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On The Run

April 24, 2013
By Sadielib SILVER, Letcher, South Dakota
Sadielib SILVER, Letcher, South Dakota
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The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be the doubts of today." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

A six year old girl lays on a cold sidewalk bleeding to death and the young world traveler comes to her rescue. This is their story.

It's post apocalypse. The government is trying to "rebuild". They were the ones to destroy it. We call them BIKU (Bad Ideas Kill Us). Nothing was really destroyed though. I'm running with Dean. He is six five. He is as muscular as any wanted 26 year old guy can be. He is like a big brother to me. Every time we see cops or the BIKUs we run. We hide anywhere we can. In alleys, bushes, houses, or even cars. After running from everyone you learn a thing or two. Everyone has trackers. They get put in your blood stream if you are caught or you listened to the BIKUs. The hundred of us running don't have them. Why would we...

Dean and I were running one odd day. I say it was odd because everyone was running it seemed. The cop car came around the corner. We ran to our favorite hiding spot. We are always careful of how we get there. Dean was urging me to run faster. We go our normal way in and see BIKU investigators everywhere. Dean tells me to go the other way. There are four entrances. Every one of them had investigators at the door. Then Dean showed me a secret door the secret halls and stairs in the auto shop. We go in and it's clear. We walk in darkness until we get where we hid and investigators everywhere.

They spotted us. They told us to put our hands on the wall. And we had to stay silent. I didn’t know what to do. I thought they were speaking another language. I was bawling. Dean was the only one to calm me in times like this. This has happened to our friends and we watched from the walls. Dean being the big brother/ dad since the apocalypse I listened to him and only him. He just nodded and I did as I was told. They had these finger slots under the index fingers. The head lady said that they were trackers because she knew us and knew we didn't have them. (Can I tell you something?... Dean always wore these gloves. Nothing could go through them. He had them on…) The lady didn't know that and I was too busy bawling my eyes out to say or gesture. He saw me looking at them and smiled. I kind of laughed. She yelled at me. The lady had now injected me with doom and told us to get in the van. Dean was the leader and if your leader was in trouble but got out of it would you say something? They had caught some of the other runners. The other runners all knew the same thing about Dean but they weren't going to tell. I didn't and neither did the lady. As soon as we got to the van we had to load it and Dean said everything was going to be fine and that he loved me. I thought that was strange because Dean never said those kinds of things to anyone.

We got in the van and I looked and there was no Dean. I told the lady but she said oh well and they can find him in a short amount of time. I told her under my breath that that would be hard but thank goodness she didn't hear me. She asked if anyone needed to stop and the girl that was way younger than me said she had to go. We stopped at a mall and they both got out. The lady said if any of us run they will find us and kill us. We all sat there in a mess of chained legs. I texted Dean and told him what was going on. He didn't respond and I knew the reason. The BIKUs were tracking my phone now. Dean got it and probably changed his phone. After ten years with Dean you seem like you know everything. I thought about the time I had with him. I wish I could see him again and be on the run again...

I looked out my window and thought I saw a familiar person. I looked away and looked back. The person was gone. Dean wouldn’t let anything bad happen to me and I knew I had a guardian “angel”.

The author's comments:
I have crazy dreams and here's another one... Hope you like it!

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