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Who I Am

October 26, 2013
By CallMeAria PLATINUM, Vancouver, Other
CallMeAria PLATINUM, Vancouver, Other
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I turned the golden faucet, fingers slipped against the cool metal. Immediately, water began to soundlessly pour into my tiled shower cubicle. I hugged myself, goose bumps spearing my skin. I hadn’t used the shower since this morning, so, the water would take some time to get warm again.
When steam came spiralling up off the ground, I untied my house robe, letting it slip onto the floor in a pile. I opened the glass door, and stepped under the faux waterfall. The hot water stung as it slapped against my skin, and I rolled my neck back, facing the heat.
I watched blood swirl down the drain, turning the white tiles pink. Breath still caught a little in my throat as I watched the water almost turn red from the concentrate of blood. I knew that there was probably some in my robe, maybe even in the hall or in my room. I wasn’t worried, Mary knew how to get blood out of my dark brown wood floors.
If you walked into my thirty-fifth floor apartment right now, you would have seen black leather couches and large windows and dark floors. You might have glanced into my kitchen, all stainless steel and marble, but, the first thing that would have caught your attention was the balled up dress lying in the hall. It was black and sparkly, and bundled with it was a black slip. Sharp stilletoes lay beside it, toppling over each other. The only reason you wouldn’t panic right there was because you wouldn’t be able to see the blood on the black fabric.
My fingers turned the tap off, and I stepped out into the foggy room. I grabbed a white towel, with my initials stitched into the bottom left hand corner, and wrapped it around myself. I tucked the edge against my chest, and padded into my bedroom.
When I leaning down to meet my reflection at my bureau’s mirror. I didn’t see my own face for a moment, I just saw his eyes. In a flash, I saw his shaking hands against the concrete wall. I saw a bullet being rolled back and forth between fingers.
Then, I saw my own face.
My name is Ava Chambers, and I just killed a man.

The author's comments:
I'm having some writer's block, sorry, this isn't really a proper story...

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