Journey to Snowloft Mountain

By , York, PA
Journey to Snowloft Mountain

Ari Einarsdottir, a young girl from Reykjavik, Iceland, was busy working around her house with her fiance, Kevin. They were cleaning up and packing their bags, planning to go to Canada to visit Kevin's family. But, in a sudden “boom,” they both fell face down to the floor. Darkness crawled over their house and a vision grew in their minds. The great god of Light, Damon appeared in their heads and said in a deep voice, “Hello, young ones! I am Damon, the powerful god of Light. I am sorry for the sudden scare, but I am asking the two of you to help me. I have set you two on a journey for me. The evil god of darkness and death, Kalifasha, had doomed me and threatened that I will be destroyed. He told me that there is a magic scroll I need to find. If I find it, I may become the leader god and defeat him. But, unfortunately, I need two humans to get that scroll for me. So far, I have figured out that there is a portal on Skogafoss Island, and there is a deep, very deep hole at the top of Snowloft Mountain. Would you, Ari and Kevin, please complete this quest for me? I shall give you something in return.”

The vision faded and Ari and Kevin zoned back to their current time and place.

“That was wicked!!!” Kevin shouted.

“Yeah!! It was!! But, what do you think we should do? Risk our lives to save a god? This is insane! Why us?! What about going to Canada to see your family, Kev? What do you think?”

“Well, uhh... I know it's dangerous. But, Damon told us that he'd give us a gift in return. What do you think that gift could be? Maybe he'd let us wish for anything. Just think, Ari, all of the things we could do and places we could go. I say we do this for him. I mean, what could be any different from our other adventures? Those are probably just as dangerous!” exclaimed Kevin.

“Well, if this is what you want, then I guess it's fine with me. You better call your parents though, tell them we won't be able to make it.” said Ari.

“Okay. Then while I do that, why don't you go repack our cloths. Definitely pack cloths for super cold weather!!!”

“Okay.” said Ari.

Kevin called his parents to let them know they aren't coming, and Ari repacked their clothing. They both looked up directions to Skogafoss Island on Google Maps and finally began their journey.

Kevin threw their bags in the trunk of the bright green Camaro. Ari sat in the driver's seat and stared at Kevin who was now sitting next to her.

“Are you positive that you want to go on this quest?” she asked.

“Yes, but only if you are.” said Kevin.

“Okay then... lets go.” replied Ari as she backed out of the garage and drove up the steep driveway.

Ari had driven about fifty-eight miles away from their home already. But they had to stop because the directions on the map didn't match up to where they were at.

“Are we lost?” asked Kevin.

“I don't know... I followed the directions correctly. Up ahead looks like a cave. Should we go check it out?”

“I guess so.” Kevin said.

They made it to the cave and got out of the car.

“The car won't fit through the cave, it's too big. Whadda we do?” asked Ari.

“Should we continue on foot?” asked Kevin.

“I don't know, I don't even know if we came to the right place.”

A blue light flashed inside of the dark cave.

“What was that?!” yelled Ari.

“I think that could have been Damon telling us to go inside.” said Kevin.

“Well, grab our bags, and lock the doors. I guess we're walking.” said Ari.

They each carried their own bag on their shoulders and continued on into the cave.

“It's so dark in here! Did we bring any flashlights?” asked Ari.

“Uhhh.. I might have a small one on my key chain.” said Kevin. He tried to shine the light, but it was too dull.

“There might be one in the back pocket of your bag.” Kevin said.

“Okay, hold on,” said Ari, trying to get the flashlight out. She pushed the button, “Crap! I forgot batteries!!!!!” she yelled.

“That's great!” complained Kevin, “If Damon wants us to complete this quest for him, he could at least help us a bit!”

Something small dropped on Ari's head and she squealed. She grabbed the object off of her head and realized that it was moving.

“Oh my God! What is this!?!?!? I cant see it and it's moving!!! Kev! Come over here quick! Shine your light on my hand.. quickly!!!!” Ari yelled in horror.

Kevin hurried over and shined the light on her hand. She started screeching. It was a millipede. She ran like crazy and banged into the wall of the cave.

“Babe? You okay? Where the heck are you? It was only a bug!” Kevin said.

“Ohhhggghh. My face! Eww!!! I think I squashed the bug in my hand.” Ari said in a voice like she just woke up from hibernation.

“Kevin? Are you coming?”


Kevin walked over to Ari and helped her up.

“Hey.. Look, over there, it's a bright light! I think there is an end to this cave!” Kevin yelled excitedly.

