Once upon a time there was a young girl, about twelve years old, named Hannah. Hannah was born in an ordinary town, with an ordinary family, and ordinary friends. She went to an ordinary school with ordinary teachers. I think you get it, everything was ordinary. Until one fatefull Friday afternoon, that day everything would change.

Hannah was walking down the street on her way home from school and she almost stepped on it. It was a tiny turtle, only about the size of a computer mouse, and the color of the greenest grass growing on the edge of a pond. She picked up the tiny turtle to bring home as her own. Hannah had always wanted a pet, but she was allergic to almost everything. She was even allergic to the sun. That’s why her skin was so pasty white. This turtle was different though; she could feel it!
When she got home from school she started getting ready for bed because Hannah never wanted to risk doing anything extraordinary. She wanted to name her new best friend, but she had no idea what to name it; for Hannah had never had the chance to make a decision like this before. Her mother usually made all of her decisions for her. She decided to sleep on it, and decide this humongous decision of naming her new friend in the morning.
While Hannah was sleeping, she had a crazy dream. She dreamed that her new pet turtle started floating and turning blue. Than POOF! It turned into a floating man! Hannah was so startled by this that she woke up and shot out of bed. To her surprise, she saw her new pet turtle just like she had in her dream. She started to scream, but the mysterious floating man stopped her.
“Hey man, what’s all the screaming about? Cool your jets.”
“But… but, you’re a man, and you’re floating! I’m not allowed to have boys in my room! Also you’re floating.” Hannah exclaimed with a worrisome expression.
“Yes, yes I am. That’s because I am a genie. You know how that works, right? The three wishes and bla bla bla…” the floating man stated tiredly.
“OMG! Yes I do. I’m so excited that… that, I can’t even!”
“Good, I really don’t like explaining it. Oh by the way, my name is Stan.”
Hannah was so excited that she passed out. When she awoke she knew exactly what she wanted to do with her three wishes. Hannah was ready to use them.
Her wishes were going to be #1) for a 10 foot long sandwich from subway, #2) for a Pegasus to ride places on, and #3) to be the smartest person in the world. Hannah was so excited from knowing what her wishes would be that she passed out yet again. You see, Hannah had a condition that when she got excited about something she got so overwhelmed that she would pass out. Maybe that’s why her life was so ordinary?
The second Hannah opened her eyes, she screamed, “I wish for a 10 foot long subway sandwich!” Stan heard this wish and BAM! There it was. Hannah restrained herself from passing out this time. She sat down at her kitchen table and ate the whole, entire sandwich. All of it. Gone. Then her stomach burst from all that food and all of her insides, well, let’s just call them outsides now.
Hannah was floating towards the light, but out of the corner of her eye she saw Stan. “Stan” she yelled. He slowly started making his way to Hannah. When he got there, he stated very sleepily “What do you need now?”
“Well I kinda died when eating my sandwich, so I’m going to have to waste a wish on making myself become alive again.”
“That’s unfortunate, but here you go!”
This meant that Hannah had only one wish left! One of her dreams was not going to come true. She decided to still get a Pegasus. Then she woke up into her ordinary world, alive and well. Not everyone was alive and well though.
When Hannah opened her eyes, she was sitting in front of the TV in her room. She was terrified by what she saw on the screen. She saw a zombie apocalypse! It said that the entire world was taken over, and there was no chance of survival for anyone. Hannah was so scared she peed her pants, and then passed out.
When she awoke, she ran down the stairs to tell her family about this new and terrifying news. They were gone. Hannah was all alone. She ran outside to search for her loved ones, but there were just thousands and thousands of zombies swarming the streets. Hannah ran to her neighbor’s house to get a sword. She knew that he would have some because her neighbor thought he was a ninja and that he was going to take over the world. The sword was exactly where she thought I would be. She quickly snatched it. Just in time, too. There was a zombie coming at her face. She whirled around and cut its head off with one swift swing.
Hannah continued to slay zombies for the rest of the day. She was finally getting tired as she stabbed the last zombie around, right in the middle of its forehead. She decided to call it a night. Hannah quickly fell into a deep slumber, leaving everything about her newly dangerous reality behind.
Hannah jumped to her feet when she felt a nibble on her pinky finger. SHE HAD BEEN BIT!
“Oh how I wish this zombie thing had never happened!” Hannah exclaimed miserably with one of her last gasping breaths.
Then POOF! Stan appeared.
“As far as I can remember, you still have one last wish! That would be a wonderful way to spend it I think.”
Hannah saw a bright light as she traveled backwards in time. She reached the wonderful time period before anyone even believed in zombies, let alone became them. She was in her room in front of her TV once more. She ran down the stairs and hugged her whole entire family. She began to tell them all about her struggles with the zombies.

But the thing was, no one remembered the zombie apocalypse. Hannah would tell horror stories with immense detail to everyone and anyone who would listen to her. Her family became very worried. They thought she was going crazy, and they weren’t the only ones. Hannah became known as the crazy zombie lady. No one wanted to marry the crazy zombie lady, or even hang out with her for that matter. Hannah bought one hundred and thirteen cats and a house on the top of a very eerie hill. Once she purchased those cats and that house she never exited the premises; and since then not a soul has seen or heard from Hannah. No one will ever know that she saved the entire human race.

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