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Baseball Dreams

October 1, 2009
By Thomas Giller BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
Thomas Giller BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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It’s a start of a new season. The grass is freshly cut and as green as a brand new crayon.
The sound of the metal spikes click-clack along the rough cement, a new season to make friends, to see new places, and better competition that started. This is the year of baseball. All of the hard work we put in during the off-season finally pays off to put show it off when the real deal comes. My name is Chad and it’s my last year of playing baseball for my high school. It’s time for our first game and I have made some bad habits. I definitely don’t like making mistakes, getting in bad situations, and I’m not good under pressure. I play shortstop and pitcher for our team the Monarchs. I can only hope to try my best. It was the first game of the season and I started. I was a little timid but I went out there and tried to help my team the best I could. I knew my team was going to have excellent success in this year’s season. Their goal was trying to make it to the state championship.

They have now been playing for half the season and I am trying to recover from soreness from pitching hundred and ten pitches in last week’s game. I sat out the nest week supporting the team and cheering them on. I started to play three fourths into the season after my soreness and started my first game back.

The Monarchs were five games above five hundred and are ahead by two games in there division. The team has had great success and is still trying to reach their goal. They go on a winning streak for the last eight games and win their division. Since they got first in their division, they have been granted home field advantage for regionals. We went undefeated to take regionals to make it to the championship. I have now fully recovered from my soreness and the team is back to top flight. It’s the regional championship game and I have been awarded to pitch the big game. We got down early but kept our heads held high and clawed our way back into the game. With all our hard work we could not lose this game. They got down quickly in the early innings two to zero. I picked up my game in the third inning and kept it up and not letting the opposing team score until the sixth inning. Our bats were lit up since the third inning when we took the lead. With our hard work and dedication we worked our way all the way to the top. We won the game five to three in an epic showdown.

We were the two seed in the state tournament and they have high expectations coming into state. We played against the seven seed in our first game the Owls. We came out looking strong and kept it going. I had sat out this game for a day of rest from pitching a lot in our regional championship showdown. We finally won the game ten to four and we are looking forward for our next game, which we know it will be better competition. Our next game came three days later against the fierce and well coached team the Lions. We started off with a quick lead two to zero and we knew we had to keep playing our hardest because we they could make jump back at us and come back. We had a couple errors in the fourth inning and they got the lead three to two from out miscues. Then the sixth inning came and we all knew we had to keep our heads screwed on. Our lead off batter hit a solo homerun to tie the game. Then we got a double with one out and a power hitter was up to bat. He hit a bullet shot for a double to take a four to three lead. Our closing pitcher came in the game in the last inning to try to close the deal. He shot them down in one, two, three fashion. We have made it to the state championship!!
We got a day off to get ready for the big time. I got the chance to start at shortstop this time. I was the third batter in the lineup and had to help my team out as much as I could. In the third inning I was up to bat with two men on and two outs. I came through with the clutch hit to take a delighting lead of four to one. I have made zero errors in the field and have been playing my hardest the whole game to take home the trophy and get our season goal accomplished. We never kept giving up and kept the whole game after my base hit. We got the win and all went on the mound to celebrate our greatest accomplishment. This was my senior year and I have never felt so relieve to win a big game like this. I surely will miss playing baseball but I know I have made my friends, family, and school all proud.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write about baseball because its my favorite sport and I wish i can do the same thing that happens in the story.

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