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Letter from Ponyboy to his Parents

May 24, 2012
By StayGold7 PLATINUM, Pittsboro, North Carolina
StayGold7 PLATINUM, Pittsboro, North Carolina
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Dear Mom and Dad,

I know…It’s been a while since I’ve seen you guys. Things have been pretty tuff over here. Me and Darry have been getting into fights a lot lately, he’s always getting on to me about something; homework, chores, anything he can get a good kick out of me with. Soda’s just like always, careless and having fun. The gangs have been getting worse; you remember when I told you about the Socs? They’ve crossed the line way too far this time…They jumped Johnny a year ago; his life is just falling apart. His parents keep beating him, luckily he hangs out here, he is a tuff friend. You know, if it wasn’t for him, we would all be falling apart, he’s our rock. Darry is working extremely hard to support us; most of that money is spent on cigarettes. I know, you don’t like it…I’m sorry; it’s the only thing that can truly calm me down. I was scared to tell you this, I still am not sure, but me and Johnny were jumped just a week ago. We were hanging out and accidently fell asleep in the parking lot. I walked back to our house and Darry exploded on me, and then he hit me. I was so shocked; I had to get out of there…So I did. I got Johnny and we ran, we ran to the park and was trying to calm down there; we got jumped, on our own ground. I don’t remember what happened, I just felt dizziness, I think I was dying, until Johnny knocked the Soc off me with a knife. He’s not like that; he had to do something. Kid wouldn’t hurt a fly; I was soaking wet so we found Dally. He gave us some money and a gun, but it’s not like we would use it anyways. We got away until Dally came to get us. After we ate we went to go get our last stuff in the empty church and it was on fire! People were screaming; kids were in there, we didn’t think twice and ran in and got them out. Part of the ceiling fell on him… We met them at the hospital, he didn’t have long to live. The doctors wouldn’t tell us anything, but we knew. Dally had some bad burns too, but he was alright…Until Johnny died; the night after our rumble, he died. He couldn’t take it, he ran, robbed a store and got the police to shoot him…He wanted to be with Johnny, dead or not. That moment, we were all there; I don’t remember what happened but I woke up in the hospital. Apparently I had been calling for my brothers, even Darry. I remember at you guys funeral; Darry just stood there and silently wept, once I woke…It was like de-zha-vu. I ran over and tackled Soda into a hug; surprisingly I was the same with Darry a few moments later. A lot has happened…The trial for the Socs death that Johnny killed just happened a little bit ago, I was afraid that I was going to be taken away from Darry and Soda; things are just becoming good with them. The case was dismissed; we were so excited we raced back to the house! I know it’s crazy that I’m writing you this letter and you’re never going to see it…Ether of you; but I just wanted to tell you what happened, and I hope you’re having a good life up there. We miss you; nobody could ever replace you guys, I’m just lucky to have my brothers. They’re my world.

Love, Ponyboy.

The author's comments:
This was a letter I wrote from Ponyboy (From the book The Outsiders, I do not own this book)

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