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The Bear and the Lioness

July 19, 2011
By Jean16Bean PLATINUM, Batavia, New York
Jean16Bean PLATINUM, Batavia, New York
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"Writing is not hard. Just get paper and pencil, sit down and write as it occurs to you. The writing is easy-it's the occurring that's hard."-Stephen Leacock

We walked through the unknown woods, my mother, my cousin and I. We were shocked and scared when our eyes fell to a bear, a BIG bear. There was a human-sized tunnel leading to a hole that the three of us tried to escape to, but in the tunnel was a small bear, and we assumed the BIG bear would attack us if we got anywhere near the small bear, probably the BIG bear’s baby.

But then a lioness leapt from who-knows-where and pounced on my cousin, bless her muscles, lifted the lioness up by her paws and shoved her back.
The lioness left, I guess my cousin scared it. However, when I saw the lioness I ran into that tunnel, more afraid of the lioness than the bear. Then-

That’s where it ended. I woke up from that weird dream. The things I can come up with in my sleep!

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