do that ever again and to be happy with their simple lives. They should be happy with their simple and lovely lives with their families and not try to do something dangerous or stupid just because it’s boring. Kevin announced to the town that it is too dangerous to go the Cho Oyu Mountains and it is forbidden. The whole town agreed not to go there but one little mischievous youngster.

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