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Prolouge: The Awakening of The Storm, The Time Crosser, and The One Who is not Determined... Yet...

November 4, 2010
By owlcity1 BRONZE, Bosque Farms, New Mexico
owlcity1 BRONZE, Bosque Farms, New Mexico
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"Imagination is more important than knowlege."
-Albert Einstein



“Sir! Sir! She has awakened!”, said the man's assistant.

“WHAT!?!”, the man's boss sputtered, “After so long...”.

“Unfortunately, yes. Yes, sir she is back. But in a different...”.

His boss was shaking and breaking into a cold sweat, “W-what? What d-do you mean?”.

“She has taken a new form.”, the assistant said.

“Who?What?When?Where?”, he shouted at his assistant.

“Well, she is being transformed into a female, right now, in a hospital in Chicago.”

The boss was literally shaking in his boots. He was not sure what to do. What do I do? I can't let this happen again!, he thought, And especially in Chicago. The Windy City! She'll kill everyone!

“Sir?”, the assistant said.

“Destroy her!!!”, he shouted at him.

“We can't...”

“And why not!”, he countered.

“...because The Storm is possessing the girl.”

“Arrrgh! Why didn't you say that before?!”, he shouted, “Do you know what can, and will happen, now!?!”

“Y-yes ,sir. I do understand what can happen...”, he began.

His boss sighed, and tears formed in his eyes.

“...but!”, he said with a smidgen of hope.

The boss's eyes lit up.

“We have, until her sixteenth birthday, before The Storm takes over her...”

His boss's face dropped. That's not enough time...


In a Chicago hospital a baby girl was being born. Inside the hospital the staff was rushing around. Opening and closing doors, tripping, and stumbling over each other. Why? You may ask. Well, not only was there a baby being born(which is a pretty big deal), there was a storm raging on outside.

Outside, the storm's wind whipped around, hitting the buildings like a bull who just saw the color red. The clouds were black, and crack, and boomed with thunder. Lightning flashed like strobe lights throughout the city. BOOM! CRAK! The thunder crackled and boomed. It was deafening.

But not as deafening as the woman's screams as she gave birth. “AAAAHHGH!”, she screamed in agony.

She squeezed her husbands hand so hard she was sure she had broke it. “Push!”, said the nurse.

The woman pushed, until the veins in her neck popped out, and her face was a dark purple. “AAAAAAHHHHHGGH!”.

She squeezed harder on her husband's hand. He winced. She shot him a look that said, “Hey, buddy. You give birth sometime.”

“Good! Good! There you go! Almost there...”, the nurse said.

“AAAAAGH!!!”, the soon to be mom screamed.

The baby had finally popped out, but as she came out the storm had gotten worse. KA-DOOM! KRAK! Lightning was flashing, making the inky black night lite up, thunder cracked, and the wind was whipping. The wind caused the branches of trees to sway and sometimes they broke hitting cars, and setting off their alarms. BEEEP!BEEEP! The alarms were blaring throughout the city.

The baby was out, and was being introduced to the world. Then a huge flash of lightning came down and struck the Sears Tower's needle points. KA-ZAP!! And the power went out throughout the city. It became pitch black.


Somewhere off in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in a hospital, a baby boy was being born. It was a beautiful crisp autumn day, the time was...well, to be honest I don't have the slightest. In fact no one knew what happened that day, nor what time it was during the birth of the child. Why? Well, because time had stopped.

During the birth of the child, time seemed to speed up, as if the baby wanted his mom not to have the pain of birth. So, he sped time up. I know that sounds crazy, and insane but it's the truth. He came out incredibly fast. Not like rocket speed fast, or as fast as a race car in the Daytona 500; he just came out fast.

Once he was out, time had stopped, not abruptly, but like leaky faucet: slow but fast enough. The cars, slowly began to stop. The engine's belt, radiator, the pistons, and all the other parts began to become slower and slower: like a turtle slowly being slowed down. The people who were walking around, were slowly put into slow motion. The leaves on the trees slowly waved back and forth, and then it all stopped.

The baby had no idea what was going on, but he didn't like it. So, he made time come flooding back. Slowly ,like that leaky faucet, time came back. The cars, slowly began to move forward again, same with the people. They slowly began to come back.

“EEEP!”, the nurse was the first to scream. She was very surprise, she had no idea that the baby had already come out

“AAAA---”, the new mother began to scream, but then realized that the baby was out.

“What?”, the new father had asked confused.

The nurse, the mom, and the dad were very, very, very confused for about two weeks. The nurse didn't have slightest of what to write on what time the baby was born. The mother, didn't know how, or when the baby was born. The father was just plain confused. The only one who would know what had happened was... the baby.


As the author of these baby's births and what went on, I am sorry. This child does not have a determined birth day, time, or place. Why? The question still remains. But, as the author I guess I could write this:

In a small town, in Kansas, there was a baby boy in a small cardboard box at the foot steps a newly married couples house.

The front door opened and the husband stepped outside, and accidentally tripped over the cardboard box. Dunk! “Wh-Aaaah!”, the man screamed.

“OOF”, the wind rushed out of him as he hit the porch.

He picked himself up, and brushed himself off. “What the-?”, he said as he looked at the box, “Honey! There's a baby on the front porch!”.

“What?!?”, she shouted from inside.

“Just come out here!”, he shouted back.

She rushed outside to see what the heck her husband was talking about. “What are you- oop!”.

She tripped over the box, and fell. Thud! “Ow!”, she said.

Her husband helped her up. “See.”, he said pointing at the baby.

“Alright then,”, she started, “Oh! Look there's a note attached...”.

She picked the note off the baby's chest, and read aloud:

Dear Mr and Mrs...,
If you have stumbled across my box, with my angle in it , then, please take care of him. I cannot afford a baby. So please take him and love him with all you got!
PS: His name is Leo.

When she had finished reading, she said, “Leo, eh? Cute name. Well, our last name is Lucky so, Leo Lucky!”

She lifted the baby up and took him inside, “Welcome home, Leo Lucky.” they said.

Ha, Lucky. This boy will be anything but lucky....

The author's comments:
This is the prologe of a story I have wrote, a few weeks ago. I hope you enjoy it. And if you do I'm going to write the next chapters of it.

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