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Secret Ops

March 21, 2011
By jaylinkue BRONZE, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
jaylinkue BRONZE, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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As the two men walked in, the cold air rushed in to meet them. “Why’d you suggest we get the cold room?” The guy asked starting to stand by the door. The second guy with the watch, he stared at the watch and said, “We’re going to use this room…”


“Great, guess who’s here?”

“Who, might I ask?”


The man looked and saw nothing. He looked over to the other man and he didn’t see the other man. “Chris? Where’d you go?” No answer. He started to get a cold chill on his back and he looked back. “Ah!” He screamed.


Two men were guarding the huge tower on an, supposed to be, deserted island. A group of so called, Secret Ops reached them. They hid and one pointed at them. One of them took a gun out and looked.

With a good view he shot and the man fell. The other one ran over and asked, “Are you okay?” He looked up and screamed.

With a quick boom, the time was now. The leader of the Secret Ops stood by the door and said, “I need two people to go in! I’m picking Yumi and Rex. They’re new and I know they’re going to do well!” Yumi and Rex came up and Rex said, “But sir!! We aren’t your best!” Yumi slapped Rex and chuckled. “We are, just believe.”

“But Yumi, you know we might not… Do so well…”

“Geez Rex, you’re so negative… And you need not to be that.”
Rex nodded and he smiled. He then saluted and Yumi followed. The Leader saluted back and Yumi and Rex ran off. “Sir you sure they’ll get past?” One of the teammates asked. The leader looked up at the sky and nodded, “I know for sure. Have you ever saw them in battle? It’s like they’ll become a legend. For sure I know…”

The two quietly stood by a tree and silently Rex thought. It was the only time that he could do this. Yumi was focused looking at the door. This door leads to the foyer. The door over there should lead to the cold room. Yumi thought. What the heck, Rex? Why’d you say that? I know for sure you want to do this… Rex thought.

“Rex!” Yumi said. Rex looked at her and waited for her to respond. “Good Luck!” Rex nodded, “You too, Yumi, may we Op this…” Yumi laughed and Rex glared at her. “Sorry.”

They ran behind the door that leads to the foyer. They then saw men guarding the cold room. “Just what we need, a hold up.” Rex said to himself. Yumi then grabbed her sniper and she said, “Move it, coward.”

Rex moved with anger. He didn’t really like the way that Yumi says that. He knows for sure that she is kidding, but he wasn’t really sure about that…

As Yumi put the scope down a loud racket sound was heard. Yumi went on the ground and looked into the scope. She saw the men messing around with their guns. “New men… Ha-ha, this should be fun.” Yumi shot the first guy, and the guy fell down with a thump.

The other guy was about to run in, but Yumi Reloaded and shot. Missing, Rex Shot and the guy fell on the floor. The snow turned red and they smiled. “Lets go.” Yumi said.

Yumi packed the sniper equipment and they ran towards the door. The gun shots got louder and Yumi threw a knife and it hit one of the men on the forehead and blood trickled down.

Rex quickly shot and kept shooting. The guy fell down with a thump and blood flew and splattered about a feet away from Rex. Rex shook and he reloaded, while Yumi grabbed her knife and wiped off the blood.

“Check up!” The leader said. Yumi touched the ear piece in her ear and said, “Sniping Complete! Close up finished!” The leader laughed and replied, “Good, good.”

They both then ran into the door. Yumi was about to run into the hall way and Rex stopped her. Yumi was about to protest, but Rex threw the smoke. Lasers were all over the place. Yumi smiled and thought, Show off! Rex smiled and then said, “Let me go.”

Yumi nodded. Rex quickly rolled into the laser field. He kneeled and looked he went on the floor and soldier crawled to the next empty space above him. He got through and got up. He then flipped over the laser landing on his feet. He quickly got down and crawled on the ground reaching the other side.

Yumi smiling, she quickly did the same things. Instead of flipping, she jumped up and twirled, landing on her hands. She did the human bridge and forced her upper body flying through the air and coming to the empty space.

Yumi quickly put her hands out and the impact stopped. She mouthed the words, Ow. She then crawled and Rex helped her up.


Running through the halls, they quickly feel the wind. They then stop. “Yumi, Go to the other side and I’ll stay here. You take the first guy out and then take him to your side. I’ll kill the second guy.” Yumi nodded. She ran off.

Yumi was stopped by a guy. “Hey! Girl, what’re you doing here!?!” Yumi kicked him and then back flipped onto his shoulders and cracked his head. “He-he, you’re talking.” Yumi said.

Yumi ran and she met the doors. She opened it and heard the talk. “It’s cold in here.” She heard. She rolled by the guy talking to him. She saw Ryan and then she waited.

When Yumi heard them, she grabbed the guy and tapped his mouth and stabbed him. Yumi then threw him. The guy heard a thud and looked behind him. Rex kicked him and made the guy fly into the air.

The guy landed with a huge thud and Yumi shot. “Ah!” He screamed. Yumi and Rex then ran to the guy and Rex said, “Where’s the materia!?!” The guy said, “I-I-It’s in the freezer…” He closed his eyes and he didn’t move.

Yumi was already running towards the freezer. She read the freezer and it had some strange words. “Rex, Japanese! Read it, Rex!” Rex ran over and saw the word, ??. “Explosive is what it says. Open it, the materia is the explosive!” Yumi opened it and grabbed the materia.

They ran out and they were stopped outside. “Give us the materia!” The leader said. “You work is nasty. We’re merely trying to make it beautiful!” Yumi said. The evil leader laughed. “Yeah whatever little girl, just give me it and no one gets hurt.” Rex shot at the leader and Rex whistled.


Everything went in slow motion and Rex and Yumi smiled. Then everything went back to normal. The impact rushed to the others as they flew back. “Thought you got everything under control and running, guys!” The recognizing voice said. “I do, I do!” Yumi said.

They rushed out and the building exploded. The two flew back and they hit the ground. They looked around and blood was everywhere. Yumi and Rex got up slowly and looked around.

“Where’s the leader?!?” Rex asked. “I don’t know!” Yumi screamed back. They looked around and the materia was by them. The two got up slowly and they looked at the blood. The bodies of the Secret Ops were no more. They were merely just organs.

“They died!” Yumi said. “I know! I see the blood well enough!” Rex screamed. Rex felt a pat and Rex saw a bloody man. “Leader, what the heck happened to you?” “Ughh!” He replied.

The leader flung him and knocked Rex down. He was about to bite when Yumi shot. “I know what happened! They set the virus. It exploded. And they died. It’s up to us now, Rex. We aren’t Secret Ops anymore; we’re just Rex and Yumi.” Yumi said. Rex nodded. “Right let’s go.”

They walked on and… They left the materia behind. The materia grew larger and larger and eyes appeared. The first materia zombie…

The author's comments:
I wrote this a long time ago... This is one of my short stories that I l?ve even today!

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