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Dagger War

November 30, 2010
By Connor13 SILVER, Marshfield, Massachusetts
Connor13 SILVER, Marshfield, Massachusetts
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I didn’t know what to make of it. Was there any good reason to die here? Using the last bit of energy in me, I turned my throbbing head to look at Ashley and Derek both badly battered just like me. I didn’t know if I would make it this time. Reaching into my pocket a huge grin went across my face.
Chapter 1

My name is David O’Collins, USA born; I grew up in a wealthy family that owned a mansion on the south coast of California. Some would say it was a blessing to be able to have a family with countless dollars, but for me it was a curse. My dad being the owner of a successful sporting goods store was never around and my mom was never supportive of my decisions, I made the best of it though. Later on in my teens I was bullied a lot causing me to take Karate and Martial Arts, I progressed fast and before I knew it the USA was hiring me for a secret service so classified that it didn’t even have a name. My mission was to travel internationally to assassinate threats to the U.S government, using no guns I was hired due to my amazing skills in the art of dagger and knife throwing. Guns are easy to track because of a FBI produced device which can track any weapon manufactured, this technology was believed to only be discovered by the U.S but somehow other counties got a hold of it. This is where my story begins who knows where or when it ends.
Chapter 2

“Wake up man the plane leaves soon, get dressed quick”. Huh what time is it I thought to myself. Opening my eyes Derek was running around the hotel room franticly gathering his stuff and shoving it into his small duffle bag. “I’m serious dude get up, the plane leaves in thirty minutes!” said Derek while he was packing up his toiletries. I answered kind of ticked off “Oh just shut up I know!” I gathered up my luggage and headed down to the hotel lobby with Derek. Ashley was in the lobby too drinking a complimentary coffee. “Are you boys ready?” Ashley asked. “Yeah” I responded nodding my head. “If we catch a cab now we can make it to the airport in time” Ashley said already walking out the door. The cab we got smelled horrible and the driver seemed pretty weird, but we made it to the airport in time and got on the plane just fine. “What are we up against” questioned Derek and Ashley. “Hold on, I’ll get the file” I said. Reading the file I discovered the man I was to assassinate was a man known as Jonathan Wellesley, he was able to get the materials to build a small nuclear bomb able to take out almost anything in a fifty mile radius. He has been known to have body guards and a miniature army of followers. For a ninja like me it would be a snap. “Just thinking David, remember the first time we all met?” Ashley asked. “How could I ever forget, wow that takes me back to karate class in 10th grade when Derek, you, and I met”. “Who knew that we would be hired by the government back then” Ashley said with a smile on her face. I chuckled lightly and slept the rest of the plane ride.
Chapter 3

The plane landed safely then we all proceeded to the luggage check where I got all my daggers knifes and more due to a special permit that was granted to me. “So how are we going to about killing this creep” asked Derek. “I’m not sure yet this guy sounds like he is heavily armed” I answered while scratching my head. We took a cab to the hotel we would be staying at for the mission, located in London it had a beautiful view of a small river flowing by. “Sharpen your weapons and get suited up we are going to scope out this guy’s place soon” Ashley demanded. “Ok give me a few minutes” I said. I laid out all my weapons on the hotels bed and dressed up in a black karate suit that covered everything besides my eyes. Excited I yelled “Ready to go!”
Chapter 4

“Go time” I thought to myself as we entered the Hummer we were to use for the mission.

The author's comments:
I just wrote the beginning of this, i messed up the dialog by not separating them, but oh well. I just want to know even if this is intriguing at all so I don't waste my time writing it.

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alphie1 said...
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exciting when is chapter 4  going to be printed?