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The Rain Never Stops- Introductions.

October 1, 2010
By acousticgurl SILVER, Lagos, Other
acousticgurl SILVER, Lagos, Other
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‘We’re stuck inside again Scar.’- said Cyrus Starr to her twin sister. ‘Doesn’t it ever stop raining in this country? But it’s not like we can go anywhere anyways.’- said Scarlette Starr, her twin sister. They were 13-year old identical twins. Same brown hair, same blue-and-silver eyes. They literally glistened in the sun. They had an uncanny resemblance. But aside from that, they were as different as cats and dogs. They shared some likes but they were different all the same. Cyrus was a music and dance person. She also loved acting and was obviously headed for Hollywood or Broadway. Scar on the other hand was a sporty girl. She especially fancied extreme sports and swimming. She also did gymnastics and took a ballet class. She loved tomboy clothes and hardly wore a skirt or dresses. But they both liked the same type of pizza, ice-cream, they had the same type of allergies, they both had waist length hair that was oddly lined in silver like the blue in their eyes and they both had unique IQ’s of 156. Their parents were Jeremy and Isabel Starr one of the richest couple in world history. Jeremy Starr and his daughters shared their IQ but the twins were a little farther ahead than their scientist father. Their father worked for the U.S. government. Which meant their family was never really safe. Jeremy Starr was a very private and security-conscious man while his wife was a fashion empire owner, who worked for the CIA because of her ability to solve supposedly unsolvable puzzles and break into any technological or manual creation. They went to school with 50 other kids like them. Kids whose fathers were rich or worked for a secret organization or were very intelligent. The twins were one of the few that fell under all three. It was also a Christian school which was why their parents sent them there. They believed that only God could make them who they were. Jeremy Starr’s pastor father became an alcoholic a few years after the death of his wife while she gave birth to Una Starr and got kicked out of his own church. He physically abused Jeremy, his twin brother and Una. Una had died when their father started smoking despite her allergies to smoke. Jason Starr- Jeremy’s father- was imprisoned when Jeremy and his brother Gale were 20 years old for a drunk driving and injuring a 17 year old Isabel Ramirez. Gale had left their almost destroyed family at age 18 to play professional soccer, leaving Jedle and take care of Isabel because she didn’t have any family and had gotten kicked out of her apartment. Their family was never really poor because of Jeremy’s mother’s inheritance from her parents when she lost them a year before she married Jason Starr. Jeremy took in Isabel and they grew close over working with numbers and reading in the house’s study. Isabel had never been to school but she was surprisingly intelligent. Jeremy sat her down after 2 years of living in the dark with her and questioned her, uncovering her history. Her parents had been killed when she was 3 years old in a supposed accident. Her uncle had taken her in and trained her in 10 different martial arts and he gave her books to read on cracking codes and stuff related to that because he didn’t have the money to send her to school. When she was ten, he started abusing her physically and gave her many scars. He once used a chain to whip her across her back but he kept on apologizing. She got tired of the system so when she was 13 she beat him up and left him lying on the ground unsure whether he was dead or not and ran away. She had never been away from the cave she had lived in and was surprised to find that she lived in Germany. She could speak German and found a way out after 2 years courtesy of a kind couple. She came back to America and started a job as a waitress at a Starbucks’. She saved up enough for an apartment and got a single-bedroom one. She was 16 then. On her 17th birthday, she got fired for spilling hot coffee on a customer and almost scarring him permanently. She found a homeless boy named Dean that night and took him to her apartment. He was 14ears old and very sick-looking. He and Isabel talked extensively and they spilled secrets to each other. She found out that he had cancer and had only been on the streets for 3 months after he had run away after finding out he had cancer. He shared a lot of things with her as did she with him. It was that night that Dean told her about God and how he loved them both and everyone in the world. She accepted Jesus that night and went to sleep peacefully after hugging Dean. She woke up the next morning to a note from the landlord about her rent. She hadn’t even bothered about it when she remembered Dean and went to wake him up for breakfast but she found him perfectly still and him. At that point, Jeremy remembered his dear friend crying. He hugged her impulsively although he hated physical contact from anyone because of his countless broken ribs from his father’s abuse. He had never been this close to anyone in many years and especially not Isabel. She was still crying when he let her go because of his pain. Then he looked at her properly. He had never made eye contact with her. Her eyes were a stunning shade of blue and silver, an odd combination. Her hair was black and blonde and she looked so pretty and vulnerable compared to her normally hard face. His heart skipped a beat and then somersaulted. He kissed her then because although he didn’t know it, he had fallen in love with her. When he pulled away, she looked surprised but satisfied as if she knew what was going to happen and yet, didn’t. They stared at each other for what seemed like ages until Isabel smiled and said- ‘Doesn’t the rain ever stop in this state?’ Jeremy laughed and from that day, they started dating and he taught her by himself. They had a mock graduation party for her when she was 22 and had finished 4 years of all available course work in 2 years. On that day, Jeremy proposed to her. She accepted and got accepted into the CIA from all their observations. They needed a new agent and they said she was perfect for the job. 2years later, she had Cyrus and Scarlett. Jeremy was happy and sad because they were his and because they looked like Una. He made sure they would never be treated like he was treated. Isabel had made wonderful progress in her line of work- CIA agent/fashion designer. They were rich and very unsafe at most so the girls like their mother had been trained in 10 different martial arts and they were champion swordfighters. They would need their skills in a not very long time.

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Uh, I just started writing this randomly. Ch. 2up soon.Hope y'all like it!

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