Superhero wearing a Man Tutu

One day a new Superhero showed up. He said his name was Alex, but he said we could call him “The Guy Who Saved the World.” He bragged to all his friends, since he came up with the name himself. I thought he was just a showoff. He thinks he can walk in and replace Superman?

Oh sorry, let me introduce myself. Hi, my name is Tristan, and I live in Atlanta, Georgia. Superman used to be our superhero, but he died. Now that Alex came to town, I’ve been sad. I loved Superman.

Now, you’re probably wondering how Alex got the name “Superhero Wearing a Man tutu” right? Well, Alex came into town with no costume. So he started asking people what he should wear. When Alex asked, I answered that tutu’s for men were the style. So the next day, when someone was drowning, Alex flew out of nowhere wearing a man tutu. How funny is that?

When I saw “The Guy Who Saved the World” wearing a tutu for men, I almost fell over laughing so hard. He actually believed me? Though, I have to give it to Alex. He did save the drowning person, but since he stopped to autograph shirts, it took him twice as long as Superman would have done it. I believe Alex is a phony. If not, then he’s still a showoff.

After Alex saved the drowning person, the townspeople of Atlanta loved Alex even more, but that just made me despise him more. Well, a month ago my mom and dad got divorced, so Alex and my mom started DATING! That is gross! I might even try to ground my mom from dating Alex. I hope she breaks up with him. I don’t want Alex or should I say “the World’s Biggest Showoff” to marry my mom and become my stepdad.

Another thing is that I am 17 and my mom is 38. For all I know, Alex could be 100 year old! Superman was 354 years old when he was in a building, when a bomb went off. I cried for weeks! And now Alex thinks he can replace Superman. We’ll see about that.

Today I was walking to school when Superman’s enemy, Captain Hook, jumped out from behind a bush with his gang of pirates, and put a bag over my head in a blink of an eye. I must have passed out, because when I woke up, I was tied to the railroad tracks! I was so scared because in the distance I heard a train whistle. I started screaming for help, and what felt like hours later, Alex finally showed up. He took one look at me, then a glance at the train, and fell off straight towards the train.

Well, thanks to Alex, I am ALIVE! I got to give this one to him too, because Alex flew right into the train. Luckily, he got the train stopped inches before it would have hit me, but there’s a HUGE dent! It is AWESOME! Though, now I’m in the hospital, just to make sure I wasn’t hurt. I glance over to the right to see the most disgusting image, my mom and Alex kissing. EWWW! Talk about gagging!

Well, the doctors pronounced me ok, so Alex decided to take my family and me out to dinner. On our way to the car, I heard a bone chilling scream. I could recognize that scream from anywhere. It was my best friend’s scream. I quickly look up, trying to figure out where the scream came from, only to see my best friend, Ashlee, on the top of the tallest building in Atlanta, the Equitable Building. Now, the only reason I could see her, was because of there was a spot light on her. Then fear struck me, because the person behind her was my enemy, Mad Scientist Abby Odde.
Mrs. Odde and I have never gotten along. Then my heart skipped a beat, because I saw that Ashlee was tied to a bomb! I started screaming, “Alex!” because he didn’t even notice what was happening and kept walking to the car. When Alex heard me scream his name, he turned around. I quickly pointed up to Ashlee, and when Alex looked off, he took off into the sky.
Now, Ashlee is safe. Alex safely rescued her and put Mrs. Odde in jail. The minute Alex put Ashlee back on the ground, hundreds of people surrounded her. But she’s alright. Now about Alex, I think I could get used to him. I mean, come on, my step dad would be a superhero!

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