“Great! Lets get out of here!”

The two of them calmly walked toward the bright light. They started hearing sounds, like water rushing, and birds chirping.

“Sounds like we are making our way out to Skogafoss Island. Everyone says that it's very peaceful.” said Ari.

They stepped under the opening of the other side of the cave. Driblets of water splashed on their heads. Blue, yellow, and red birds flew through the air. There were bright orange and green lizards crawling all over the moss. And a warm breeze blew in the adventurer's faces. There was even a rainbow in the sky, but was fading every second. Below the rainbow was the Skogafoss Waterfall. The water was so clear!

“Oh my gosh! This place is so beautiful! Lets go swimming!” Ari yelled in a joyful voice to Kevin as if he were one hundred miles away.

His eyes were still attached to the beautiful island, but he replied, “Yes, of course.”

The two of them crashed into the water. They threw the water at each others faces and laughed with joy. Then they calmed down a bit and put their arms around each other. They leaned forward to kiss, but before their lips touched, a blinding sapphire light beamed out from the the waterfall.

“What now!?!” complained Ari because her romantic moment was gone.


“Ahhg! Whats wrong with a little playtime?! Aren't we allowed to have a good time?!” complained an annoyed Kevin.

Damon just ignored what Kevin said.

“Now, do you see that bright light shining out of the waterfall? You must not be scared to go into it. Once you get inside of it, you'll find yourselves inside of a portal which leads out into Snowloft Mountain.”

“Ari, I think he means business, so, we better get going.” said Kevin.

“Fine, but if this place is freezing cold and we have to go under a waterfall, our wet clothes will become frozen once we get onto Snowloft. It could kill us if we don't change in time. We are gonna have to change really, really fast!”

“Yeah.. This is going to be bad! I wish there was such thing as a mobile heated room!!” Kevin whined.

“Well, lets just see how things go, it might not be so bad.” said Ari.

Kevin and Ari grabbed their bags and walked through the water towards the waterfall. They took each others hands and stepped inside. Everything went by in a flash and they found themselves face-down in the snow.

“Holy Crap! This is cold! Crap! Ohhh! Crap!!” Kevin yelled. His lips were blue and his ears and nose were bright red. “Ari, get up! Aren't you cold?! Get changed! This could kill you!”

Ari moaned and turned over. She had ice sickles hanging out of her nostrils.

“Ari! Come on! Get dressed! It's negative twenty- seven degrees out here!” Kevin threw a shirt to her as he was jumping into his pants.

Ari could barely stand, she was that cold! But she eventually made it up and changed into some seriously thick Eskimo clothes.

Once they were both finished changing, they looked around, trying to figure out what they're supposed to do.

“Damon said that we need to make it to the top of this mountain. He said there's a really big hole that we need to go down.” Kevin finally said, breaking the silence.

“Why don't we just stop for today, build a fire, and rest up?” suggested Ari.

“Sounds like a plan.” said Kevin.

Kevin wandered off and found some sticks and dried up logs, while Ari dug around in her bag for some matches and newspaper. They set up camp in a dry area and rolled out their sleeping bags.

“You sure we will be warm enough?” asked Ari.

“Hope so.” said Kevin.

“Okay... goodnight.” said Ari.


In the morning, the two of them woke, killed and ate a rabbit for breakfast, and set off to get to the top of Snowloft Mountain. They spent hours and hours hiking, taking bathroom breaks every hour or so, and stop for an occasional snack.

“Not much longer to go.” whispered Kevin, out of breath.

“Good!” replied Ari.

About another hour later, Kevin and Ari were standing on the edge of the huge hole that they are supposed to jump down.

“So... what do you think, Kev?”

“I don't know.. we have to jump, its what we came here for.”

“I'm terrified.” said Ari.

“I know, so am I. How about on three?” asked Kevin.



Kevin and Ari were now flying down a fifty- two thousand, six hundred foot hole. The drop lasted for about three minutes, until they smacked down into some cloud-like floor.

“Ha! We're alive! Thank you Damon for giving us such a wonderful, soft landing!” yelled Ari.

“Whoa! This place is so cool!!” said Kevin.

“Yeah! I know... but now what do we do? 'Cause I just want to go home. I'm tired!” said Ari.

“Well, you don't have to complain anymore! You'll be able to sleep very soon. I just found the scroll!!!” Kevin yelled.

He rushed over to the scroll, which was in a diamond encrusted case, and sitting on top of a golden and sapphire post. He went to touch it, but Damon suddenly interrupted him.

