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Unfortunate Agent

May 23, 2013
By OwlBaby PLATINUM, Hudsonville, Michigan
OwlBaby PLATINUM, Hudsonville, Michigan
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The moment his cleverly disguised fingers touched her purse, she flew into action. Grabbing his arm she twisted using his own weight against him. She flipped him over her back and right into oncoming traffic.
The look on his face spoke volumes. He was shocked that his target was well equipped in self defence and furious that his lead man had misinformed him. He would obviously have to show whoever it was at HQ that had misinformed him, what he was made of.
Meanwhile as he thought about all that, he landed in a very undignified heap right in front of an oncoming taxi. He felt the heat of the cars engine and smelled the greasy odor of its petroleum. Quick as a cat with a hot foot, he sprang up and out of the path of the car. Lingering laughter from down the street caused him to bow his head shamefully.
He looked around for his target only to find that she was crossing the street to a small cafe.
Great. Just great. I never get the easy jobs. He started to follow her when a voice crackled from his earpiece.
“Scrrrrrrrrch!...Cacy can you hear me? Do not pursue the target. Repeat, do not pursue the target. There has been a new development in the plans--report to HQ. Oh yea...and Cacy (*muffled laughter*) don’t forget to bring your dignity with you (*laugh/coffing*) Scrrrrrrch!”
Right. This day just couldn't get any worse. The guys back at HQ wouldn’t let me live down this particular humiliation any time soon.

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