“No, don't touch it! Only a god may! Please! Let me have it first!” yelled Damon.

“Geez! Fine! But where are you? I can only hear you!”

Damon appeared right in front of Kevin.

“Please. Let me handle it first!”

“Fine, but you told us you'd give us something in return. What were you planning to give us?” asked Kevin.

“Well, I was planning on giving you the ability to fly, turn invisible, and teleport to any place in the world. Unless you'd rather go home with nothing.”

“Haha! No, I am perfectly fine with the superpowers!” said Ari.

“Okay, but before I give you the powers, Kalifasha must speak with us.”

The power of saying the monster's name put them into a vision.

“Damon! I see that you've gotten a hold of the scroll.” said a raspy voiced monster.

“Yes, I have asked these two wonderful humans to find it for me. I would like to become the god of the world now.”

“You!? Against me!? Hahaha!” Kalifasha laughed.

“Am I missing something?” asked Damon.

“Why, you must fight me before you manage to become 'King of the World.'”

“No problem.” said Damon as he pulled out his sword, ready for battle.

Kalifasha pulled out his sword as well. They both bowed to each other, then Damon swung first, missing Kali's cheek. Kali swung at Damon's chest, but only snagged his thin, black shirt. Kali swung again, stabbing Damon in the left leg, he roared in pain. Kalifasha stabbed him again, this time across his stomach. Damon attempted to slash Kali's face but it was too late, the monster pierced the sword into the right side of Damon's chest. He fell to the ground and a puddle of blood spilled out of his chest.

“Bahahahah! Wow! What a hero you're little friend, Damon is. And he plans on becoming the world's god?! Ha!” Kalifasha laughed in Ari and Kevin's faces.

He started blabbing off again, “Haha! Blah blah gabble flabble! Bahahahah!”

A smirk grew on Kevin's face.

“What!? Why are you smiling!? You should be an--” began the monster, but was suddenly stopped by Damon, who had morphed into a Tiger and had his gigantic claws digging deep into Kalifasha's throat.

“Say goodbye you worthless monster, I'm The King now!” Damon half roared, and half spoke, then ripped Kali to pieces.

“Holy Crap!” yelled Ari and Kevin practically at the same time.

“What!? You never saw a man change into a tiger and kill someone?!” laughed Damon.

Kevin and Ari were still in shock.

“Well, I guess I'm “the god” now, huh?” said Damon. He walks over to the scroll and opens it. He starts reading the ancient paper.

“What's it say?” asks Ari.

“It's just telling me the rules, and all about the other gods who used to rule.”

“Oh, well I really don't want to say goodbye so fast, but I'd really like to get home. In very tired. May we please have our powers?... if it's okay with you.” asked Ari.

“Yes, yes, of course. Just to let you know, you are able to visit me once you get the power of teleporting.” said Damon.

“Wow! That's awesome!” said Kevin.

“Can we visit whenever we want?” asked Ari.

“Yes. And you may meet all of the other gods and goddesses. The nice ones, of course.”

“Oh, that is so AWESOME!!” yelled Kevin.

“Yes, yes. You have your powers now, why don't you try them out?”

Kevin became invisible.

“Haha! Kev, I don't see you! Hahahaha!” said Ari, she began to float in the air. “This is so AWESOME!!!!”

“I know! It is!” yelled Kevin.

The two of them settled down and decided that it was time to go home.

“Thank you both, again, for completing this quest for me!” said Damon, “Oh, and just to let you know, do NOT use your powers around a lot of people. When you teleport, make sure not many people are around. Only let the most important people know.”

“Okay, thank you for the warning. And thank you so much for giving us such an adventurous and fun time, and for the freakin' awesome superpowers!!” said Ari.

“I agree.. what she said.” said Kevin.

“No problem. See you later, come visit me some time, okay?” said Damon

“For sure!” said Kevin, “See ya!”

Ari and Kevin teleported home. Kevin ran to his phone to call his parents.

“Hi mom!” - “Me and Ari just got home from our adventure. We will be at your house in two seconds.”

“What! I'm tired!” complained Ari.

“Hold on mom,” Kevin covered the phone, “please, I want to surprise them.”


“Hey, mom, we will be there in two seconds.” - “Don't worry, just go open your front door.” said Kevin to his mother, and hung up.

“Ready?” asked Kevin.

“Ready.” said Ari

Ari grabbed Kevin's hand and they appeared at Kevin's parent's front door step. His mother opened the door.

“Wha- How!?” said Kevin's mom. His mother, father, and little sister's mouths were hanging wide open.


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